Monday, September 28, 2015

Lunar eclipse – 28th September 2015

Hello peeps!

As most of you probably know there was a lunar eclipse on the night/early morning of 28th September, aka today. Ever since a young age I've been fascinated by the "blood moon" and so, of course, when I heard that today I could see it again I was all up for staying up and watching it. Or well.. I did go to sleep a couple hours but I made sure to put my alarm to ring so that I wouldn't miss it!
The thing that made this lunar eclipse a bit more special than usual was that it was lunar eclipse and super moon at the same time – way cool!

Lunar eclipse when it was at its finest.
The whole display should have started approximately around 02:00 (Swedish time!) but I put my alarm to ring 03:00. When I checked out of the window I saw that a tiny area of the moon's upper part was colored darker than usual. I went back to bed to sleep 10 minutes or so and would go and check how much it had progressed every now and then. At first it was super hard to get it to show on my camera that something was happening so, err, yeah.

Yes, that's the moon. xD I put my camera on some "effects" mode
and this is what came out of it. At least you can see that something weird is going on lol.
Around 04:00 the moon had started to turn red and that's when I took the most photos. Too bad that my camera lenses are far from suited for this kind of shit
coughportraitlenscough* so yeah, the quality is what it is. But hey, at least you can see something! xD

I put together my photos into a little "step by step" collage thingy, hehe.

Open in full-size for better viewing!
I had some time to enjoy the blood red moon before the clouds came and crashed the party. Yeah, around 04:45 a shitlot of clouds appeared out of nowhere and blocked the view. :( It stayed like that for pretty long so I just went to sleep and gave up on seeing the other half of the show. It was cold to sit next to the balcony door on the floor.. but at least I was wrapped in my blanket and had socks on.
Actually, I'm happy that I even got to see anything at all and that's because the last couple weeks have been nothing but rain and gray weather; we haven't seen the sun in forever! (it's quite depressing..............)
I wasn't even really hoping that the weather would clear up by the time the lunar eclipse would happen but ermahglerb, it did! Some guy up there heard my pleas...

I don't have so much more to add. 
Shiro Samurai says goodnight!

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Ri-kun said...

Sweet. I too tried to go and see it around 5 when it was supposed to be the best looking, but it was cloudy already. :( Oh well, nothing I could do about it.