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This time I'll do a post about some makeup products I  ordered online during last year, for cosplay purposes mostly. It's going to be kind of like a mini store review! I'm not sponsored though, I do this because I want to.

So yeah, for a while I've been looking around online for cheap makeup (because I'm cheap) and after seeing that eBay is filled with Chinese and Hong Kong sellers I decided it's safer I don't buy from these because hey, who knows what's actually in those products have they even been quality/safety tested? So much counterfeit stuff come from those two countries nowadays so yeah, I'm wary that I'd get something potentially harmful.
This is why I decided to check if there wouldn't happen to be some Scandinavian/European online stores that had stuff for cheap but still from licensed/known brands. I ended up stumbling across a Swedish site called that seemed to fill the requirements for what I was looking for! Ordering from online shops saves me the awkward moment of being the lone guy staring at makeup shelves in whatever store. xD
Before I placed my order I did a Google search to check for customer reviews but I didn't really find much on a quick glance, except for one video review and one blog review. I deemed that at least I'd get my stuff so it was worth a shot!

The store itself has products indeed for cheaper than what your average drugstore brands cost. Some close to half-price! :D I'm always looking for bargains and good quality products from less well-known brands that would show mercy for my starving wallet.
I did notice that a fair amount of the brands they carry I had never heard of before; seems like some of the brands are British and just not as out there as, say, Maybelline and such. But I'm not scared of trying new brands, especially not if I can find positive reviews online about the particular products I'm interested in!

Hasakitsuki joined me on the "I need more makeup!" wagon and so I placed an order for the both of us. I ordered and paid for the products on 10th October (note: 2014) and received the package in the mailbox on 14th October. Fast!

What was in my mail was your usual cardboard box package:

I opened the top with scissors and inside were these kind of crumpled papers that were formed in a protective way around the items. Not the most secure and safe packing ever, but still pretty okay. I was kinda expecting some bubble wrap and/or foam for protection of the glass bottle items though.

So yeah, I ended up buying some gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, highlighter and makeup primer for myself. Gosh, I don't understand why I didn't get the importance of using primer before; I have lines under my eyes etc that primer could possibly help hiding. I really need to try this thing out and see if it works!

But yeah, here's photos of the products:

Saffron Black Gel Eyeliner & w7 Liquid Dip Black Eyeliner
Technic Highlights & w7 Prime Magic Camera Ready
I got exactly what I ordered and very fast too! I haven't had time to try out the products yet but so far this store seems gold to me. Fast, cheap and reliable. What makes it even better is that in the box was also a store coupon that'll give me 10% off on the next purchase! And the best of all is that said coupon doesn't expire in two weeks or anything overly short like that, no, it lasts until the very last day of the year! It also seems like the coupon is valid for more than one purchase, booyah!
Oh, they ship to Sweden and Finland, by the way. *hint hint*

Okay, so I'm definitely happy with the store's service and, so far, for the products that I've started using, they seem to work well for me. I don't have any complaints and I would order from again whenever I need some affordable makeup.

Thanks for reading and bye!

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