Friday, September 11, 2015

Northern lights... in early September?!

Hello dudes and dudettes!

Aurora Borealis seen in northern Sweden on 11th September, 23:30 local time.
I learned from my brother yesterday that there had been an amazing display of northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in town, during the night between 9th and 10th September. Yeah, early September.

[rant incoming] He had gone outside with two of my friends and for some unknown reason neither of them thought that it would be a good idea to call me and tell me to come out and watch the sky display with them. Why didn't anyone call me?!? So yeah, I missed to see probably the best northern lights in my whole life so far and, if I'm honest, I feel like the short bitter man about that. I just don't understand why all my friends decided to gather and spend the whole night together (including watching northern lights) without telling me normally we're always all of us together. So yeah, I spent the whole evening and into midnight alone in my bro's apartment, waiting for him to come back home because he told me that he'd be back around 21:00 but nope, he didn't come. I'm currently sleeping over at his place and I thought that I'd be so kind that I was in complete darkness (and bored out of my mind because nothing to do) because I didn't want him to have to pay a higher electricity bill for me... and then he and my "friends" just hung together, completely freezing me out. Had I known. -.- Is that the thanks I get?
I am hurt by this, I won't deny.
It feels like they might have left me out on purpose and especially so because when bro finally came home I asked him when he came back and he blatantly lied about the time – I heard and even saw him when he really came back and he lied by several hours. Makes me wonder why he lied? Were they all avoiding me on purpose? I hate being left out of something or being the black sheep and well, it's not the first time it happens either... ._. It might just be me jumping to conclusions but whatever the real reason is I'm both sad, irritated and disappointed about this all. [/rant end]

Okay so, on yesterday night (between 10-11th September) the northern lights were back!
This time I got to see them although, according to bro, the previous ones were much better. I find it kinda weird that there's northern lights on September – I mean, normally I only ever saw them during the winter months like November, January, February and such.
I started watching the display at 22:30 and stayed until 00:10 something. The northern lights were still going on when I went to bed. I hope I didn't miss anything super awesome... OTL

But now, photos!
All photos taken by me, as per usual. I apologize for the photo quality and blurriness – I didn't have my tripod at hand and well, slow shutter speeds during night time with no extra equipment to help you out.  There's no editing at all, by the way. 

It started a little bit shy but then there came some really cool waves! Some of the waves, after they had passed, stayed as slight green streaks on the sky (coloring it faintly green!) for a very long time. Almost all of the northern lights showed as this kind of moving serpentine-like waves. They are constanly changing (and some move fast!) so the photos I took were never perfectly identical.

I even put together some of my photos into a gif so you can see how they moved and spread out:

Oh and one thing! Info dump!
I live in northern Sweden, approximately 100 km below the Arctic circle, so while I do have a fair chance of seeing northern lights here they are not super common either. When there is high activity we can see them. :) It's one of the reasons I don't want to move to the south, even though they would have work and better chances for a good future lol.

That's all for this time! Moikka ~

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