Thursday, October 8, 2015

Northern lights and ramblings

Hello guys!

Today I saw some amazing northern lights (aka Aurora Borealis) too bad that the photos I took does it no justice. :( It was seriously awesome! Green long waves, sometimes with light violet/pink mixed in them, moving so fast that I could see the ends flickering vividly when the shapes changed. I don't even remember when I've last seen northern lights that were so vibrant; they lit up the whole sky and it was super easy to see with the naked eye! It was as if I was watching a moving painting or as if I was in some kind of dreamland. *_* I almost can't believe that I saw what I did – it was so magical. The most beautiful and fast-moving ones only lasted mere seconds, which is such a shame; that's why it feels surreal as soon as they disappear... Hands down, this was the nicest northern lights display I've seen this year, possibly much longer than that.

I had heard that yesterday there had been northern lights that had been visible in southern Finland, northern Finland as well as northern Sweden. So yeah, around 20:50 (local Finnish time, because I'm in Finland right now – more about that later!) I went outside just to check and *boom* nice surprise! It's awesome when you have a clear sky for once and the clouds aren't ruining the party.

All photos are unedited (sorry for the blurriness and bad quality in general) and taken in northern Finland, around the outskirts of Tornio during approximately 20:50 to 21:20, local time.

OMG violet... *w*
Sometimes so much northern lights were "bunched up" in one place
that it looked like the sky could as well have been green.
So vivid and with a light pink underside... ;o;

Looks a bit like green flames.
My crummy photos really doesn't do it justice. :'( I swear I would have killed for a video camera during those moments when the aurora was at its finest. *gross sobbing*
But at least some photo proof is better than nothing...

Oh and what I've been doing otherwise? Well, I got sick with the cold or flu or whatever. The one that's circulating around right now up here. I always get these. OTL I got the first hey-I'm-sick signs on Saturday, aka a major throat pain that irritated the piss out of me; it hurt so much I was about to go crazy lol. The following night I couldn't sleep for shit – seriously felt like the longest night of my life. ._. I kept waking up every 5-10 minutes because of the throat pain, no joke. 
On Sunday the high fever hijacked me because duh, I never get fever unless it's above 39 °C. I suck. So yeah, I was super feverish and then mom called me and came to pick me up so that I wouldn't infect Jäätynyt Enkeli. Because mom lives in Finland that's where I've been since then. 
Oh and yeah, on Monday I learned the meaning of true frustration.
Eating pizza and not being able to taste it. FFFFFFFUUUUUUU-- (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I could just as well have been chewing on the pizza carton.

Khrmm. Yeah.
But I'm getting better haven't had fever on the last two days. I'm so sluggish and clogged up all over the place though and well, it blows. I've been stuck in the bottom of the bed for days, hrjfgdjh. Pyjama life! I have the obligatory slimy cough too... ._. *cough cough*

I guess that's all for a quick update of what's been going on. See ya later!
Shiro Samurai sinks back under the blankets...

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