Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monster Hunter Raging Brachydios mascot plush keychain!

Hi hunters!

Ever since I was a kid I've been loving plush dolls and even today I can't resist them most of the time. xD I'm especially fond of Pokémon plushies and –lately– Monster Hunter. I'm a huuuuuuuge MonHun fan and veteran hunter and of course that means that I'm hoarding MonHun merchandise. xD
I've lately been collecting mascot plush keychains of the different monsters, especially those that I like. I plan to hang them from my school bag, convention bag etc so yeah, I've bought plenty because I like to over-decorate my bags, lol. 
This post will feature the Raging Brachydios mascot keychain and, believe me or not, this one I actually bought to give as a gift to one of my long-time friends who *surprise surprise* also happens to be a big MonHun fan!
This is an officially licensed Monster Hunter item.

I took some photos of it before I gifted it away, enjoy!

As you can see it comes with a strap so that you can attach it to many things!
Size is approximately 11 cm in height and 8 cm in width.

Some detail photos!

Head and eye close-up. The eye is embroidered on.
The head... dick... thing.
Back details.
I have a habit of always taking photos of the paper tags and the tush tags, just to show its authenticity and so that others can, if necessary, compare theirs to the real deal.
I bought this from a big Japanese online site, by the way.

Tag photos!

Tush tag.
Paper tag, front.
Paper tag, back
It's a really cute addition to the collection of any MonHun fans, especially for those who like the Brachy! This one is sure not to deliver any explosive punches or sticky goop your way so yeah, you can enjoy it without needing to equip for a hunt! ;)

When held by the strap.
Do you also love Monster Hunter? Keep an eye on my blog in the future as I have a lot more mascot plush monsters to show you guys!
Thanks for viewing and byebye! Shiro Samurai out.

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Aki Ame Ōkami said...

That is so adorable!!! I recently got a Lucario plushie to hang on my bag but I don't think he is that big or that cute :P

~Aki Ame Okami