Thursday, October 1, 2015

A trip to Tornio's water tower!

Hello guys!

Yesterday (30th September) I went with my school (or well, a specific lesson's group) on a short trip to go see the water tower in Tornio, Finland. Normally there's an entrance fee but we got in for free!

I've never actually been inside the water tower before so it was a new experience. We drove there with the two of the school's cars and we got stopped by the customs because of the tightened border security lately.

Water tower ahead!
The water tower is known as a place to go to if you want to see the landscapes from above. Oh, and this is random but it totally looks like a huge mushroom...

Yes, mushrooms.
Lately there's been shroom invasions everywhere...
One of the worker guys (or someone who keeps the place in check?) opened the door for us. Inside we got to choose if we wanted to take the elevator or walk up the 120+ stairs to the top. I first considered the elevator but when I saw it I was like "lolnope". I have a fear of elevators, especially those more old and cage-like ones that make a lot of noises. So yeah, I went for the murder stairs instead... and I died.

Climbing up the stairs.
It was horrible to go up the stairs! OTL It felt like it would never end, no joke. My legs hurt so much by the end and I had a hard time breathing. I love you, shitty lungs.
I was seemingly the only one who took the stairs – I wonder why? :'DD
When I got up one of my school friends asked me "why did you do that to yourself?" lol.

I can see the end of this torture! *_*
As soon as I got up I was met by landscapes. Landscapes everywhere.
On the top you basically had a panorama view of the whole Tornio centrum and you can see far into the Swedish side too – you could even spot Ica Maxi and Rusta! lol (Ica Maxi is a food store and Rusta is one of those cheap stores that sell very varied stuff)

But now, landscape photos galore!

On the other side of the river is Sweden.

Here is also Sweden on the other side of the river. (and ugly blue Ikea)
Luckily we had a rather nice weather, for once. I swear lately it's been all gray and rainy for weeks – it's a rare treat when the sun even shows itself. It's depressing...

The top of the water tower. This little "cafeteria" was on the middle.
The top had a wooden floor with rope poles around it, separating
the higher ground from the lower.
Inside the little "cafeteria" – lots of chairs. On the other side
you had a small ice cream box.
I took some zoomed in landscape photos too!

Ikea, you're such a landscape killer... ._. The building is ugly as sin lol.
The roof of one of the two old churches can be seen.
Notice the bridges. They go from Tornio centrum to the "mainland"; you have to cross
them if you want to travel further into Finland.
Finnish side, notice the island and the nature. (so much trees)
Swedish side behind the river. You can see Ica Maxi in the distance.
(and ugly Ikea still to the far left, lol)
Sweden on the other side, still. I think that some of
the buildings close to the camera are schools.
On the top of the tower there was a pair of binoculars. With it you could see a really zoomed in view – you could even see my school. xD It was really cool to use it.

Binocular's info plate.
When we were done everyone crammed into the elevator and well.. I had to go down the stairs alone again. Oh well, not like it's bad to go down stairs; going up is the hellish part.

Let's get going then!
The cage-ish thing to the far right is where the
elevator goes.
It looks kinda... gloomy?
Occasionally you were blessed with a window or a lamp. Or both.
When walking down the stairs I couldn't help but think that it could be cool for some (cosplay) photoshoots, especially if you need a narrow and kinda abandoned or gloomy/scary looking industrial staircase... (I think the entrance fee was cheap, too)

Outside there was a memorial war-time plate thingy on the tower's wall:

It's saying that a battalion was doing some service work in Tornio and nearby
northern Finnish areas during 1944-1945. They fixed roads, removed land mines etc.
Goodbye, water tower!

Water tower seen from the front.

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