Sunday, March 20, 2016

Earthquake in northern Sweden on 19th March!

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit.

Guyyyyyyyys, I'm sitting here with my eyes wide open. I have a hard time believing what I just experienced...

I just realized that what I felt earlier this night, while having a late gaming night at my brother's apartment, was not the snow sliding off the roof as I had first thought – it was an earthquake!
I've never ever experienced one before (at least not so that I felt it, aka was aware of it) and I thought that it didn't feel quite normal. I was sitting down on a big couch playing video games when suddenly the whole apartment just started rocking back and forth rather strongly. It wasn't exactly violent (aka things didn't move out of their places etc) but it was definitely bordering on scary and it was really noticeable. I did stop whatever I was doing but I didn't stand up though. I think it lasted for approximately 30 seconds or such but it was both scary and, in some way, a curiosity. There was also a rumbling sound.
But as I said... I first thought that it was just the heavy snow sliding down the roof, even though I looked at the roofs (from two different windows) while sitting and saw nothing coming down which made me doubt that it actually was the snow. I didn't find out until I got home and checked social media and then I was like... HOORI SHITTO. 
Suddenly everything made sense! My suspicions, the weird rumbling and how it felt like the shaking came from below and not from above... (I guess that, in some highly sceptical way, I was thinking that it felt like an earthquake but I didn't dare to believe my gut feeling)

Map showing the epicenter (red) and my current location (green).
Just to show where earthquakes are common-ish in Europe and how out of place
the one we had is...
  • 2016-03-19   21:55:28.5 (UTC)
  • Magnitude 4.2

I've honestly been thinking all my life that earthquakes can't happen here because the "ground" is so old/non-active or whatever (I forgot the proper words!), or at least that's what I've been taught in school during geography class etc for all my life. I was shocked to realize that the ground below me just told me otherwise!
I know that I might sound like I'm overreacting or whatever (especially to those living in countries where it's common) but seriously, this was my first earthquake that I've ever felt and I must admit that it was quite the experience. I mean, I felt it in my freaking home town in the far north?! Since when did anything exciting and potentially dangerous ever happen here? Getting killed by elks on the road while driving doesn't count. I never expected to experience an earthquake in here, seriously. I had always been thinking that whenever I visit Japan one day then that's where I'd most likely feel some quakes but yeah, I was so not expecting to feel it right under the oh-so-familiar soil under my feet. Such an surreal realization. 
 It caught me by such surprise that I don't even know what more to say............

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Sorry for such a short post but I don't know what more to add. I just wanted to mention this because it's something very rare up here and especially for being in the very far part of northern Europe. I think that the magnitude is especially strong considering the location too...
Whatever the case it's really interesting and especially for me because I have an interest in this kind of stuff. The power of nature and the element of surprise...


Ri-kun said...

Earthquakes feel so weird, right?! Even in Japan where I knew it could happen it felt really surreal. Like I had thought the chances of that happening were really small and would thus not happen to me, ever.

Aki Ame Ōkami said...

Earthquakes are the strangest thing. It doesn't matter how many you've been through they are shocking every time. (no pun intended)
What was that about getting killed by an elk while driving?! Are the elks okay? ~Aki