Sunday, September 6, 2015

Quick update about what I've been doing!

Hello guys!

Yesterday, on Saturday, I went with my brother Jäätynyt Enkeli to visit mom in Finland. I stayed there for most of the day and it was very pleasant. I've been very stressed lately over so many things and just being away from it all for a while really worked wonders – I helped mom bake, helped making the dinner and then I also went to pick out some fabrics that I would need to make my next cosplay!

Mom makes the best buns! *u* They were so soft and tasty!
The dinner was minced meat and mushrooms mixed in potato gratin, with garlic added. It was so good, as always! Yum!

A weird thing happened outside though – it was raining but the sun was shining! I managed to snap a couple photos on which it shows. It might not look like much on the photos but in real life I assure you that it was really cool! The rain smelled so nice too... -u-

Oh, and I've also started school last week again; my summer vacation ended. I am still in the same art school as before but this time I'm studying the proper way (which means I get study grants, woop!) and not just being there over a "practice time", as last time. I'm really looking forward to finish some school stuff I've had undone for years and that is constantly weighing down on my mind. I can do it!!

That'll be all for this quick post. See ya around!

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