Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas and New Year 2016!

Hello people of all genders!

First of all I want to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016! o/
I spent my Christmas as I typically do, which means that I stayed at mom's for a couple days or so. We always celebrate Christmas on the 24th and it's a tradition that we eat porridge on the morning. Mom had invited grandma and her husband over for the breakfast porridge and that made me realize that I hadn't seen grandma in, like, forever! It was sad to see though that she didn't walk with a straight back anymore...
I'm really not a big fan of Christmas food so yeah, when dinner kicks in I'm not all too happy, lol. xD I mostly just like a very few things of the traditional Christmas foods that we have – raw salmon being the best. As a person who really dislikes ham (and pork meat in general) Christmas food isn't high on my list...
Regarding Christmas presents I finally got my first smartphone from dad as an early Christmas present! My Nokia N9 has been acting all kinds of weird lately and it's really a bother – it has had the screen freezing completely (which renders the phone unusable since it's all by touch), shuts itself down randomly, even though the battery is full etc. It sucks when someone is calling me and I can't answer because the touch screen is not responding!! D: So yeah, dad gave me an Samsung Galaxy J5, a phone case for it an a memory card. The only requirements I had was that it was a smartphone and had a good camera. x) Today's society expects you to have a smartphone and yeah, I've had so many issues with school and whatnot because of not having a new generation cellphone, ugh. Now that's over at least, hah!

First off some photos of the cellphone! :DD All the protective plastics are still attached.

And here's the package photos etc:

This is everything that I got from dad. The smartphone itself, a memory card and a book-case.
Box opened and the stuff taken out.
Everything that came with the cellphone spread out.
I spent New Year by celebrating it twice; living at the border between two countries with different time zones has its benefits, lol. xD I went to watch the fireworks and the celebration ceremony at the border and I must say that it was a disappointment and I felt uncomfortable because it was horribly crowded, everyone smoked cigarettes right in front of me (I HATE IT SO FUCKING MUCH, OKAY?) and somewhere I could smell the smell of... some stronger stuff, if you know what I mean. I'm not gonna go into details why I felt uncomfortable, except that I dislike crowds but yeah, as soon as Finland's clock struck midnight and the fireworks show was over me and my friends left – actually, we time traveled back to 2015, aka to Sweden. :DD If anyone wonders, by the way, our company consisted of me, Jäätynyt Enkeli, our friend Marcus and Sacchan.

One of the very few firework photos I managed to get.
We went to the shore and watched Sweden's fireworks with Sacchan's car parked next to the river. It was really comfy to sit inside a warm car when it was really windy outside (cold winds, brrr) and shitchat with some dear friends meanwhile we watched a second set of some really amazing fireworks being fired off in the distance – Sweden's new year.
After the fireworks we went back to my apartment with the whole gang and then we proceeded to play Tekken 5 until freakin' 8 in the morning, lol. xD I ate so much candies that I felt like I'd puke.

That's a short summary of how my Christmas and New Year celebrations were. :)
Thanks for reading! Bye bye!


Angie said...
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Angie said...

Happy holidays to you too! I also spend Christmas in Finland! It was very nice :3 I mostly only like when we had smoked salmon,turky and salmon or morotslåda. Isnt a fan of the rest ham or pork, but we pretty much had the same kind of food in 1 week time but in diffrent varations.
I feel ya about the phone siutation, my current one. Which is a iphone 5s is acting very funny and sometimes it froze? I thought it was compeletly death the other day but it begin to work again?? I gladly I dont need to think about buying another one in a while or leaving it in a workshop, but then again I should buy a new one this coming months. :) But getting a phone is sure a lovely gift, its so nice to get a new phone! This samsung looks so nice *v*

I thought about getting this one in case my own one broke down, it was one of the cheap ones that I have been checking out.
I want to know if its somethin worth having so let me know? :'D
Sounds like a nice time you had at NYE :) execpt smoking crowds :/ dont they have like a smoke free zone?
Anyways this was enjoyable to read. I should read and leave more comments on your blog lol, hope you have a great 2016 so far! ^^

Sipsinekku said...

People always say I'm weird because I don't like ham but thank lord I'm not the only one! Let's be weird together *highfive*