Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Monster Hunter 10th Anniversary pouch for N3DS XL

Hello peeps!

I'm gonna do a quick merchandise post today. ^_^ For not long ago I ordered from eBay's wonderland a carrying/protective pouch for my New Nintendo 3DS XL. From what I've noticed (and been told) both the original 3DS XL and the New 3DS XL are approximately the same size, which means that I don't have to worry about fitting issues. For some reason I haven't come across protective cases specially labeled as being sold for New Nintendo 3DS XL so, yeah, for a while I was really worried that there wasn't anything because all the 3DS XL cases never mentioned if they would fit the New 3DS XL. That started to get confusing.

So yeah, being the big Monster Hunter fan as I am, I of course was drawn to the MonHun themed ones that I saw. Most were plain (single color etc) and boring but there were some with Pokémon design and some with Youkai Watch and, of course, Super Mario as well. But Monster Hunter was for me the only one, haha.

Front art.
Back art.
I found this Monster Hunter 10th Anniversary pouch to be the coolest looking one. :> It's of course an officially licensed item that was sold in Japan. I bought from a Japanese seller; I think it arrived within 2 weeks, if I remember correctly.

In original package.
Backside of package.
It has a lot of different monsters (many of the flagships from the different games) on the front and back images and it's really colorful. The pouch itself is on the soft side and seems to be made of some kind of PVC or at least leather-ish fabric...? It's smooth to the touch and has a semi-matte shine when light hits it.

Showing the side. It closes with zippers around.
The pouch came with some shape holding foam inside that I removed. It holds its shape well even when it's empty, but it will still easily be pressed down if slight pressure is applied.
And yeah, it closes with zippers. The zippers (or at least one of them) is a bit chunky to get to move past the corners so I have to be careful, so that I don't try to pull it by force whenever it gets stuck. It does feel like it shouldn't break that easily but I'd still rather be safe than sorry lol. I've killed so many zippers during my lifetime, oh lord...

This shows the "backside" of the... err, side.
Seen from above aka the pouch is standing up so that the zipper side is against the table.
Inside it's pretty basic stuff. The game console is to be put on the bottom half and on the top you have a holder for three games.

What the pouch looks like inside.
There's place for some game cards!
Actually my New N3DS XL doesn't just fall into place like a Tetris block. I have to slightly lift/widen at least one of the four edges and press down the corresponding corner of my game system so that it fits into place. Yeah, the fit is snug but it's at least sure not to move around unneccessarily when you take it with you in whatever bag you carry the pouch in. It feels safe and secure when the game console is in its place; it's nicely "locked" in place. I'm just hoping that the case itself is not actually pressing on the L or R buttons...

Placed my New Nintendo 3DS XL in there.
Oh, and the "innards" of the pouch are soft. It also feels like the spot that is meant for the 3DS to be on has some extra cushioning around it –very likely for protecting against potential hits and keeping it in place better. The bottom is shaped like the console (aka rectangular), even though the general shape of the pouch is more rounded at the corners; it's noticeable if you look at the bottom on the first photo on which I show the inside, especially at the far corners. I'm sorry if my explanations are hard to understand... OTL

But yeah, I'm using this one especially for when I'm traveling to events, traveling abroad or wherever else from now on. :) I will still prefer to use my soft fabric "slide in" Monster Hunter 4U pouch for school days and/or whenever I need quick access to the 3DS to check StreetPass hits etc.
The package's front has a lot of monster icons on it! *_*
That about wraps it up. Thanks for reading!

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