Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS!

Good evening fellow geeks!

Last week I placed an order at CDON after me and my friend Sacchan had talked about and decided to buy Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate together! I also bought a Pokémon Blue Version Nintendo 2DS for her so that she has something to play the game on. x)
As you probably know by now I'm a huge MonHun fan and lately Sacchan has been getting more and more interested in it too and yeah, she has been playing Monster Hunter Tri casually on Wii for a while and well, we decided to splurge and buy 3U together so that we can play when we get bored at anime conventions and so! It was kind of a "if you do it then I'm on too! ;)" deal, haha. We're awesome friends like that.

Game in its original sealed plastic.
My order got delayed because of the multiple Easter holidays it was frustrating but today it finally arrived! I was so giddy and excited when I saw the big white bubblewrap envelope just lying there in the mailbox, waiting for me to pick it up and take it inside! HHHHHHHHH MONHUUUUUUUUUN. ♥

I had been considering buying Monster Hunter 3U for a long time already but, because no one of my "hunting group" had any big interest in it (cuz we all already had 4U), I had been alone in my wants. :( Later on one of my friends from said group said that he'll join me now that I mentioned that I had actually gone ahead and ordered 3U – yay, we'll be at least three hunters!

One of the biggest reasons I wanted 3U despite already having 4U and FU was because of the underwater fights and because it has a lot of monsters I simply haven't fought before!
It will likely feel a bit weird to backtrack from 4U back to 3U but oh well, I need it for my MonHun collection! I don't have the first original Monster Hunter though... It would be weird to have Freedom Unite and 4U and then there's a gap where 3U should be when 3U still has a lot of stuff that are absent in the other ones; I'd feel like I'm missing out on a lot. I want to try it and hey, I'm such a diehard MonHun fan anyway that the more hunting time the better! Hunt all the things ~
I mean seriously.. I don't feel complete if I don't get to hunt the disco!Khezu, aka Gigginox, and the rubberducky, aka Qurupeco! xD

Game card.
The game cost me 399 SEK but I had a sale coupon (because I'm a student) so I got it for a cheaper price. It's kinda weird though that you can get 4U for cheaper than 3U, lol.

But yeah, I think that's about all for this quickie post in the "my latest game purchase!" genre. xD Now I'm off to start the game for the first time, wohooo here I coooomeeeeee ~~

Happy hunting mates and see ya!

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