Thursday, December 24, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie premiere!

Hello geeks ~

First of all, don't worry since this post doesn't contain any movie spoilers. :) This is just a (bit late) post about how fun it was to work at the cinema in town during the Star Wars movie's world premiere. Yes, if you didn't know then I am indeed a volunteer worker at the cinema and yes, it's hella awesome!
As a geeky person few things are better than getting to work in a place were I can combine my hobbies *coughcosplaycough* with the work itself! And hey, I even get to watch movies for free (if I work during said movie's showing, of course) so it's not like being a volunteer doesn't yield me anything in return save for the always appreciated working experience. ;) Yay!

Okay soooo... as the geek I am I sewed a Jedi robe during a weekend and the rest of the outfit I threw together from stuff in my closet, including a vintage kimono for the outer robe. I dare say that it's not half-bad for a "closet Jedi", don't you think? It could be better but it could also be a looooooot crappier... :DD

Mirror photo in my apartment. Sorry about the messy background...
The reason for dressing up was of course that I'd go to work in a Star Wars themed costume for the Star Wars movie because why the heck not? And to top it all of it was well-received too! I mean, I got some really nice comments during both the days I worked during a Star Wars showing (16th December and 20th December) one of the most memorable being a lady saying to me, while I was scanning tickets on the second day, something like "people in costumes, now the mood is on top!". I also overheard an adult guy saying "woah, cosplayers!" in this surprised voice; I'm actually surprised myself that someone in this little town even knows the word, lol. There was also a young guy whom I recognized from my school who, once he saw me, started beaming out stuff very excitedly like "oh my god look, it's Obi-Wan Kenobi!" and such. I just smiled – didn't want to say that I'm just a random Jedi because I can understand that there were some similarities. x) I'm actually a bit surprised that he didn't seem to recognize me at all, even though we've talked on multiple occasions and been in the same art class for over half a year. *shrugs* Speaking of characters – another guy earlier also came up to me and asked if I was Obi-Wan or Luke Skywalker, to which I replied that I'm actually not dressed as a specific character. I realized afterwards that I could have pulled a shitty pun with my name – I could have said that I'm Obi-Wan Kainobi, LOL.
There was also a young kid in a fur hat who walked up to me in a really confident, proud, over-the-top way and asked me with a sneaky grin and with eyes that shone of excitement "are you a Jedi?". When I answered "yes" he did this childlike doubting squint with his eyes (still smiling), as if he was planning to check my authenticity, like one might do with Santa Claus. All in all it was way too cute, goddammit! x) He said "I have a question for you, I'll be back soon", winked to me and walked away with the same air of determination. He later came back and asked a question regarding Darth Maul and the movies and I mimiced his speech patterns, did a sort of bro/cool guy sign with my hand towards him and said "let me think about that one ;)", hahah. Too bad I didn't see him after that so I didn't get to answer...

I think that's about all that I have to say for this round ~

Friday, December 4, 2015

Depend regnbågspincett (tweezers) + Lyko store mini review!

Hi there! ~
This here will be my first review when it comes to beauty products, tools and accessories! Yay! o(^◇^)o

I've been on a lookout for good tweezers for a pretty long time now and I finally, after a lot of searching, found something that sounded promising! I don't know if these goodies has an "official" name but on the site I bought them from they were just called Depend regnbågspincett (click to get to the direct link on the site!), which translates to "rainbow tweezers". Depend is the brand name and I do recognize it because I once, many years ago, bought some dark blue nail polish from the same brand – for the sake of cosplay, haha.

As you can see these tweezers came in a little plastic storage pouch that they fit snugly in. It takes some squeezing/pulling to get them out, actually. xD There's also a small silicone-ish tip protector for the metallic ends that you can just slide on – I think that's great because they are sharp.
Be careful while plucking hairs or you might pinch your skin and have it bleed. Also, you really don't want to accidentally poke yourself in the eyes with these either. It would hurt.

Brand: Depend
Type: tweezers
Material: metal
Length: 9,5 cm
Width: 0,5-1 cm (metallic tips 3 mm wide)

So I've been using these for about a week now and, well, I must say that it's no wonder why they won a best in test at Veckorevyn in 2010! This rainbow tool is amazing in every way possible and I'm more than satisfied with the purchase. These are actually my first tweezers ever and I surely won't be changing them anytime soon... nah, screw that – I'll probably never need any others, unless I lose these or something lol. And then I'd be a sad man.
Before buying these I've been occasionally borrowing tweezers from people around me – ranging from my brother, friends and even my mom. Most of the tweezers I've tried have felt either clumsy to hold, not precise enough and/or the grip itself (once you catch a hair and start to pull it out) isn't strong enough.
But guys, these Depend rainbow tweezers are seriously a godsend! They are very comfy to hold in my hand (aren't sliding/turning around etc), lightweight, extremely precise and pulls out hairs like no one's business!

Because the ends are angled it makes it easy to reach those otherwise hard-to-get small hairstrands etc. These also have a very solid and strong grip, so once you catch that unpleasing hair you will get the fucker out on the first try, eff yeah! o/ This is such a big deal for me because I hate it when, with some tweezers, you have to retry/aim at the same hair for like 3-5 times before it finally goes off and that's because the tweezer ends just glide once you start pulling the hair out, even if you put enough pressure to keep the damn thing closed during the whole process. It just makes the whole procedure frustrating and wastes a lot of time in the long run... ._. I want things to go smoothly and effectively.
So yeah, that gliding (aka not strong enough grip) issue is memories away with these funky rainbow pieces-of-awesome!
Oh, and these are so powerful that your eyes might start watering if you rip off several hairs at once, which is totally possible with ease, by the way.

I also must mention that I love that these are multi-colored, like omg yes! *_* It's such a nice and refreshing color pop in your makeup bag! Oh, and even though mine are blue & violet these do exist in other color variations too. ;) The color is actually another reason why I totally wanted these over some other tweezers, lol. Gotta be fabulous ~

All in all these do feel really solid, durable and sure to last me for years. They're a really good deal at only 79 SEK! Heck, I'd be willing to pay more for these if needed because they're seriously that good. Yes!!
There is really no reason why you shouldn't buy these if you need some good tweezers because hey, these killer babies from Depend have everything on their side: design, precision, quality, performance and even the price! You can't go wrong!!

Regarding the online store where I bought these from, Lyko, I want to mention that everything went smoothly. My order arrived straight to my mailbox in like 2 working days (note: domestic shipping within Sweden) after ordering and paying for the product. It came in an ordinary bubblewrap envelope with the store's logo on it. I really have nothing to complain about and I would definitely order from them again if I find something that I need from there. :)

That's all for this time! I hope this was helpful to someone out there ~
Thanks for reading and bye! Shiro Samurai out.