Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Self-made fantasy "armguards" made of recycled leather!

Hello guys!

I should have done this post a lot earlier but I kept forgetting and then I was incredibly busy...
You see, at school a couple or so months ago I made myself a pair of "armguards" (or whatever you want to call them) during sewing class. I mainly made them just for fun while I waited to start another cosplay project. The thing is that these are super simple, completely handsewn and made solely out of recycled leather fabric scraps that my school had likely salvaged from to-be-trashed furniture. Yeah, these arm decorations are economic and environmental-friendly, haha. :'D

My one and only progress photo. The glove to the right is finished, left
one ready to be sewn shut.
What I did was basically cut out two identical rectangles out of scrap leather and then I took another piece of a differently colored leather fabric and started cutting out a ton of scales in different sizes. I sewed on the scales on one edge of the brown leather in a pattern I decided on.

Finished glove, upper side.
Finished glove, bottom side.
The only thing making these hold their shape and actually be, well, arm covers, is that there's two stitches keeping them shut – between these two stitches my thumb goes in. I'm bad at explaining so I just took a photo show what I mean. It's the one below. :)

Close-up of how the armguard is "closed"/hold its shape.
Yeah, those two stitches are the only ones making these things keep their shape and not just being decorated rectangles. I wanted these to be simple because even simplicity has its charm!

Crummy mirror photo showing how it looks when
both arm covers are worn.
I plan to use these for some of my alternative fashion outfits in the future and maybe even for some cosplay or something – who knows?
But seriously, it's cool and makes me happy to think that these used to someone's couch back in the days, haha. I really support re-using fabrics and other materials instead of always buying new ones – let's give old things new lives and new purposes! Our Earth will thank us in the long run.

Shiro Samurai leaves for today! See ya!

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Psycho Cat said...

Oh they looks so cute and great way to recycle fabric and giving it a new life again. Also it going to be fun to see you use them also =D