Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dear bitch in my art class...

I hope you are aware of what risks you endanger others with when you decided on the morning that it was a good idea to go to school, even though it's obvious that you're not perfectly healthy. I asked you "have you caught a cold" and you choose to completely ignore me, even though since the second you walked into the classroom you've been pulling your snot back into your nose every third second. Literally.Your voice didn't sound fresh either, to be honest.

Did you know that you're a walking danger to people with poor immune systems?
Did it cross your mind that, even though what you're carrying might not be dangerous for you, it could be for someone else?
Did you know that now, during the peak season of the yearly influenza, you might even end up killing someone out of your selfishness and lack of awareness?

I am one of those people with a poorer immune system... and horrible luck.
I am one of those people who, exactly five years ago, unknowingly encountered another careless stranger, like you, in town – one who also thought it was no big deal to go on about their daily life, even though they carried active bacteria that potentially spelled disaster to someone they met.
Someone like me.

I experienced the worst fever of my life.
I completely lost my voice for more than two weeks. 
I had to stay in hospital for a week.
I ended up with my lungs so infected that I couldn't breathe in enough oxygen on my own. 
My constant coughs hurt like a thousand knives stabbed me in the chest. Every time.
I couldn't get up from the hospital bed without collapsing.
I was shaking and crying myself to sleep.
I honestly thought that I would not wake up the next morning – every night.
The doctors did not know what I had. 
My stamina and durability were zeroed and crippled for years after.
And, maybe most of all,
I had to be away from school for a month... just because someone else didn't want to be away for one day.

You might think that I'm overreacting.
Too bad for you that I am not. I am serious. I am living proof.
It can happen to anyone and you, the carrier, will most likely never know.
Think about the consequences.
Think a bit further away than just your own nose and your own needs.
Be a good human being and think before you act.
It can save lives. Literally.

Don't be like that stranger who forever made February a synonym for immense fear to me.
You don't know how painful those memories are. So please, don't remind me that I need to consider every person with a running nose a threat to my life, again.

Feeling death's presence so close is something I don't want to experience again.

Oh, and yes – I left art class earlier today on purpose and, even though I pulled a white lie to the teacher, my real and sole reason was only to avoid you. That's how scared I was.

Regards, a former patient who's mind is at least one of the things that was left permanently scarred after February 2011.


  1. As someone who belong to the risk groups too when it comes to influenza, I do not take the shots. I usually just take the spoon into my hand and eat the soup as I get it, and hav been hospitalized twice. I do not believe in the power of the flu shot, as the virus gets stronger and stronger, and I believe in a natural immunity system, which I have noticed over my hospital visits, has grown stronger. Even though I might get super sick, at least I am doing it the natural way, and just endure it and move on with my life. I am sorry if I sound angry, but calling someone a bitch with a flu is really inconsiderate, and rude.

    Yes, she might have been inconsiderate, but it doesn't necessarily mean that she was sick with the influenza, people get stuffed all the time, and it doesn't necessarily mean it's influenza. There are differences. And instead, you could have asked her that has she thought about this and educated her, instead than to not speak to her and imagine the world will get better by a blog post? Educate, my friend, educate. That's how the world works.

    I am sorry you felt awful today and that you were scared, but face your fears man. And as well, what if she belonged to the risk group too, and for some reason wasn't able to take the flu shot for health reasons/immunity stuff? There might be a very logical reason behind why she was ill, and it doesn't necessarily make her an evil person.

    Sorry, I'm just a bit...I don't know man. Wash hands and you'll be safe. I don't want to sound like an ass, but you didn't this time take other factors and perspectives into reconsideration.

    Stay healthy, I am sorry if this comment sounds bitchy, it was not intended to sound mean, but it probably will anyway. Take care. :)

    1. Good for you that you are willing to take the bullets – but I am not. I'm not a risk taker and I don't want to have to use my very limited income on paying for expensive medicines and hospital bills, if I can avoid it.

      It's true that I can't be sure if she had the influenza or not and I can't know her reasonings – same thing that she can't know my story. But whatever the case I always rather be safe than sorry and I do take precautions when I feel it necessary. I always lived by the "if you are sick then don't go to school/work" motto – it was never harder than that for me.
      Also, washing hands etc can only do so much; I'm always careful with my hygiene but it's not a magical barrier that will keep all nastiness away. If something enters through your nose or mouth then how clean your hands are will not matter. But you probably knew this.

      I honestly agree that it's quite rude of me to call her a bitch (I had second thoughts before publishing) but, at the same time, if someone blatantly ignores me when I make an approach then they often do lose my respect on that very moment, sadly. I don't like being treated like air – got enough of that already from most of my childhood.
      I found it pointless to talk to her any further; I can't educate someone who's not even willing to answer me to begin with, much less listen to me. :) Otherwise I'd gladly educate people; I actually do that a lot about other subjects. But yeah, ignoring me already raises a red flag.
      Oh and yeah, there is no way she can have missed my question either because the classroom was dead silent, save for her snot sounds. Just sayin'.

      Please note that I never meant nor thought of her as an evil person, just inconsiderate; these two words are far apart on my scale.
      Same thing, for example, is that I don't mind smokers or think of them as evil – even though cigarette smoke gives me issues. I do get annoyed though when they are inconsiderate enough to blow their cancers in my face. :)

      And as a final note I don't normally call people names but if I'm disappointed in humanity some foul words might slip by, like in this case. Human error and mostly angry feelings – I'm pretty sure we've all had those.

      My reply is not meant to sound offended/angry/whatnot either. Thanks for commenting and you stay healthy too!

  2. I hate how inconsiderate people are when it comes to being under the weather.. I have two immunosuppressive medications which means my immune system is down close to nonexistent. What gave people a slightly sore throat year ago after a convention.. Well, I had to go to ER to have my airway opened. TWICE.

    When I ask people not to come near me or I cancel plans when I hear they or a member of their family is ill I'm not being rude on purpose, I'm taking care of myself and my health.

    Lucky those who don't have to worry about a little symptoms of influenza.. :/

  3. Take care of yourself first. Others opinions as to if what you did was right or wrong are irrelevant. They aren't you.
    Stay strong and healthy :)

    ~Aki Ame Okami


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