Friday, February 5, 2016

Self-made simple leather bracer!

Hi there all crafty souls!

Yesterday in school, during my handcraft class, I had nothing to do so I went and checked the scrap fabric closet in the corridor. I'm always first drawn to the scraps of leather in there that have been recycled from old couches etc and after digging through the pieces I found a leather piece that I saw instant use and potential for!

This only took me about 15 minutes to make and most of that time is for hand-sewing the big button on and for measuring where to put the button hole and the button itself.

I didn't modify or add anything to the leather, save for the button. I wanted to keep it as rough and "natural" as possible, to give a simple feel to it. I like how it looks used. :) I'm thinking about using it for some fantasy outfits and alternative fashion looks.

Bracer spread out.
This is just to show the underside.
This didn't cost me anything to make, except a bit of my time. As I said the leather is just a scrap piece from my art school's leftovers and the button I found in a big box in the handcraft/sewing room. I used a thick black "bear thread" (literal translation from Swedish and Finnish; seeems like the proper name is "patent strong yard"?) made out of polyester to sew on the button.

Button close-up.
I sometimes get sudden ideas and inspirations and then I end up making stuff out of recycled materials I like gives old things new lives and purposes!

Thanks for reading my blog! ^.^

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