Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We all know "the chair"


This is probably a quite unnecessary post but honestly, it's my blog so I don't care! BOAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
So yeah, one day I was just chilling around and scrolling through the internet and that's when I found this highly relatable image:

OMG I couldn't help myself but to laugh; it's so true in my case. :'DD The thing is that ever since I was a teenager I've had a black leather gaming chair and well, I had a bad habit of putting my stuff on it. When enough shit had piled up on the damn thing you couldn't tell there was a chair under it all, LOL. Mom would always rage at me for it but yeah... I couldn't help myself; stacking my clothes and whatnot on the chair is a deeply rooted habit and, no matter how many times I cleaned it up, it was back to "the chair" after a week or so. xD I guess I always just left stuff on it because it was easy to access and I had a lack of storage space elsewhere... or a mix of the two.

This is my contribution and version of "the chair".

Anyone else who does this? XD

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  1. Yes!! I do that all the time! I wish I had a gaming chair. Mine is a wooden rocker that got moved to my room because my mother ran out of space :P My mom always freaks when the chair gets covered but that's not stopped it from happening. Loved this little post, really brightened my day. Thank you!

    ~Aki Ame Okami


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