Thursday, November 26, 2015

MH4U gaming moments part. 1 – Death by Konchu

Hello geeks!

I just need to tell you about what happened to me today (26th November) while I was playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. xD This is too good not to share!!
I got to experience one of my most ridiculous, frustrating, shameful and at the same time hilarious carts (aka deaths) that I've ever gotten on a Monster Hunter game so far!

So yeah, I was hunting an Azure Rathalos in the Volcanic Hollow area. I played a Dragon-type Insect Glaive but it's not like it matters so, yeah. At one point the Rathalos did the homing poison claw attack at me (you know, the one on which he flies in mid-air, turns to his target and suddenly swoops down rapidly with his claws) and it took like half my health bar. This attack always poisons your hunter so, unless you have the armor skill Poison Negate, you better have your Antidotes and/or Herbal Medicines ready.
I instantly scrolled to the Antidotes and drank one to get rid of the poison that was ticking away at my health. I have a bad habit of taking the Antidote before using potions, which has led me to cart more than once. By the time I'm still in the drinking animation (drink & flex!) the blue fucker targets me again and does ANOTHER POISON CLAW SWOOP.  
U kiddin' me bruh?? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) 
By some miracle (thanks, hunting gods) I survived with a a couple few pixels of health left but yeah, I'm poisoned again and back to square one – except with less remaining health than before. ._.

You think it ended there ? HAHAAH NOEP. :DD

You see, I was panicking because of super low life so I did the bad habit again quickly pressed to take another Antidote and... guess what? You ain't gonna believe it but this seriously happened!

Konchus are kinda cute.... BUT WE ALL HATE THEM.
I kid you not, this totally happened today and I don't know how I should feel about it. I mean, Konchus are so annoying (and they fuck you up!) but this is so bad that it's good LOL – first time a Konchu kills me. ;_; 
I don't know if I should be mad, cry, laugh, feel ashamed or feel like I just lost all credibility as a good hunter. I've played 700+ hours on MH4U and closing in on 2000 hours on MHFU...

So... yeah. ._.
Anyone else got steamrolled to death by a Konchu? Share you stories! x)
Thanks for reading and Shiro Samurai says byebye!
Pssst, who wants me to write more "gaming moment" stories in the future? :D

Huh...? You want more?
Uhmm, fine. 8C
B-b-bonus story!! 

Once in MHFU, aka Freedom Unite, a couple years ago or so I once took a Guts activating hit (Guts is an armor skill that makes you survive a fatal hit with like one pixel of life) by Rajang Furious George and then I shouted to my hunting pals "guys, I'm aliiiiiiive! :DD" (we were playing through Local Play) and before I had time to do anything else a Vespoid came –surprise motherfucker!– and speed-dived into me and.......... cart. *roll roll roll*
I didn't even have time to see what direction it came from! Fucking Vespoid. xD
Yeah, that's my most hilarious MonHun cart part 2, lol ._. I'm sure I have more of these but I can't remember them right now.

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