Monday, October 12, 2015

Monster Hunter – Item Mascot: Well-Done Steak!

Hello guys!

Today I have a mini post about a small but meaty (hehe) Monster Hunter mascot item! It's an item mascot a hangable keychain type of geeky collectible.
I bought it for a dear friend as a gift, so I don't have any photos of it outside of the package or in use. I gave it to him completely unopened, of course.
We have a lot of inside jokes with said friend and making steaks in the middle of a hunt, so buying him a Well-Done Steak, that he could always carry with him, was too good of a thing to pass up on. xD I couldn't resist! And who knows, it might even protect him from making misteakes in the real life. Gotta love having a full hunter party!

Front of item package.
I ordered it from a Japanese online store and everything went smoothly. The item is of course authentic and original; I don't support counterfeit goods.
I love how the packaging even is shaped like the meat icon in the game – so awesome!
The item itself obviously includes the mascot Well-Done Steak (approximately 4 cm in length) as well as a brown-ish yellow item tag featuring the meat icon and on the backside there's Capcom written on it. The tag is attached with a small ball chain.

Close-up, front of the tag visible.
Close-up, back of the tag visible.
The Well-Done Steak is very well done detailed, considering the small size of it. It's made of some kind of hard plastic and it both looks and feels durable.

This is the stock photo. It matches well with the actual product.
Taken from
The only difference I noticed when comparing the stock photo to the real item was that the tag attachment is different; notice how there's no ball chain visible on the stock image. Otherwise perhaps the bone parts are a bit darker and more "worn" than on the stock image, but it might just as well be because of light differences
I'm sorry I don't have any photos of the real item out of the package. :<
Monster Hunter!
This is just to show the MonHun and Capcom logos.
There are a lot more of these Monster Hunter item mascots to choose from, if you'd fancy having one! So yeah, for all serious hunters out there, who wants to take their hunter-ness (if that wasn't a word then it is one now) to the outside world, buying one of these is not a bad choice. ;) There's Potions, Demondrugs, Barrel Bomb L's, Mega Dash Juices, Machalite Ores, Book of Combos and even Rathalos Scales available!


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