Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rurouni Kenshin & Sengoku Basara rubber straps!

Hello hello ~

I'm just gonna do a speed-post because I wanted to show you guys these super cute rubber straps that I got as gifts from a new and awesome friend of mine, Ronja.
We were just one day talking on social media and she randomly asked me if I liked samurai series and my answer was of course a sounding "HECK YEAH!" because duuuude, that's like my favorite genre when it comes to anime and manga! x) She then sent a photo of the package of the Rurouni Kenshin one and asked if I knew the series and I was like in my mind all "OMMMMGGGGGG I DOOOOOOOO~" because hrrrng, I love RuroKen! ;u; The other series she said was Sengoku Basara and I was like yes-yes-yes because hell, I've been working on a Masamune Date cosplay for years now. Eternal cosplay project lol.
We both attended Kitacon and that's where she gave me these three! I think Ronja said that she had bought some big pack of random keychains online and then got these, in the lot, and thought that she'd rather give away them to someone who actually knew the series. xD

Sorry about the crummy light on the photos. It's called polar night (aka way too little daylight time) and I only had my shitty yellow apartment light to use...

The boxes featured Masamune Date and Mitsunari Ishida.
(note: the top is opened)
Backside showed what characters were possible to get.
I would have wanted Masamune the most, since he's my favorite, but I'm pretty much fine with anyone. x) I've seen both seasons of the anime and I own Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes to Nintendo Wii. I sadly haven't played the newer games and thus I don't recognize the newer characters.

Both were safely inside small plastic bags.
I got Maria Kyōgoku (left) and Matabee Gotō (right).
Just to show the backsides.
I actually didn't recognize these two since they are new characters first shown in the Sengoku Basara 4 game. I had to check up their names on the Basara wikia and based on their quick description it seems like Maria Kyōgoku is the type of character who firmly believes that she's better than others (ironically she was in real life an early Christian converter...) and Matabee Gotō is a bit crazy in his head; he has a severe case of "I need to show this guy that I'm worthwhile so I'm gonna make a list of people I want to kill and then go kill them" going on. xD He's basically the guy who failed a few times too much and it went way over his head (and pride), made him snap and enter a desperate killing spree. I might be wrong but this is the impression I got of the characters from the little information I found on a quick check.
I'll be hanging them both from my everyday/school bag so that I give off some geeky vibes, woop! o/

I also got a Rurouni Kenshin rubber strap!

So cute packaging! ;u;
I guess the top box says the available characters..?
This time I was hoping for either Kenshin, Soujiro or Sanosuke but once again I was fine with anyone because I love the damn series too much to be picky about who I get! The amount of joy I felt when I pulled up (from a plastic bag as well) a cute chibi Sanosuke Sagara was almost too much to handle – I was so close to squealing and making totally unmanly sounds lol.

Sanosuke Sagara! He's soooo cute!
Oh and yeah, in case anyone wonders all of these rubber straps are approximately 6 cm long and 4 cm wide. :) Banpresto is the maker of the Sengoku Basara straps and Media Factory is behind the Rurouni Kenshin one.

I think that's about all. Thank you Ronja!

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