Sunday, October 18, 2015

A meeting with an amazing lecturer and human!

Hello peeps!

This past week I had an awesome lecture at school – more closely on the 13th October, aka Tuesday. A Swedish super popular lecturer called Sara Lund (aka Claes Schmidt) held a full-day lecture about prejudices against non-binary people, trans* issues etc. Honestly, it was the best lecture I've been on in all my life and so spot-on. I enjoyed every minute of it and wished someone had held a similar lecture during my early school years, if not for me then just as general knowledge and awareness – we are not taught about these kind of really important issues at school, which I think is so so wrong. So many young people suffer daily because they don't identify with their assigned birth gender and then they think something is wrong with them etc...
The lecturer was amazing; if you ever get the chance to attend their lectures in Sweden I'd greatly recommend you to do so. Sara/Claes is a charming transvestite who's one of the most inspirational people I've ever come across – I wish them all the best of luck in life, even though they've already lived like 3 times longer on this planet than I have. x) They crushed all prejudices in such an amazing way, bit by bit. No one in the whole school hall said anything rude to the lecturer and that surprised me, in a good way. So many tolerant and loving young people – I love my school.

I won't talk much more about the lecture itself but I want to say that Sara/Claes has written a book called "Från man till människa" (lit. "from man to human"), so if you're interested you could always buy the book! From what I scrolled through it it seemed very promising!

The lecture lasted for like 5 hours (excluding the breaks) and during one of the shorter 15 minute breaks Sara (they were dressed as their female persona during the day, so I'm gonna refer to them as female from now on) went down to the school's cafeteria. I managed to catch her while she was alone (all the other times some other students always stayed to talk to her during the breaks) and we immediately bonded. She took an interest in me and treated me to a piece of cake and a drink while we talked. So kind. ;u;
After the school day was over she waited for me; we had decided on going out to eat in town together. She had earlier said that she wanted company and, when I was interested to learn to know her more, she was super delighted that she wouldn't have to be all alone in the hotel!
We had planned to meet 17:30 in the school. I came already a bit earlier and started the waiting game. When the clock struck the right time she was nowhere to be seen, but I believed in her and kept waiting. 30 minutes later the clock was 18 and she still hadn't showed up. The school's doors were locked; I started to think that she had forgotten or that something had gotten in the way. I felt some kind of sadness and decided to leave because yeah, school was closing so I couldn't really stay. I decided to go out the back way and then walk to the front entrance once more before I headed home. When I was at the front a woman at the front door called me and asked if I was looking for Sara. I said yes and the reply was "I just let her in seconds ago". OMG! The woman let me back inside (she had the keys) and there I finally saw Sara. ;_; She immediately apologized and said that she had fallen asleep as soon as she got to the hotel because the day had been exhausting (understandable, full-day lectures anyone?) and well, had overslept. I said it was okay, at least she was here now. She went to meet some people in school quickly while I waited and after that she asked if we should call a taxi. I said that centrum is within a 15 min walking distance so it's not really needed. We walked. :)
When we got to centrum we passed by a nicer restaurant called Mustaparran Päämaja ("Blackbeard's headquarters). I said that I knew that this restaurant had some really good food (mom had been there but not me) and that it has a theme of a historically important person from this area. I also mentioned that it's an expensive restaurant so it's way out of my budget, to which she kindly answered "that's not a problem – I'll pay for you." OH MY GLOB, WHAT IS THIS KINDNESS? ;w;
So yeah, we ended up eating at Mustaparta's, even though that wasn't my original plan lol. I don't complain though – the food was amazing!

The dish I had – creamy potatoes, mushroom sauce and beef
with cheese and smoked reindeer filling.
The photo doesn't do the food justice lol. It was seriously delicious and the shroom sauce I could have killed for. I love mushrooms.
For dessert we had to try the curiosity – tar ice cream with cranberry sauce. Yep, tar. Even though I'm very familiar with tar salmiac (liquorice) because well, I'm Finnish, I had never tasted tar ice cream before. Neither had Sara, because she's from the very southern part of Sweden *coughskånecough*.

Tar ice cream with cranberry sauce!
The ice cream was, interesting, to say the least. I was expecting it to have a stronger taste of tar but it was actually really mild. It tasted a bit smoke but it was good. The cranberry sauce was kinda bitter and tasted... adult. XD I don't know how to explain lol, but it was good too and gave a nice contrast to the mild ice cream.

We stayed in the restaurant for at least a couple of hours (gotta eat slow to enjoy the food!) and after that we headed further into the Finnish centrum to go buy some tar salmiac, mainly because Sara wanted to taste some and bring it back to southern Sweden with her. She treated me to a bag of candies too. ;u;
What I had completely forgotten about was informing my friends and my brother – it turned out that everyone was worried where I was. Seemingly my bro had tried calling me like 8 times, but of course I hadn't heard squat because my cellphone had been on soundless (I always mute it during school for obvious reasons and had forgotten to put it back on after) and besides it had been on super low battery for more than half the day. So yeah, when me and Sara said our goodbyes for the night mom called me. She asked me where the f*ck I had been and why I hadn't informed anyone. I told her that everything's fine and that I've just been out in town eating. She then asked with what money and I said that I actually got invited by a school lecturer, to which she instantly pulled the "suspicious person" card, aka the pedophile card. Are you for real mom? -.- I mean seriously, I'm an independent friggin' adult man; I know who I can trust. >_> I felt offended because mom suspected Sara so much and instantly jumped to conclusions, she who was such an angel to me... (and ironically the whole lecture was about prejudices, jumping to conclusions etc OTL)

Later on that same night, when it was nearing midnight, me and bro save some super faded northern lights. At first I thought it was just clouds with funny shapes, but after having stared at it for a while it became clear that it moved in peculiar non-cloudy ways. It didn't really look green in real life like northern lights typically are, more like some faded out grayish semi-transparent cloudy stuff. My camera revealed its true nature though – on photo the green color became evident!

Faded northern lights!
That's about all that I have to say. It was a very great and giving day.


Erika said...

Var på Saras/Claes föreläsning i Kalmar förra året. Var nog den bästaste föreläsningen jag varit med om. Smart, roligt och inspirerande. Synd att den bara var 1-2 timmar, hade gärna suttit längre. Nice att ni träffades efteråt!

Shiro Samurai said...

Fan vad grymt att du också sett dem! Helt klart min favvoföreläsning med!
Aaah, ni hade bara några timmar? D: Vi hade hela skoldagen så typ 5 timmar. x) Det var bästigt.