Thursday, February 25, 2016

Field day with school in Riekkola

Hi guys!

This whole week has been one of those theme weeks in my school – this time the theme was openness. :) All students got divided into groups and had to, within one week, do some sort of project around the theme that they'd present to the rest of the school on Friday. My group decided to do several short videos about different scenarios relating to the theme.
But yeah, that's not what I wanted to talk about. xD You see, during these theme weeks we also have one day on which we have a field day or we go and visit an art museum etc. This time we went to the nearby Riekkola nature reserve to spend the whole morning there!

Riekkola is a nature reserve that is open for anyone to visit. It's a popular place for school field days, skiing, walking on nature trails, bird-watching and so on. Many people come here for exercise too because there's a lot of nature paths you can take through different terrains.

Soon there!
Our day started at 10 instead of the usual 08:30. But because I live in the direction of Riekkola (seen from school) I had pre-agreed with the teachers that I'd skip going to school for the morning gathering and instead go straight to Riekkola because well, that would save me like half the walking distance because I live half-way between my school and Riekkola, lol.

A map over the area.
Riekkola is nostalgic to me because in my earlier school years we would go there with the class, have some activities (often those quiz papers hidden in the forest) and then grill sausages in the cottage.
I haven't been to Riekkola on a field day for yeaaaars so yeah, it felt kinda weird to be back here, just like on the old days except with adult students this time.

Hill leading to the cottage area.
But yeah, I was just chilling around and most of the time I spent photographing what others did. The weather was not the best though because it was snowing almost the whole day and it was fairly cold; my hands hurt so much at the end of the day that I had to take a warm shower as soon as I got home to thaw them.

The first thing I saw when I got up the hill was the sledding hill that some teachers and students were preparing. Soon enough the first group got there and the laughter and screams started sounding as people slid down the hill on whatever glide-friendly that was available. I'm pretty sure there was some competition going on with who could go the farthest too.

You might think that adults are too... you know, adults... to enjoy this kind of "typically reserved for children" activities but hey, guess what? Fuck that. :DD

Preparing to go down...
Extra speed pushes for everyone!
Looks like fun, right? :'D
Everyone got a ride!
There was a lot of silly landings and people falling off those plastic "rump gliders" (what do you call them in English??). xD I have no idea who got the farthest record or if there was a prize to be won but oh well, it was fun to watch others have fun. Yeah, I actually didn't take a ride myself...

Someone even struck a pose for me, whoa!
You know, most people just went down the hill the normal way but there were these two guys who clearly thought that just sitting on your ass was too mainstream...

Gather speed, soldier!
Let's ride! FUCK YEAAAAAH. 8D
Okey, they're cheating a little because the bottom guy with the green jacket has one of those gliders under his belly. xD But still, they were hilarious and they got surprisingly far to boot.

But they weren't the only ones spicing things up.

I laughed so hard to these guys, they were the highlights of the day!! They are the real reason I regret not going for a ride myself cuz that must have been insanely funny! Those gray mattresses seriously had the best glide, by far.

This one guy with the black coat who was pushing everyone for extra speed also deserves some creds... even though he got all snowy, haah.

Yo man, you did well.
We had some other activities to do too but because, for some reason, I was never assigned a group I didn't have to participate in anything. xD The atmosphere was very relaxed; no one forced me to do anything if I didn't want to etc. It was comfy and I actually enjoyed myself more than I thought I would; I honestly normally don't like this kind of group things because I'm not very good at making friends nor do I feel comfortable around strangers.

You could, for example...

Build the highest snow pillar in 15 minutes!
Play ball!
Or do some wrestling in the snow!
(bonus points for taking off your jacket)
We finished the field day in the warmth of the cottage. We got the fire to burn without problems and started cooking some coffee over the open fire. Everyone said the coffee was delicious and that it had a completely different taste from your normal brewed coffee but yeah, because I'm not a coffee drinker I can't say anything about it. I did get two hot dogs though. Worth it.

The cottage.
Coffee in progress.
Because of how the wind was blowing all the smoke kinda stayed inside the cottage and got into everyone's eyes and oh lord, it stings! I guess my eyes had the color of lobsters at some point because so much smoke and ashes coming my way...

Sausage grilling, aww yeah!
My main teacher is a really funny guy called Göran. He has the best humor, very easy to approach and sometimes I wonder if he has any shame. xD He's the kind of guy who pulls sex jokes/references whenever a chance is given during his classes, lol. He also laughs at his own jokes and is just incredibly funny all around. :)
Why I'm mentioning him is because he was assigned the role of the grill maister victim and was basically the one staying in the cottage and preparing all the provisions for everyone. A joke soon enough surfaced calling the whole cottage "Göran's hotel & grill service", lol. :'DD

Always-happy Grill Maister Göran.
The school foods included hot dogs (both normal and vegetarian!), coffee and apples. There was also saft ('mehu' in Finnish) but I have no fucking idea what it's called in English, sorry.  ^^" It's that concentrated "juice" that you mix a small amount of with water and that comes in countless flavors...

The field day lasted from 10:00 to around 12:30 something. I stayed a bit longer because I asked for a ride home from Göran since, as I mentioned above, my hands were so frozen I had problems moving my fingers. >_> I did get a ride back, yay!

The weather, of course, finally cleared up when it was time to go home.
When I got home the first thing I did after locking the door after me was to prepare the shower I was so cold and wet! I actually hadn't realized until I got home that my ass was soaked, all the way to my boxers, from having been sitting on the snowy/icy bench on the cottage. Oops...
Another goodbye gift from the trip was the smoke smell that I can't seem to get rid off, lol.

My pants got a little bit wet... :DDDD
That's about all that I have to say about my school day today! Thanks for reading ~

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