Monday, November 9, 2015

Damage on my New Nintendo 3DS XL?!

Hi guys!

This post is a bit late but I wanted to make it anyway. You see, I've had my New Nintendo 3DS XL in use for a bit more than half a year now and well, the console itself has already started taking some damage. :( I don't know when exactly it started happening but the paint on one of the corners peeled off and revealed the "inner flesh". I was surprised when I first saw this because I had never experienced it on any of my other handheld gaming consoles (GBC, GBA SP, NDS, PSP).
For some reason only the right bottom corner is damaged; the rest are fine. I don't know how it happened but I guess it has something to do with acidic body fluids building up over time and, yeah... ._.

This is what the damaged part looks like. Notice how the "peeled off" area
is bigger/wider the closer to the corner it is, but the damage continues
to approximately mid-way.
As you maybe can see the silvery area is where the "paint" newly peeled off. It turned black within 24 hours. The black areas that are visible on the photos are older.

This shows the color change between the old black areas and the new silvery one well.
The metallic blue color itself is a very thin layer, seemingly. It came off easily by just scraping it with my finger on the areas where it was already loose. Oh, and the "paint" seems to fairly easily glue/stick onto itself once flaked off. It's also very frail and will tear really easily once it's not on the console anymore.

The paint about to go off.

The "paint" on my finger. It's super lightweight and thin.
I'm wondering if anyone else has had this same thing happening?
I guess you could prevent it by washing your hands often but I didn't think about it back then because yeah, it never happened on any of my other consoles – then again, the New 3DS XL does have a different surface too. I mean, I never saw my fingerprints so fucking clearly on any other console!! D:

This bothers me so much lol. Fingerprints galore.
Oh well, even though I dislike that it took damage so soon (not even a year has passed dammit!) it's only to accept it. :/ I've also noticed that my L and R buttons have gotten slightly worn so they don't always respond. My C-stick also seemed a bit stiff lately, especially when tilted to the right; I have to press it harder and occasionally use my nail to press it downwards before it moves the camera properly.

I guess that's all I have to say. Thanks for reading! 


Madi McDonald said...

I have had the exact same problem! I take very good care of my systems, I think my case actually peeled some of it off. If anything, you can order a new plate at !

14M4N0NYM0U5 said...

Cool. Now peel it off completely. That way you'll have a chrome version N3DS XL, sell it for 3x the price and buy yourself a new one. Problem solved.

David Wood said...

Hi I encountered the same problem whilst playing Ironfall Invasion. The paint peeled off on both sides. The base peeling I could live with, but was glad the same thing hadn't happened to the faceplate. Walking around the other day I had a rubber arm-band in my pocket with the console, bad move. The faceplate had a wrinkly patch where the thick rubber had created a friction wrinkle. Time for me to add a skateboard sticker and clear protection plates. The console's paint lasted 4 years from time of purchase.