Monday, September 28, 2015

Lunar eclipse – 28th September 2015

Hello peeps!

As most of you probably know there was a lunar eclipse on the night/early morning of 28th September, aka today. Ever since a young age I've been fascinated by the "blood moon" and so, of course, when I heard that today I could see it again I was all up for staying up and watching it. Or well.. I did go to sleep a couple hours but I made sure to put my alarm to ring so that I wouldn't miss it!
The thing that made this lunar eclipse a bit more special than usual was that it was lunar eclipse and super moon at the same time – way cool!

Lunar eclipse when it was at its finest.
The whole display should have started approximately around 02:00 (Swedish time!) but I put my alarm to ring 03:00. When I checked out of the window I saw that a tiny area of the moon's upper part was colored darker than usual. I went back to bed to sleep 10 minutes or so and would go and check how much it had progressed every now and then. At first it was super hard to get it to show on my camera that something was happening so, err, yeah.

Yes, that's the moon. xD I put my camera on some "effects" mode
and this is what came out of it. At least you can see that something weird is going on lol.
Around 04:00 the moon had started to turn red and that's when I took the most photos. Too bad that my camera lenses are far from suited for this kind of shit
coughportraitlenscough* so yeah, the quality is what it is. But hey, at least you can see something! xD

I put together my photos into a little "step by step" collage thingy, hehe.

Open in full-size for better viewing!
I had some time to enjoy the blood red moon before the clouds came and crashed the party. Yeah, around 04:45 a shitlot of clouds appeared out of nowhere and blocked the view. :( It stayed like that for pretty long so I just went to sleep and gave up on seeing the other half of the show. It was cold to sit next to the balcony door on the floor.. but at least I was wrapped in my blanket and had socks on.
Actually, I'm happy that I even got to see anything at all and that's because the last couple weeks have been nothing but rain and gray weather; we haven't seen the sun in forever! (it's quite depressing..............)
I wasn't even really hoping that the weather would clear up by the time the lunar eclipse would happen but ermahglerb, it did! Some guy up there heard my pleas...

I don't have so much more to add. 
Shiro Samurai says goodnight!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

My crazy school life – week 38!

Hello guys!

This past week I've had quite a lot happening in school. You see, since I'm in an art school there's a very chill atmosphere and some of the people around are like... well, how artistic people tend to be – all goofy and different, but in a good way. So yeah, this week we had something that's called "temavecka" (lit. theme week), which meant that the whole week we had no ordinary lessons; instead the whole school formed groups of students and we had to do some presentation of a certain topic that you were allowed to interpret freely and present to the rest however you wanted. Yeah, we had no strict guidelines on how we were supposed to do our presentation – we could do a typical oral presentation (if you were boring enough for that) or we could do any kind of performance etc. That's why you like art schools lol.
So yep, the theme for this week was "hållbarhet", which means something like durability/sustainability in Swedish. I ended up being in a group with like five guys (incl. me) and one girl lol. Everyone at first tossed around completely random and cracky ideas that ranged from doing a punk concert about the world to importing bears from Russia. We did at one point figure out that everyone wanted to destroy and burn up something – we wanted MASS DESTRUCTION.
We then thought about making Earth out of papier-maché and well, that's what we ended up doing.

But before I continue talking about our little Earth project I want to mention what we did during last Thursday. The whole school went on a bus trip to first Luleå and then Boden (both in Sweden) and our point was to go on some art exhibitions in both cities (towns?). We spent like 30 minutes in Luleå and then 1,5 hours in Boden's Havremagasinet.
Oh and yeah, I had some clothing issues before departure! If I say it like this – the day prior I had been painting for our project and ended up getting paint on my pants. Why does it always happen to me even though I'm mega careful? OTL This wouldn't normally had been an issue because I could just have taken another pair, but because I'm currently sleeping over at my brother's place I didn't have any reserve pairs with me. The weather was shit so I couldn't really go fetch a pair from home so I just had to borrow something from bro. All his pants were too small for me though, so my only option ended up being to wear his cosplay hakama. xD Not like I minded, I love hakama lol.

This was my outfit on Thursday's art exhibition trips.
Our Thursday schedule.
School had booked two buses so all students didn't have to pay for the trip. Everything went well and we even had some spare time to spend in Luleå; I went to eat lunch in a Chinese restaurant and I also went to a Thai shop to buy some snacks for bro.
In Havremagasinet I almost missed the bus back home because I spent time looking at all the art in all the floors (6 floors!) and forgot to check the clock. Luckily my teacher is awesome so he did notice that I was missing, ehehehe...
I must say that I maybe expected a bit more interesting art from Havremagasinet; I didn't really find anything that left an impact or made me think deeper about what the artist had been thinking while making their art. :/ I was a bit bummed though because I didn't see my friend in the bus at all, even though it was obligatory to attend. Oh well.
Oh! One funny thing happened at Havremagasinet though! I was in the main floor watching some short movie and then, suddenly, I heard someone singing the Spongebob Squarepants intro melody. It was sung high enough (just the melody though, not the lyrics) so I heard it even though the singer must have been on another floor. XD I love my school lol.

The Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the trip our group had been in the school's cellar building our Earth. I mostly just helped with filling the insides with crumpled newspaper and then painting all the land areas (green) and I also helped out with painting some of the ocean areas (blue).
It felt like we were maybe too many because most of the time there were only like 2-3 people working on the project and the remaining guys just sat and did nothing, because there was nothing else to do. I didn't even go on all lessons because I knew that I wouldn't be needed; everyone had agreed on it prior that I'd get to do the painting work because I was the artist of the group. So yeah, I didn't have to do any of the form-shaping stuff.
Oh oh oh! One day while we were working in the cellar half of the guys (not me!) suddenly started singing the Barbie Girl song really loud. It was absolutely hilarious and it got even better when they got to the Ken part because they all dropped their voices a shitlot. XD

Down below are photos of our finished globe while it was hanging to dry in the cellar:

I know, it's perfectly round. xD But it didn't really matter because it was to be completely destroyed anyway... Yeah, our plan was to have have people hit it and then burn it up. So brutal.

This was the schedule for Friday's presentations.
And so came Friday, the day for all groups to present their works. Yes, we had 3 days to make a full presentation from start to finish. I would normally say that it was way too little time but for some reason it worked out, even though we got split into groups and I had to work with people I didn't know at all; I really don't enjoy to work in groups (it makes me uncomfortable for a myriad of reasons) so at first this whole theme week thing felt like such a thorn in the butt. Luckily it proved itself to be quite enjoyable in the end...

Friday consisted solely of watching everyone's presentations and after that was done we could go home, eff yeah! The presentations ranged from a theater about lies (and how it doesn't work out to say different lies to everyone people will find out the truth) and an abstract dance performance to a group doing some song covers to a He-man dub. Yes, a He-man dub in Swedish (by school students) about completely random stuff, like Oktoberfest. I'm not too sure what it had to do with sustainability.. but who cares? It was HE-MAN! xD

Photo proof.
I wasn't surprised to find out that the He-man presentation was made by one of the guys who occasionally comes and talks to me about geeky stuff. There was even the "Hey, What's Going On" meme video in the end credits. Omg yes!

Our presentation was one of the very last. Much to our bleärghjd it was raining outside and our presentation was... *dun dun duuuun* ... outside. Of course. What else?
We had fixed everything up and the Earth was hanging on a stand, ready to be beaten up. Our whole point was that everyone in the world is basically destroying Earth (we all should know why...) and it's not sustainable unless we do something about it. So to simulate this we had a baseball bat and whoever wanted got to smack all our hard work into oblivion. Of course some people felt like being violent...

Poor Earth after the first hit...
... and the second hit.
One of the guys who made the previous He-man dub (aka the friendly geek guy) came and hit Earth too. I was just taking photos at all times so I couldn't hit or anything...

Prepare yourself! (that's what Ike said)
But amidst all this destruction and brutality came a kind soul... who gave Earth a well-deserved hug.

But then the destruction continued. Mercilessly...

The whole shit fell because of the impact...
Yep, the long-haired guy used so much force that the whole thing fell down; he didn't spare on the violence lol. I guess someone had to do it...

After that everyone who wanted had hit and so it was time to enter the second stage of our mass destruction plot...

Yep, I'm not kidding – we burned Earth in school. 
Of course we had checked with fire security beforehand and gotten the okay. I'm sure some fire guys were present when we burned the whole thing up, just in case...?

It started with a lot of smoke but the fires spread quickly...
Before long violent flames indulged our Earth completely!
Boum! Look at those flames!
It burned for maybe a couple minutes and then the flames slowly died down. It was a really cool spectacle to watch, although it felt kinda sad at the same time.

Earth is gone... :'(
I even made a gif of some of the photos! Lookie!

Burn baby, burn!
Yup, that's what I've been doing this past week in school. Errr.... hrmmm... yeah. We burned Earth...
It was quite the fun week! Except that because we had no ordinary lessons I got zero progress done on my cosplays lol. Next week my lessons should be back to normal, so I might not have anything cool to show here... ehehehe...

Pffrt, that'll be all I have to say! Ciao!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 makeup store review!


Hello hello ~

This time I'll do a post about some makeup products I  ordered online during last year, for cosplay purposes mostly. It's going to be kind of like a mini store review! I'm not sponsored though, I do this because I want to.

So yeah, for a while I've been looking around online for cheap makeup (because I'm cheap) and after seeing that eBay is filled with Chinese and Hong Kong sellers I decided it's safer I don't buy from these because hey, who knows what's actually in those products have they even been quality/safety tested? So much counterfeit stuff come from those two countries nowadays so yeah, I'm wary that I'd get something potentially harmful.
This is why I decided to check if there wouldn't happen to be some Scandinavian/European online stores that had stuff for cheap but still from licensed/known brands. I ended up stumbling across a Swedish site called that seemed to fill the requirements for what I was looking for! Ordering from online shops saves me the awkward moment of being the lone guy staring at makeup shelves in whatever store. xD
Before I placed my order I did a Google search to check for customer reviews but I didn't really find much on a quick glance, except for one video review and one blog review. I deemed that at least I'd get my stuff so it was worth a shot!

The store itself has products indeed for cheaper than what your average drugstore brands cost. Some close to half-price! :D I'm always looking for bargains and good quality products from less well-known brands that would show mercy for my starving wallet.
I did notice that a fair amount of the brands they carry I had never heard of before; seems like some of the brands are British and just not as out there as, say, Maybelline and such. But I'm not scared of trying new brands, especially not if I can find positive reviews online about the particular products I'm interested in!

Hasakitsuki joined me on the "I need more makeup!" wagon and so I placed an order for the both of us. I ordered and paid for the products on 10th October (note: 2014) and received the package in the mailbox on 14th October. Fast!

What was in my mail was your usual cardboard box package:

I opened the top with scissors and inside were these kind of crumpled papers that were formed in a protective way around the items. Not the most secure and safe packing ever, but still pretty okay. I was kinda expecting some bubble wrap and/or foam for protection of the glass bottle items though.

So yeah, I ended up buying some gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, highlighter and makeup primer for myself. Gosh, I don't understand why I didn't get the importance of using primer before; I have lines under my eyes etc that primer could possibly help hiding. I really need to try this thing out and see if it works!

But yeah, here's photos of the products:

Saffron Black Gel Eyeliner & w7 Liquid Dip Black Eyeliner
Technic Highlights & w7 Prime Magic Camera Ready
I got exactly what I ordered and very fast too! I haven't had time to try out the products yet but so far this store seems gold to me. Fast, cheap and reliable. What makes it even better is that in the box was also a store coupon that'll give me 10% off on the next purchase! And the best of all is that said coupon doesn't expire in two weeks or anything overly short like that, no, it lasts until the very last day of the year! It also seems like the coupon is valid for more than one purchase, booyah!
Oh, they ship to Sweden and Finland, by the way. *hint hint*

Okay, so I'm definitely happy with the store's service and, so far, for the products that I've started using, they seem to work well for me. I don't have any complaints and I would order from again whenever I need some affordable makeup.

Thanks for reading and bye!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Northern lights... in early September?!

Hello dudes and dudettes!

Aurora Borealis seen in northern Sweden on 11th September, 23:30 local time.
I learned from my brother yesterday that there had been an amazing display of northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in town, during the night between 9th and 10th September. Yeah, early September.

[rant incoming] He had gone outside with two of my friends and for some unknown reason neither of them thought that it would be a good idea to call me and tell me to come out and watch the sky display with them. Why didn't anyone call me?!? So yeah, I missed to see probably the best northern lights in my whole life so far and, if I'm honest, I feel like the short bitter man about that. I just don't understand why all my friends decided to gather and spend the whole night together (including watching northern lights) without telling me normally we're always all of us together. So yeah, I spent the whole evening and into midnight alone in my bro's apartment, waiting for him to come back home because he told me that he'd be back around 21:00 but nope, he didn't come. I'm currently sleeping over at his place and I thought that I'd be so kind that I was in complete darkness (and bored out of my mind because nothing to do) because I didn't want him to have to pay a higher electricity bill for me... and then he and my "friends" just hung together, completely freezing me out. Had I known. -.- Is that the thanks I get?
I am hurt by this, I won't deny.
It feels like they might have left me out on purpose and especially so because when bro finally came home I asked him when he came back and he blatantly lied about the time – I heard and even saw him when he really came back and he lied by several hours. Makes me wonder why he lied? Were they all avoiding me on purpose? I hate being left out of something or being the black sheep and well, it's not the first time it happens either... ._. It might just be me jumping to conclusions but whatever the real reason is I'm both sad, irritated and disappointed about this all. [/rant end]

Okay so, on yesterday night (between 10-11th September) the northern lights were back!
This time I got to see them although, according to bro, the previous ones were much better. I find it kinda weird that there's northern lights on September – I mean, normally I only ever saw them during the winter months like November, January, February and such.
I started watching the display at 22:30 and stayed until 00:10 something. The northern lights were still going on when I went to bed. I hope I didn't miss anything super awesome... OTL

But now, photos!
All photos taken by me, as per usual. I apologize for the photo quality and blurriness – I didn't have my tripod at hand and well, slow shutter speeds during night time with no extra equipment to help you out.  There's no editing at all, by the way. 

It started a little bit shy but then there came some really cool waves! Some of the waves, after they had passed, stayed as slight green streaks on the sky (coloring it faintly green!) for a very long time. Almost all of the northern lights showed as this kind of moving serpentine-like waves. They are constanly changing (and some move fast!) so the photos I took were never perfectly identical.

I even put together some of my photos into a gif so you can see how they moved and spread out:

Oh and one thing! Info dump!
I live in northern Sweden, approximately 100 km below the Arctic circle, so while I do have a fair chance of seeing northern lights here they are not super common either. When there is high activity we can see them. :) It's one of the reasons I don't want to move to the south, even though they would have work and better chances for a good future lol.

That's all for this time! Moikka ~

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Quick update about what I've been doing!

Hello guys!

Yesterday, on Saturday, I went with my brother Jäätynyt Enkeli to visit mom in Finland. I stayed there for most of the day and it was very pleasant. I've been very stressed lately over so many things and just being away from it all for a while really worked wonders – I helped mom bake, helped making the dinner and then I also went to pick out some fabrics that I would need to make my next cosplay!

Mom makes the best buns! *u* They were so soft and tasty!
The dinner was minced meat and mushrooms mixed in potato gratin, with garlic added. It was so good, as always! Yum!

A weird thing happened outside though – it was raining but the sun was shining! I managed to snap a couple photos on which it shows. It might not look like much on the photos but in real life I assure you that it was really cool! The rain smelled so nice too... -u-

Oh, and I've also started school last week again; my summer vacation ended. I am still in the same art school as before but this time I'm studying the proper way (which means I get study grants, woop!) and not just being there over a "practice time", as last time. I'm really looking forward to finish some school stuff I've had undone for years and that is constantly weighing down on my mind. I can do it!!

That'll be all for this quick post. See ya around!