Monday, January 18, 2016

Wet n Wild makeup haul!

Hi folks!

Yesterday (17th January) was the last day when we had a store called ÖoB in town. It seemingly didn't go all that well for them so yeah, they had to close. It makes me sad because I liked this store but oh well, no can do. :( I went there for a last time –on the very last day– with Jäätynyt Enkeli and Sacchan. It was a really weird feeling to see that the store was almost completely emptied; only a few items were scattered here and there on the empty shelves.
Luckily for us the makeup counter was the one with the most products left (still more than half empty) and, well, we mainly went to the store for just that! You see, Wet n Wild is a makeup brand that your typical Swedish (or Finnish) stores doesn't carry. ÖoB is honestly the only physical store I've ever seen their stuff in! D: And yeah, for being a "drugstore brand" I've heard pretty good stuff about their products.
Seeing how everything in the store was 80% off on the two last days (excluding medicines, magazines and cigarettes) I couldn't help myself but enter haul mode, lol. I bought everything that I deemed I could get some use out of, eventually. xD

There's eyeshadows, nail polishes, liquid eyeliners, a blush, a mascara and a pencil eyeliner. The colors of the liquid eyeliners are brown, turquoise and blue – I've been wanting to try some crazy colors lately and I was happy that these unusual ones were left, hahah.

I'm sorry but I can't be bothered to list the exact names of all the products but yeah, if anyone wants reviews of a particular item just tell me and I'll make it happen! ;) Oh and yeah, some of these I bought with future cosplays in mind and others I bought because WHY THE HELL NOT? :'DD
I seriously ended up saving like almost 1000 SEK on my whole purchase!! Can you believe it that all this (and some movies) only cost me approximately 200 SEK? o(≧∇≦)o

That's all for this time! Keep your eyes out for some manly fabulousness!

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Ronya said...

Wow! :o Now i'm totally jelly... Kinda sad that the store discontinued but hey, -80% sounds awesome. Nice haul indeed