Monday, December 19, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One movie premiere!

Hello people!

Today... or well, technically yesterday, since the clock has struck midnight by now. But yeah, on 18th December I volunteer worked at the town's cinema. I've been doing it for quite some time now but lately haven't worked there as much as before, mainly because I've been busy with other stuff. ^^"

17:45 local time I had to be at the cinema, to do some preparations before the guests would arrive. The cinema would have its final showing of the new Star Wars: Rogue One movie, in 3D. I had decided that I'd dress up in something Star Wars inspired for the occasion and what would be better than going as a Sith Lord since this movie is heavily dominated by the bad guys, heheh. Now I had never gone as a Sith before for a movie showing, only as a Jedi, and because I still don't have any proper Star Wars costume *sniff* I had to make do with stuff that I already had in my closet. Good thing that, as a cosplayer, I can almost always find parts from other costumes that I can just throw together to create something new – even this time.

Original Sith (closet) cosplay.
Photo by Sacchan.
I'm sorry the photo is kinda poor in quality and such but the sun had gone down a long time ago (say hello to polar night) and there's barely any decent lights in the apartment/building that I live in...

Seeing how this was our third and final showing of the movie I of course took the chance to watch it, especially because I hadn't seen it before! I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't seen it yet but it's really good and I enjoyed it. Some parts really kept me on edge! I must say that Chirrut was my favorite character in the movie I kinda wish he would have had more screen time.

I don't have so much more to say. I'm not sure yet if I will do a Christmas post or not but, in case I don't, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Guide: StreetPass Slot Racer Booster Chips

Hello gamers!

I thought I could share my discovery regarding the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Mii Plaza game called StreetPass Slot Racer where I live (PAL version), but it's also seemingly known as Slot Car Rivals. 
I won't go through how the game works or what it is since I assume that most people interested in this post already know that. What I will tell you though is how to get the Booster Chips that you need and what exactly determines if you get Speed, Acceleration or Control from the Miis you meet when you StreetPass someone.

Image is from
Okay, so after playing this game for a while, completing it and meeting a lot of different Miis I came to notice that the boosts that each Mii gives is actually not random – it's based on the Mii's length. 

Short Mii = Speed
Average Mii = Acceleration
Tall Mii = Control

I've checked this with several different Mii characters that I've met and every time it holds true to my discovery. You might also have noticed that, when you created your Mii over att Mii Maker, that the length option bar is separated into 6 parts. The two first/shortest bars will make your Mii give Speed Booster Chips, the two middle bars will make your Mii give Acceleration and the two last/tallest bars will make it give Control.
You can also change your Mii's length any time and it will change what boost it gives so yeah, the boosts aren't set. One person I know used to have an average length Mii that gave Acceleration but then, after my discovery, he decided to make his personal Mii slightly shorter aka so that it's within the two first height bars and now said Mii gives Speed instead!

Also, after clearing everything in this game I can say that my personal opinion is that Speed matters by far the most. From my experience it's also the hardest one to get since most people/Miis I StreetPass with aren't short. I honestly don't really notice what Control does but Acceleration tends to screw up my timing during some curves so that I end up crashing because the car catches up its speed too fast, lol. 
I don't know yet if Golden Booster Chips are random or not but, so far, it seems to me that they appear randomly because I once got them twice in a row and sometimes it takes a really long time before I get one – they are definitely rare.

I hope you found this helpful and good luck with the racing!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Diablos rage story

Hello guys!

I've been playing MH3U, aka Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate lately and I actually had a really frustrating gaming experience just now and I feel like I need to share it because it's so bad it's almost good. I need to mention though that I'm a very experienced MonHun player (over 2500+ hours total on all my MonHun games) but sometimes the game just really fucks you over and there's nothing you can do. I'm sure we've all had that happen.
Also, if you aren't familiar with the Monster Hunter video game series then you probably won't understand too well what's going on in this post but hey, feel free to read it anyway!

I should also mention that I've been playing MonHun since Freedom Unite and then I went to 4U and then I backtracked and bought 3U, mainly because I wanted to try the underwater fights. On FU I've cleared every single quest, highest HR possible in the game etc. On 4U I'm a G-rank Gold Crown Special Permit hunter with HR over 700 at the moment. I've played 3U the least and, at this moment, I'm a measly HR5, standing at the doorstep to G-rank (Urgent Quest waiting) and with a bit above 300 hours of playtime.

Gif made by me.
Okay, so this extremely shitty MonHun 3U story that I'm about to tell you, which legit happened to me, was on a Village Quest (aka solo quest) called "Triumph of the Tyrants". For those not in the know it's a quest in the Sandy Plains with two High Rank Diablos – a regular Diablos and a Black Diablos. I went to the quest playing Gunner with a Rarity 6 LGB (Light BowGun), donning the High Rank Plesioth armor. I had both Kayamba and Cha-Cha with me.
Normally Diablos is not a problem – few things are, to a veteran hunter. But this time I got my ass handed over to me by one of these horned shitlords.

A map showing all areas of the Sandy Plains.
Story time!

The quest started like any other quest, meaning well. I rarely cart during quests and if I do it's often only once. I don't recall any exact times or anything but I had been playing for maybe 10 minutes, fighting mainly the Black Diablos. I had broken both horns and done a fair amount of damage to it. I was in area 10 when it entered rage mode and charged at me. I got hit (even though I tried to avoid) and my hunter fell down and started the automatic standing up animation – see where this is going? Yeah, at the same time I saw the Diablos turning and preparing to charge in my direction again and the only thing I could think was 'fuck', mainly because I could tell that the monster was at the right distance to be able to hit me again with the charge while I'm still stuck in the animation. As someone who has been hunting a lot of Diablos in FU I'm all too familiar with how these cheating brute bastards go in for the kill in older MonHun games: meaning that they will charge, turn, charge, turn, charge etc, while you're stuck in the rising animation, until you get killed. It sucks and it's 'shitty monster patterns' at its finest. Thank lord this was fixed in 4U when they gave you the option to choose to lay down longer (aka 'invincible state') and thus be able to avoid getting stuck in this kind of infuriating shit when you're virtually helpless because the monster is hitting you during animation sequences and with no breaks nor mercy so that you could get out of it in time. So yeah, needless to say that Black Diablos kept charging at me (each time I was stuck in the animation when it recharged) until I got my first death. Yipee. Needless to say the length of the standing up animation, combined with the Diablos' charging rhythm, were synced and thus I got trapped in a no-escape 100% sure death. I'm sure most players who've played 3U or FU have experienced this crap, especially with Diablos because it's the worst offender.

Okay so, one defeat, no biggie. I'm taken back to Base Camp and I begin to scroll through my items... OH FUCK ME SIDEWAYS, I'VE FORGOTTEN TO TAKE OUT NEW MAX POTIONS BEFORE I WENT TO THE QUEST. :DD Yeah, on the previous quest I had some issues fuck you Barioth and because I'm so used to 4U's registered item sets I forgot that I have to manually add in each item after each quest in 3U. So yeah, here I go on a duo Diablos quest with Gunner defenses, only 100 health instead of 150 and no way to fix it. Oh well, I thought that I could still do it no problems because I'm really used to how these things work and move – I just decided to be extra careful. By extra careful I basically mean avoid fighting if they're both in the same area and if either of them is raging I'd go fight the non-raging one meanwhile.
So I've started also damaging the regular Diablos and both its horns are also broken. I've been playing for about 20 minutes. I'm, once again, in area 10 and beating the black one up that's alone there. Everything's going well and the Black Diablos is exhausted. I'm hitting away at it until I suddenly notice that we've got company – the icon of the regular Diablos brightened up, meaning that it has entered the area. It's underground though so I can't see where it is and yeah, I assumed it would show up somewhere relatively far away from me so I kept focusing on hitting the Black Diablos for free damage while it was just standing there and drooling. BOOM! The normal Diablos explodes right into my face and sends me flying like ninethousand meters into the sky, far enough to trigger that extra slow hitting-the-ground animation. This sudden surprise buttsex à la angry vegan monster ate over 2/3 of my health bar. Meanwhile I'm, once again, stuck in the really slow animation on which my hunter is trying to stand up, I notice that I'm literally being sandwiched between the two Diablos – they're basically so close to one another that they could be enjoying some sexy time. So yeah, seemingly the Black Diablos is into kinky shit and it bites the regular Diablos in its ass and well, poor poor hunter is still stuck in the animation between these two and thus gets a taste of the black fucker's teeth too and –bam– second cart. Thanks game. :))

At this point it would be a lie to say that I wasn't pissed – two stupid carts that I had no chance to get out of, thanks to being stuck in animations and monsters taking advantage of it. I was really fed up with this quest and just wanted to end it – too bad 3U for 3DS doesn't have a Subquest option. I didn't even want to see another Diablos.
So here we go again, me with my 100 health and two Diablos that hasn't even tried to go to sleep yet. It's been past 25 minutes and I've been hitting both as equally as possible, expecting them to be dead anytime now. At some point I had escaped to area 8 to heal up and I was looking around it while waiting for the red part of my health to recover. I found a, what I like to call, a 'gunner ledge', meaning a sort-of-safe spot that Gunners can fire from. I climbed on top of it and noticed that it wasn't very wide, meaning that depending on which move the Diablos does then it might hit me. Oh well, I didn't have time to think much more before –surprise surprise– the Black Diablos shows up! I take out my LGB and start Pellet'ing the bastard. At some point it did that one upward horn thrust move that managed to hit me and took about half of my health bar (it was raging). It charged a few times more and then the ledge got destroyed, because this is 3U and not FU. I'm falling with the crumbling ledge and I realize that I'm in a veeeery bad position to be in – basically stuck against the wall with the Diablos right over me. It does a tail spin before I have time to react (falling animation is not complete, of course :D) and then I.... GET STUNNED. YEAH. LOW-LIFE STUNNED. 
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand there comes the obligatory follow-up tail spin (there's never just one) and my 3DS flew out the window after that. No, not literally. But I was fuming mad to the point I wanted to make kebab out of that Diablos. #gamerrage


So yeah, that's my Diablos rage troll story. Anyone else experienced something similar or at least equally frustrating? xD Feel free to share you MonHun gaming experiences with me!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Star Wars BB-8 plush doll

Hello peeps!

I'm currently down with the flu and what's better than soft geeky company in the bed to cheer you up? I bought this officially released Star Wars BB-8 plush from a big Finnish mixed store called Anttila, that went bankrupt for not so long ago. It was both weird and sad to see such a long-time store chain being put down. :'( So yeah, they had huge sales on everything and that included toys – if I recall right I got this one for like 8 € when its original sales price is around 20+ €. Of course I couldn't resist picking up a huggable version of my favorite droid!

The size is approximately 25 cm and the fabric is smooth and pleasant to touch. BB-8 has its nice round shape and there's quite a lot of stuffing in it, not too much for it to be hard but it's not really squishy either – if that makes sense. It's more "solid" (filled) than your average plush, heh.

Paper tag, front.
Paper tag, back.
I just realized that I forgot to take a close-up photo of the tush tag but yeah, it has the Star Wars trademark logo in its iconic font and black. Underneath there's the copyright icon and Lucasfilm Ltd. mentioned. On the backside there's the CE marking, the usual icons for washing and some information stating the manufacturer and that it's made in Belgium.

But yeah, if you hadn't figured it out already I'm weak for plush toys. x) This is my first Star Wars related one but it might not be the last, hehe. I mainly have Pokémon though.

That's all I had for today. See ya!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

School's theme week: Space = Star Wars!

Hello pipol!

This is gonna be a post about my school life. Or well, this school week. You see, my school tends to sometimes have these things we call 'theme weeks', which means that during a random week we get assigned a theme (it can be anything!) and all students gets put into groups and then we have to make a presentation of said theme at the end of the week. The group you end up in is completely random so yeah, being the introvert I am it's quite often a crapshoot of anxiety for me but this time I lucked out! I ended up in a group of geeks, what's the odds? :DD
Even better, our theme for the week was Space and tell me, what does a geek like me think when I hear the word Space? Fuckin' Star Wars, of course! So yeah, we all mutually and quickly agreed to do something based on Star Wars and then we somehow ended up deciding on doing vines – you know, quick and sometimes hilarious video clips. At first my group mates weren't really comfortable with being recorded but honestly, I'm awkward about it too because I so often end up both looking and sounding like a potato. Somehow we still got hyped about the idea and ended up doing some really silly, spontaneous and downright hilarious mini sketches!

But of course, one can not pretend to be a Jedi or Sith without looking the part and that's when my existence was a blessing to the group – I could throw together a Jedi outfit from my closet to make our video all the more fun and believable! And I could borrow a Sith outfit, a lightsaber and some other props from Frozen Angel, my brother.

My random Jedi closet cosplay for the school project.
"May the wrinkles be with you." (aka didn't have time to iron the robe ._.)
This costume consists of various parts from other cosplays and the only actually Star Wars-intended piece is the robe, which I originally made a few days before the premiere of The Force Awakens so that I could wear it to the movie showing. For being almost a 100% closet cosplay it's pretty decent I'd say, hehe. But yeah, because this costuming was for a school project I didn't bother with any makeup or anything of the sort – just put on the costume and rolled. But seriously, having a legit reason to cosplay at school (and being appreciated for it) is pretty dang awesome.

So yeah, Tuesday and Wednesday I spent walking around in school in my Jedi garb and gathering amusing reactions. I even ended up going to eat at Subway, entering a shopping center and doing some bank business during a lunch break in costume, it was hilarious. Our group also walked around in town to get to our filming locations and yeah, whatever people spotted us did stare and a few kids at a playground gave us a "what nice costumes you have!" comment, aww. ;u;
Also, some student at the school saw me and said "Aaaah, Obi-Wan Shinobi!".... I think he got it slightly wrong. xD Other reactions by students mostly included smiles and looks, although one guy came up to me and asked how it was going with the Force training, hehe.

Our group was called Star Vines (horrible pun invented by me, lololo) and our video clips ranged from going to a nearby food store to, passive-aggressively, buying Star Wars shampoo and toothbrushes to running through the school corridors with a cheapo spacecraft made out of a box of cardboard and some tape and wing additions. Of course I was the one running with the cardboard spacecraft and I had to provide the sound effects myself.
We also used some references from Pokémon Go and Grand Theft Auto. :DD Oh and yeah, I wasn't the only one who dressed up – this other guy volunteered to be a Sith (also closet cosplay) and another of us also wore a Pikachu kigurumi.

But yeah, we had too much fun with this sith shit and even though normally I dislike being put into random groups and having to do a presentation to the whole school, from start to finish, from scratch within one week, this time I really did have fun! Oh and yeah, good thing with theme weeks is that as long as you stick to the theme (in this case, Space) you can do basically anything – a concert, a theater play, a video, an exhibition, poetry etc. That's why I love creativity-based schools, it's so free.

I'm sorry but even though I have the finished video I don't think it's fair from me to upload it to my blog without asking consent of the other group members first so yeah, sorry if you were expecting to be able to see it. ^^" I can say though that from all the presentations (presentation day was today, btw) I personally think, without intending to brag, that our project was by far the funniest and the best one. Some other groups' presentations seemed to be either rushed (or kept dragging on) and were just, simply boring – especially when compared to the previous theme week that had really good quality on the presentations. Of course there were some good, inspiring and funny ones too but I mean, during one presentation in particular I got to sit in a dark room and stare at some cut-out images (printed from a computer) glued to a wall with lights, while a repetetive song is playing on loop for like 5 minutes? No interaction, no action, no jokes, no group members anywhere explaining what's going on, nothing. Absolutely 100% boooooooring. Even though it was Star Wars themed too but hey, a remix of the Imperial March won't save you.


I probably forgot to mention a lot of funny things that happened but yeah, my mind just went blank. I don't want to make this a kilometer post either (and especially cuz I only have one pic) so I think it's better I end it here. And again, sorry about not being able to share the fruits of our work with you peeps. ^^"

Monday, September 5, 2016

Pokémon TCG: XY Trainer Kit – Latias & Latios

Hello geeks!

Today I'll do a quick Pokémon Trading Card Game unboxing kit post... or something like that. You see, I've always been a huge fan of Latias & Latios and when I saw this Trainer Kit for sale at a geek shop in Umeå last year, I had to grab it! It cost me 119 SEK.

This Trainer Kit was released on April 2015 so yeah, it's not super new but it's not really that old either. Many many years ago I purchased the EX Trainer Kit also containing Latias & Latios holofoil cards (exclusive to said kit) and of course, once this new one came out, I had to have it too – I'm a sucker for exclusive cards! The thing is that because I love these two Eon Pokémon I collect various merchandise with them on and that includes TCG cards, even though I sorta stopped actively collecting cards since Gen 3 ended...

This package includes two half decks, one with Latias as the main card and one with Latios. It's meant to be a learn-to-play set for two but I'm more of a collector than a player, even though I do know the game rules and have played TCG casually back in the days, haha.

Front of the package.
Back of the package.
Except for the two play decks this set includes a deck box, a rulebook, damage and status counters, a silver coin featuring the Hoenn (Gen 3) starters and a play mat. It also includes a Trainer Kit Guide, which takes players through an example battle; there is also one guide for each of the half decks included. If you're interested in the deck list you can see it at Bulbapedia.

The contents.
With the kit I also got one of those online TCG card thingies that you nowadays get from like, every Pokémon TCG booster pack. I haven't tried them out myself (don't really have the interest) so I don't really have any use for it but hey, if someone wants it then give me a shout!

It also included one of these online TCG cards.
I'm still not used to the new different holofoils – I'm forever one of the old-school kids, hehe. I like the new ones but I don't think it's as cool as the good old holo cards from the first two generations; the new foils don't feel as "precious", if that makes sense. xD Oh well, it's cool that they're trying out new stuff although all the different holofoils make my head spin sometimes.

And here's the exclusive Latias and Latios holo cards.
I really like the art of these two and they'll be a nice addition to my collection. :) I really need to go through and resort all my TCG because now they're a bit everywhere and I really l don't like the mess...

That's about all I had for this quick post. See ya!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kumma, the akita – Parting ways

Hello you lovely people!

Some of you might already know (if you've been following my personal Facebook) but I thought that I'd make a post about it anyway. So yeah, for those not in the know it is with a heavy heart that I announce that due to some reasons I had to relocate/sell my akita dog, Kumma. :( One of the main reasons is that I suddenly got to know that someone in the same (youth) apartment as me is allergic to dogs and she complained about it and yeah, I can't risk being thrown out of here because I would have nowhere to go, nor the money to move out. I have the cheapest rent in the whole town. Another problem that surfaced was that I decided on continuing my studies after the summer and I realized that I didn't have a good enough and dependable social network to have someone take care of Kumma while I'm in school (or away on hospital visits etc) – my average school day is from 8:30 to 15:30, with a 1-hour lunch break and smaller breaks. There were some other things that further complicated our lives together as well but these are all my faults, not his. 

He was a lovely dog, very charming with his peculiarities and his beauty. I wish I could have kept him but I, unfortunately, had to let go – for the better of both of us. It was not meant to be like this; I had prepared to keep him for the rest of his life and so this sudden turn of events was hard to digest.

This is the very last photo of Kumma that I took. He's resting
at my brother's apartment. ♥
He's now spending his days with an older Finnish couple in the far north. Their last dog had quite recently died and they were looking for a new four-legged friend to liven up their days. They told me they had owned a lot of dogs, many different breeds (mostly spitz) and I felt really assured that they'd give Kumma a lasting forever-home – the wife even said that he'll stay with them until the end. ♥ I told them that I didn't want to see Kumma have to move around even more because he has already gone from Japan to Russia, Finland and Sweden. They gave me a very good impression and, although I feel sad for losing him, I am still happy because I know that he's in good hands now. Kumma got a big new home in the north with pure air around him, forest paths everywhere, a cottage by the shore where he can swim every weekend and he'll get lots of endless love from two older, dog-loving souls who have more time for him than I did.

In case someone is wondering if this is what I meant with the "bad news" I mentioned in one of the earlier posts I want to make it clear that no, it's not. Back when I wrote that post I was sure I could keep him and what I actually wanted to make a post about was something different and there's not really any reason to write about it in detail anymore. But, long story short(er) – Kumma has canine hip dysplasia (common with akita breed) and, although I was aware of his D-grade hips, the seller either outright lied to me about him not having symptoms/suffering from it or she had spent so little time watching over him that she didn't notice it which, although unlikely, might hold true since he had only been a kennel yard dog before he got his first real home with me (that's what I've come to assume at least, based on my internet googling). This makes me sad and mad at the same time because even though I'm not a dog expert even I could tell, after a couple weeks at most, that his rear end was not completely in order. :( Please note though that his hip condition has nothing to do with why I relocated him and I made sure that his current owners were aware of it and know how to treat and help him live as good and long of a life as possible. I did drop the price because of it but also because I needed to get him a new home as quickly as possible – which happened on 12th August.
Also, Kumma's new owners had a previous dog with a heart defect so it's not like they never had a dog they needed to be extra careful with so yeah, I'm pretty sure they know how to care for him properly too. I trust in them and we are keeping contact and they send me photos of Kumma, which I really appreciate. ;u;


Okay, so that's about all I had to say for this final chapter about my life with Kumma. It was pretty hard to make this post, hence the delay. I am sure though that I will, once the time is right, restart with a new dog in the future. ♥ I'm not sure yet if it will be an akita again or something different but whatever breed it will be I'll cherish it.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Kumma, the akita – White akita inu photoshoot!

Hi guys!

A couple days ago I decided to take a lot of photos of Kumma, my male 2-year-old Japanese akita. I'm surprised he even posed for the camera that long because he thinks being photographed is one of the most boring things ever, lol. But yeah, without further babbling I'll just let you guys enjoy the photo spam!

Photographer and editor: Shiro Samurai

He's so cute, isn't he? A really charming boy. ♥ He tends to turn his face away from the camera but I just had to call him to catch his attention and then he looked at me. I did miss out on a couple lovely expressions he did but he shifted position too fast for me to be able to capture it. Oh well, can't always get what you want. Another fun fact is that he got a doggy-boner and I had to wait it out, ouch.

Bonus photo!

Ultimaattinen huuli rutussa-ilme.
That's honestly the first image I got of him, it clearly shows what Kumma thinks about photo sessions – boring af. That's his ultimate face of disapproval, scrunched lip and everything.


Thanks for viewing. Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hail storm in summer?!?

Hello peeps.

This will be a short post but I must share this because it's just... WHAT THE FUCK. :'DD
You see, ever since I got home from Närcon a couple days ago the weather up here has been all over the place – rain, thunder storms etc. But now, today, quite recently something extraordinary happened. Today is 3rd August.

Me and Sacchan were sitting in the car, driving to my apartment when suddenly the skies came down on us. It started as a normal rain with huge raindrops and then... it started hailing. Thundering. Raining even more. And then it hailed so fucking much I thought the hail would make holes in the car or something. The sound was excruciatingly loud – you could barely hear yourself scream inside the car.

Notice the nice row of hail where the roof ends.
This is really weird, I can't remember it happening before! I know once when I was very very young and on vacation in Italy with my parents (we drove there by car) it suddenly started raining huge af hail balls, big as 5 SEK coins in the middle of summer on an ordinary hot day... in motherfucking Italy of all countries. It was the weirdest thing I had ever witnessed and now I feel like I kinda experienced a similar bizarre joke of nature...

Just to show the size of the hail balls.
Okay, I know August is considered late summer but I still find this hella weird since it has been warm weather otherwise. This sudden hail storm really threw me off and now I'm just amused and confused at the same time, hehehe.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

When everybody else is playing Pokémon Go...

Hello peeps.

I assume everybody by now has at least heard of Pokémon Go, the new game for your smartphone that has taken over the world by storm. It even bypassed the internet interest for porn. Pokémon Go is literally all over my social media feeds, my friends updates etc and yeah, it's basically everywhere. The thing is that I do have a smartphone but I just haven't gotten around to using it yet (don't ask me why, I don't know either) and thus I don't have Pokémon Go. Yet, at least. 

One thing that makes me feel really old is that meanwhile everyone else is riding the Pokémon Go hype I'm just sitting here being all old-school and playing LeafGreen (and Emerald) on my GameBoy Advance SP. I feel like such a veteran trainer, lol.

Forever old-school.
But because of the Pokémon Go hype I can't help but wonder about some things – now that Pokémon is the new mainstream thing, thanks to this easily available global phone game, and a lot of people are playing it who did not grow up with Pokémon............. I feel a bit weird.
I can't help but reminiscence about my past childhood days in school and how I was bullied for 7,5 years by the whole school – simply because I liked Pokémon and happened to be clueless enough that I admitted it on my first day there. And now even non-geeks are playing Pokémon because it is the 'hot thing'. I can't help but wonder if some of my former bullies are playing it (which were a lot) and why was it such a shameful thing to like back in the days that people had to completely crush me to dust and freeze me out for it? It feels so surreal that something that made me lose all my value to other kids is now the thing that everyone is playing. I just can't wrap my head around it – how can it have changed so abruptly?
I just can't.
I still remember that first summer school day when, because I was the new "exotic kid from the south with a different accent", everyone agreed to play with me and by my rules; I guess the teacher had told them all to give me a good first impression so that I'd attend the school. I of course wanted to play pretend (Pokémon edition) because Pokémon was the best thing I knew and everyone agreed and seemed to have fun, although in some way it was still obvious that no one was as into it as I was. The day after –on the first real school day– everyone treated me like dirt and like I didn't even exist, like a prick of shame and disgust. And like that it continued for almost 8 years and why was that? 
– Because I liked Pokémon and no one else did. 
It was the most childish and stupid thing to like back in my school and I was treated like shit because of it. In my former school it was the cool thing to like (everyone played the GameBoy games and traded cards during the breaks) and guess if the "culture collision" was strong when I transferred?
I won't go into more details but yeah, I've been a victim of school bullying for so long and it all started because I liked Pokémon and I just can't wrap my head around the fact that Pokémon Go seems to have made the attitude and assumptions around Pokémon change. I realized it a few days ago when I was outside walking my dog and a group of young boys on bikes talked about Pokémon Go while passing me by – even in this tiny little town that I live in. I honestly wasn't expecting Pokémon Go to make it here and yet it has landed here too and people are playing it. The town where even kids I had never seen before used to bully me for it. Daily.

Please note that this post doesn't mean to say that I dislike Pokémon Go (plot twist: I'll play it too, as soon as I can) nor it's casual/new players. I also don't think that the popularity of Pokémon Go is bad or negative in any way. This post is simply meant to be more like a thought-provoker from a former school-bullied victim who suffered a lot for admitting to like Pokémon back in the days. I also don't intend to come off as any kind of "Pokémon elitist", I'm just thinking out loud here.

I'm not sure if this post makes sense and it's probably all over the place but oh well, there it is. I just feel weird about the sudden Pokémon Go explosion, as an old fan who stuck with Pokémon back in the days and never left – even though everyone else judged me for it and ruined my life, confidence and self-worth.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kumma, the akita – I love food, chewing and my own reflection!

Hello peeps!

Another quick doggie post for today since I've noticed that a lot of people actually like these posts and some have asked for them specifically so yeah, here's the daily dose of fluffiness!

I can't get over how adorable he is. ;A; Today he even kindly posed for the camera before his lunch food, even though earlier he has been effectively uninterested in my photographing efforts – it's like as soon as I pick up the camera and point it at his direction he quits doing whatever cute face he did and either turns away or closes his eyes; he doesn't think the camera is interesting enough to stay in place and be a doggie model, lol. But yeah, today Kumma actually cooperated with me (at least for a couple minutes) and I got some lovely shots of him in all his floofiness ~ ♥

Oh and yeah, I'll just mention it in case someone is new to my dog/blog and wonders – he's a white Japanese akita (aka akita inu) male. 2 years old. Imported from Japan (he has an AKIHO-pedigree). His full name is Fubuki go Gumma Yamaguchi.

He loves eating basically anything I've tried feeding him so far and he really enjoys those chewing toys you stuff with treats/food; I bought a green bite-a-treat chewing bone to him some days ago and once it's filled and within his reach he'll keep at it until it's emptied and nothing else can take his attention away from it. Sometimes it feels like his stomach (and apetite!) might as well be a black hole but yeah, he ain't getting more food than what is recommended.

I've also noticed that every time he sees his own reflection in a mirror or a window he absolutely has to go and inspect it, no matter what. It's a super cute thing to be on a walk with him and watch him walk by a low window or a glass door and, before you know it, he is curiously approaching it to check if it's another dog and then, as soon as he gets to put his nose on the reflection, he happily walks away from it. I just can't handle how adorbs he is. ;u;

But despite him being my precious little fur baby I have to admit that there are some sad news. :'( I won't tell too much about it yet but I honestly saw it coming before I even bought him (aka I was aware of it) but yeah, I will save that for another post when I have the strength to write it all down properly. Until then, I'll enjoy every second with him and I hope you enjoy his canine beauty too ~

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kumma, the akita – getting used to new home!

Hello peeps!

In case someone missed the last post I did I will make it extra clear – I am now living with a doge dog! ♥ Click on the link to read in detail how the first two days were, aka when me and my buddies traveled to southern Finland to pick up my new fluffy friend and how his first day in a new town (and a new country) went ~

This ball of adorable fluff right here is called Kumma, a white Japanese akita (akita inu). He entered my life on 12th June and has been making some really fast progress on getting used to his new home; it actually feels quite surreal because I was expecting him to be a lot more reserved and wary seeing how he's an adult dog (2 years) who has been in Japan, Russia, Finland and now in Sweden. The first two days he still seemed a bit distant and detached but already on the third day, aka yesterday, he woke me up with a lot of "doggy kisses", aka licking my face (not sure if it's really kisses but yeah, I've heard theories about that). Normally I'm not all that fond of getting a dog's tongue all over my face but now when it's my own dog it was the nicest thing ever – especially because it was the first time Kumma ever did that to me. ;A;
He's such a cutie and so well-behaved, except that when he gets excited he tries to playfully bite me and especially my arms. I know he doesn't mean any harm but it's still a bit scary when a large dog is trying to close its jaws on your new jacket's or your favorite hoodie's sleeve, lol. He did accidentally bite me when I gave him a metworst slice earlier today though, had to get a plaster on my finger because it bled a little. He was so excited he jumped in the air and grabbed the slice before I had time to lower it to his level...

Sacchan has been helping me to take care of Kumma because now that I've recovered enough from my surgery to go back to school I realized I still have this week to go before my summer vacation starts and yeah, I don't want to leave Kumma alone in my apartment for hours while he's still getting used to his new surroundings – I'd feel horrible leaving him, even though my school is close and I could bike home and visit him during my breaks. I just can't, even though he seems to be the type who'd probably just chill and sleep nicely, until the owner gets back. He has such a clear on-and-off button and indoors he's almost always just lying somewhere and watching what I'm doing so yeah, I'm starting to trust him enough that he really won't be trying to destroy things as soon as I'm not looking; so far he hasn't destroyed a single thing in my house and that's quite amazing seeing how he's only been a yard dog in kennels before...

That's all for this quick post. More dog-filled life updates another day!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kumma – the white Japanese akita. Moving in!

Woof woof!

Who remembers my post about the akita puppies? Well, things ended up differently and yeah, I'll tell you a short version about the story as well as what happened yesterday, on 12th June 2016. ;)


So I had been in contact with some kennels in both Finland and Sweden and, one day, I happened to check Kennel Vuorenvarman's website and saw that there was a white male akita puppy still available – of course my interest skyrocketed! I sent an email to the kennel holder and after some mailing back and forth it became clear that there would be too much paperwork, additional costs (rabies vaccines, passports etc) and time "wasted" before the puppy would be ready and legal to take to Sweden. I thought that was it but then she asked if I happened to be interested in a young adult male akita, also a white one – what a surprise! :O It turned out she had a 2-year-old white male akita that was looking for a new home and that had everything ready to be taken to Sweden, since he originally was an import dog from Japan anyway. The reason she was selling said dog, named Kumma, was because the kennel holder had no plans to use him for breeding purposes anymore.
After some thinking, checking out Kumma's pedigree, health stats etc and asking some questions about him I decided on adopting him; in the end it doesn't matter to me all that much if I get a puppy or an adult dog. Besides, I got him for a lot cheaper than what a puppy would have cost and there's nothing terribly wrong or crippling with him – he was sold cheap because of being an adult, but I suspect his less-than-ideal hips might have played a part on the price, although the breeder said he doesn't suffer from it and I want to believe she was honest.

Me, Sacchan, Ronya and Sacchan's little brother headed to Tuuri in middle Finland, on 12th June, to pick up my furry friend – I was so excited! The weather was mainly nice and the trip down took around 6 hours. The reason we decided to meet in Tuuri and not where the kennel actually was located is because Tuuri is higher up (aka less for us to travel) and there was a sort of dog show there on that day that the breeder attended, win-win.

Heading to Tuuri. Notice the peculiarly awesome cloud line.
We left around 8 in the morning (Finnish time) and arrived 15:00, approximately. I had never been to Tuuri before so it was quite cool to be there; Tuuri is known for its huge tourist-ish shopping area, camping site etc despite being a small village in the middle of nowhere. It has become a sort of shopping icon with its trademark huge golden horse shoe.

Proof we were in Tuurin Kyläkauppa.
Once we stepped out of the car we all had problems figuring out where to go to find the dog show area. We ended up just wandering around like clueless chickens and then I tried to call Noora, the kennel holder, to ask where she was. She didn't answer and so we waited for a while before all four of us decided on doing a speed-visit to the main store. We only had time to check the video games before Noora called me and said that she was done with the dog show and about to leave for home and she asked me to go to the meeting place within 10 minutes. We had decided on meeting at the golden horse shoe because it's huge and impossible to miss – she said that she'd bring Kumma along for easy recognization.
Our group of four kept our eyes peeled for a black car that fit her description but, honestly, there were several that could have been hers. xD We circled around the horse shoe until Sacchan said that she saw four white canine legs close to a black car in the parking lot in front of us – soon enough a familiar-looking white doge dog with his owner prepared to cross the street, right in front of us. She didn't immediately figure out it was us so I approached them both and then it went from there. Noora was kind, relaxed, easy to deal with and really helpful overall. We got the paperwork done really quickly but what wasn't as easy was to get Kumma to calm down; he appeared very stressed of the situation and was really scared of everyone in our group and, for some reason, me especially. :< I let him sniff my arm but he would go and hide behind Noora and it took a lot of doggy treats to get him to come close and let me pet his head but, once I did, he seemed to be sorta okay with me lol. I can't blame the poor little guy – so many new strangers at once and a new busy place, lots of noise and cars and he's a dog who's only used to being a "yard dog" at the kennel, after all.

We managed to get Kumma into the car and then, without further waiting around, we started our long journey back home. Kumma soon enough let everyone pet him but during most of the trip he just silently sat in the backseat and looked out of the window; at times he seemed a bit distant/unreachable and as if he was longing back to his, now, former owner.
He didn't bark a single time, nor did he drink water inside the car. We had to stop the car, go outside and put the water bowl down on the ground for him to put his tongue in it. But even though he wouldn't touch the water bowl –if someone held it– he was crazy about his dry food in the trunk of the car that, once he smelled it, he started to jump with joy and had that glimpse in his eyes that wasn't there otherwise; he even wagged his tail. Kumma ate directly from the hands of anyone who had food for him and it seemed like he never got enough; we let him eat a bit extra because it seemed to have a calming/trusting effect on him and that was important because he was otherwise quite stressed, although petting he didn't mind.

Kumma chilling in the car.
He was incredibly calm and silent the whole trip, didn't really do anything save for changing positions every so often and poking the windows with his moist nose. I never heard him bark or growl and neither did he do any mischiefs in the car. Of course we stopped regularly to let him walk around and do his needs outside and that's also why we arrived at home really late.

The first night he seemed to spend alternating between short sleeps and then waking up to move into a different position and then falling asleep again. I heard his paws and thus claws moving on the floor even though I was sleeping as well – I wake up easily by sounds.
What is surprising though is that even though he has only been an outdoor dog (according to the kennel holder) and thus not housetrained he has, so far, not even done a single need indoors! I was expecting to wake up to pee pools everywhere on the morning but nope, nada, nothing. He doesn't seem to care about biting cables or destroying virtually anything that you'd want to keep undamaged either. Neither does he bark indoors or do anything at all that might annoy the neighbors
– he's a wonderful dog.

The kennel's logo that was on the folder containing all the
important documents and the animal passport.
Kumma was and still is reserved around me and Sacchan but he's starting to warm up to us, I think. He doesn't come close yet on his own (unless on a walk outside and, especially, if someone else approaches him) but he doesn't move away every time one of us two gets close indoors either. Today he actually freely walked over to me –first thing he did once he entered the apartment– after Sacchan took him outside to do his needs and guess what? He bumped his wet nose against mine. ♥ He hasn't come that close to my face before on his own will but he has jumped at me a few times, especially if I was about to give him his dry food. Kumma seems to looooove eating and it's during feeding time when he wags his tightly curled adorable tail. I hope he'll break in to his new foreverhome soon ~

Kumma lying on the "corridor" floor, which he quickly claimed as his place.
Earlier today I took him to one of the local pet stores and bought some toys and some other fun things for him; the girl working there was super nice too and gave Kumma some free liver treats and weighed him for me, since I have no proper scale at home. Kumma also freely went up to her and sniffed her out, instead of being reserved like he is around virtually every other unknown person we've encountered today – I'll definitely take him to the same store in the future too because he seemed to feel safe there and he was curious about all the interesting smells and the food bags oh lord. He actually shoved his whole nose all the way into a sealed food bag's upper "fold corner" and took a single, really deep and passionate sniff of it that sounded like he just smelled the best thing ever – the sigh of pure pleasure, lol. His whole face, complete with the loud inhalation, looked like he was in the heaven of smells that moment. It was ridiculously cute!

I'm really waiting to see how he will adapt and what his true personality is once he has settled into his new life. I will start to train him etc as soon as he has calmed down a bit more and is ready to listen, hopefully within a few days. What's nice is that even now he walks pretty nicely when leashed –save for a couple times when he tried to bite the leash– and doesn't pull as much as I was expecting; my former samoyed (owned together with mom) pulled all the time during walks.

One thing that's worth mentioning though is that Kumma's actual and full name is Fubuki go Gumma Yamaguchi but he's just called Kumma. What's a bit funny though is that the word 'kumma' in Finnish means 'odd' or 'weird' (note: not derogatory) but if I'd call him Gumma instead –with Swedish pronounciation– then that would be even weirder because 'gumma' in Swedish is the word used for either an older woman (think: grandma) or a cute little girl... and said dog is a young male, so yeaaaah. I'll get the occasional stares and raised eyebrows no matter what I call him, depending on if I meet a Swede or a Finn on my walks. xD #borderproblems

That's all for this time. Expect to see more doggy posts in the future since I will be dedicating a part of this blog to my life with Kumma from now on ~

Monday, May 30, 2016

First ever surgery

Hello guys.

This will be one of those really personal posts. For some days ago, on 24th May to be exact, I traveled with my best friend Sacchan to the hospital, for surgery. We had to drive for several hours because the hospital was in a different county in Sweden. Before anyone gets worried I just want to make one thing clear – this was a planned surgery and thus nothing sudden and life-threatening.

Because we started driving early on the morning we arrived at our destination city with some hours to spare and yeah, because we both were hungry we quickly decided on going to eat something before I had my visit. Our first choice was of course going to a sushi bar because we knew a good and cheap one from earlier visits and hey, there's no sushi places where we live so it's luxury to eat sushi for us, lol.

Sushiiiii ~
As soon as we got to the sushi bar I noticed that the food lists had changed and so had the guys standing behind the counter – did they change owners? At first I just thought that the previous older man maybe was sick or stopped working because the bar's previous name logo was still up but yeah, once I saw the business cards it hit me that the owner of the place had changed and so had the name and the dishes. Luckily the price was still approximately the same (aka sorta cheap) but the taste sure had gone up. Felt like some sort of luxury sushi, haha.

When we were done eating and in the car, driving towards the hospital, it suddenly hit us that Sacchan's cellphone was nowhere to be found. The panic struck us and we had to go back to the sushi bar to double-check that she did not accidentally forget it there. The cellphone was not there and we were seriously panicking... until I noticed that it had somehow fallen and gone under the car seat that I was sitting on. We managed to get it out of there and sighed with relief – until we noticed that we only had 30 minutes left before I had to be in the hospital talking with my surgeon, d'oh!
To make matters worse we got lost and ended up circling everywhere and panicking even more. I don't know but even though we had planned plenty of time we still had to run and stress like hell. Somehow we managed to get to the hospital on time and I wasn't even late. Or well... I was, 5 minutes, but that's because as soon as I had checked in my stomach groaned and I had to run to the bathroom because of urgent poop needs.

The talk went well, although it was very short. I also had to go talk to the anesthesiologist and bring some papers with me. He talked so fucking fast I had a hard time following anything he said – and here I've always been told that I talk fast, what the heck. I felt a bit bothered that he asked me questions that I had written down the exact answers for already at home... I mean, why ask me the questions when the answers were written down right in front of you? It felt like I had sat with mom and filled in all those health questions for hours and for nothing. At least I heard afterwards that he had indeed checked the papers and that he's actually a really careful guy – just didn't give me that impression, lol.
After meeting the anesthesiologist I also had to go take a blood test and then I was free for the day. Me and Sacchan had booked a room for the night in the patient/hospital hotel on the other side of the road and it was, to be honest, pretty damn comfy. The only thing that wasn't cool was that after a set time I was not allowed to eat anything and that totally means that I got no hotel breakfast, even though it would have been free. :'( But yeah, the anesthesiologist gave me really detailed information why one should never eat before surgery and yeah, I think I sorta wish I never knew such details...

The whole day had been really cloudy, dull and gray and it had been raining too. But when late evening rolled in I spotted a huge rainbow behind the hospital. It was a magical sight and it touched me deeply, somehow, because it felt so symbolic in a way and, even more so, because it was actually a double rainbow – except that the second rainbow (the outer one) was so pale you could barely see anything, save for the very beginning of it. My crummy cellphone couldn't catch the second rainbow but I got photo proof anyway. It was a really beautiful sight and, although the colors look dull on the photo, the sky was a vivid pinkish violet in real life.

Double rainbow.
Before going to sleep me and Sacchan chatted bullshit for a while, played some Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate together and then we went to sleep. I must admit that I was nervous and had a hard time falling asleep, even though I went to sleep "early", according to my standards. I remember waking up several times and the last time I checked the clock it was past 1 in the middle of the night, ouch. I had to wake up early because I needed to wash my hair and crap so yeah, didn't get to sleep as many hours as I would have needed...

Morning came. I felt a weird mix of being super nervous and calm at the same time. I don't even know how I managed to stay as collected as I was –now that I think about it afterwards– but oh well. Sacchan went to eat hotel breakfast and I went to shower. I was hungry but not as hungry as I thought I would be; normally I'm that kind of person who doesn't function properly if I skip breakfast. If I remember right I had to be in the hospital around 8 and we left our hotel room keys with some time to spare.
When we got to the hospital ward we were supposed to be in a kind nurse showed us to my room – that's when it really hit me that today I'm gonna have my first ever surgery. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach multiplying and I started to feel tense and scared; it felt like every minute was longer than it should. Turned out the surgeon was approximately 15 minutes late but when he finally showed up I suddenly didn't feel all kinds of stressed anymore. He was calm and I guess his calmness sort of stuck to me as well? We talked for a short while about the procedure and what will happen when I'm asleep and then he left; he said that I was the second patient for the day so my time to go under the knife would be around lunch time. Yikes!
I had a couple hours for mercy and spent that time examining my room and talking with Sacchan – it was honestly really appreciated that she followed with (and drove me there) because I'd probably have gone crazy if I was alone. I really easily start to feel bad at hospitals and then I freak out, overthink everything and yeah... I'm not good with this stuff.

My hospital bed during the stay.
Before I knew it two nurses (maybe more, can't remember) came in and told me that it was my time now. I felt like something exploded in my head and some sort of panic struck me, although at the same time I didn't move an inch. The nurses were friendly and their happy and calm voices managed to keep my thoughts at bay once they moved me and my bed away from the room. Sacchan stayed in the room and she waved to me and, although it wasn't, in my head it felt like it could have been a last goodbye.
I was surprised when they stopped right in front of the surgery room and told me to stand up and walk inside. I had expected that I would need to shower with some special soap or at least change to some temporary single-use underwear (that's what mom told me) but I didn't have to do either. :S Some male doctors showed up in the room and told me to lie down on the super narrow surgery table. They proceeded to put on some circular adhesive pads (for heart check stuff) on my collar bone area and on the lower rib cage. I had to place both my arms on some funky armrests that extended from the surgery table in a chunky C shape. Felt weird.
One of the guys made me breathe into a tiny triangle-shaped oxygen mask and then I got told that the anesthetic might sting my arm a little when it enters my body because of a different pH value; they also told me that it was the color of milk but I honestly didn't have time to see the color nor feel anything before I fell asleep. It was painless and didn't actually even feel forced or unnatural, contrary to what I thought. I remember having a pleasant sleep (although no actual dream as far as I can recall) and when I woke up in the awakening ward my first reaction in my head was "where am I?". It felt like I had not slept more than maybe 10 minutes but it had actually been hours. It felt so weird and unreal to realize that someone had been cutting your body and you hadn't felt shit.
I heard from the nurses it only took me 5 minutes to open my eyes once I had been taken to the wake-up room but I kept dozing off for hours afterwards. It was really weird because one second I could feel super alert and fresh and the next second I could barely keep my eyes open; I kept alternating in this weird world of shifting from one extreme to the other in a matter of seconds and it was just... weird. My memories from the wake-up room are kinda foggy but I remember that the older lady next to me snored so loudly that I'm sure even Jesus heard her, lol. She dozed off a lot more than I did as well.

It was early night, I believe, before I was taken back to my own hospital room. Sacchan sat there waiting and it was so relieving to see a familiar face again! I heard from her she had gotten a panic attack while I was gone and I honestly felt bad about it but yeah, luckily she had managed to gather herself. I can't really blame her because had I been in her place I'd probably freak out too if someone dear to me was to have surgery and you'd just sit between four walls and wait hours on end...

This poster was on my door. It spoke to me.
I had to spend two nights in the hospital and, if I'm honest, it was surprisingly okay. All the nurses were super kind and funny (ended up sharing amusement park stories with two of them!) and I never felt like I was "just a patient". The food was surprisingly good too and I could eat whenever I wanted if I just pressed a button, aww yeah! I got vanilla ice cream, pancakes, bread with jam, fish gratin with mashed potatoes, yoghurt, cornflakes and whatever else and it was always good.
I got to meet the surgeon again and he informed me about what to avoid while healing etc and told me that I'll get called to meet him again in a few weeks too.

Some other funny and not so funny things happened during the hospital stay too but yeah, this post is getting way too long so I'll just cut it short now. I must mention though that one of the funny things is as much hilarious as it is eww-worthy. xD Because of an unfortunate situation Sacchan had to go move the car from a parking lot to another and on the way she saw two youngish men standing on the hotel's balcony (it's on the backside, away from the road). They were obviously drunk and one of them, literally, puked from the balcony! Please note that they were on one of the top floors and it was really windy – to the point the flow of vomit didn't fall in a straight line. Now take a minute of your life to imagine that. *silence* EEWWWWW. *silence* And, to make matters worse, this same guy soon after started taking off his pants, while still standing on the balcony... but that's when Sacchan left (she was inside the car, most likely neither of the guys noticed her presence) because she wasn't sure she wanted to watch the rest of the show, lol. So yeah... yeaaaaaah. She told me this when she got back to the room and we weren't sure if we should laugh hysterically or feel disgusted. Maybe a bit of both.

Right now I'm recovering at my mom's. My movement is limited and so I need help to do even some very basic daily tasks. I hope my recovery will be smooth.

I'm sorry about the crummy quality of all the photos but they're all taken with my cellphone; I "forgot" my camera at home and I thought that some shitty photos are still better than no photos at all. Then again, at first I wasn't even sure if I'd write about this but oh well, here goes nothing.