Thursday, March 24, 2016

Work practice at a local fabric store!

Good day everyone!

Yesterday I had my final internship (not sure if this is the right word but yeah, basically practice work you do for free, while in school, to prepare for job life) at a local fabric store in town. I was very lucky to get to do my practice in this store since I had to get a work place to go to in like... one day. What you mean short notice? I just went to school on Monday morning and was told "hey go out in town and get a practice place for tomorrow". Umm, ooooookay?

My internship was from 15th March to 23rd March. I mainly did sorting and rearranging tasks but I also got to put price tags on fabrics – and I even had to go buy some milk for the coffee breaks, lol. Some stuff I did include sorting zippers, rearranging fabrics by color and/or type, neating up all the shelves containing those rolls you use to make rugs, going through all the elastic ribbons and sorting them by size and color, moving fabric rolls around, dividing a huuuuge sack of wadding into smaller 500 gram bags, split big rolls of fabric into smaller rolls, sort pre-sewn cushion covers by color, open up cardboard shipments of new fabrics and bring them in, go through the yarn bundles, translate and help customers who don't speak Finnish, go through the "crafts corner" (beads, DIY stuff, stickers and styrofoam balls etc) and so on. Needless to say I didn't have time to get bored because there was always something to do!

Fabric rolls, after I had finished rearranging them.
(the top shelf is sorted by color)
As a cosplayer and someone who has spent a big part of his life in a fabric store it was a natural choice to try my luck in one as my first pick. My mom used to have her own fabric store for the longest time and so, of course, I spent a lot of my time in there as a kid (when I couldn't be home alone etc) and did some smaller tasks whenever. I also used to play hide-and-seek and go hide between fabric rolls, lol. xD Fun times.
I've always loved fabrics and the smell of them; I feel at home when I'm surrounded by fabrics – it reminds me of my childhood. When I was a kid I wanted to have my own fabric store. Inspired by parents much?

Sewing threads. Plenty of 'em.
I was really well-received and appreciated since I have a good eye for colors (aka artistic), can speak three languages fluently and have a genuine interest and passion for fabrics and sewing. The peeps working there seemed to be extra happy to get a guy to help for a change – seemingly it's pretty damn unheard of. They even asked me why I chose to come to a fabric store of all possible places and I, of course, told them that it's because I love to sew and that because my mom is a former long-time fabric store owner and I thus always had my heart close to this kind of things.

I felt a bit proud of myself when I, on my last day, managed to help and serve some Swedish customers who didn't speak a squat of Finnish. I fetched everything they needed and helped with all the brainstorming etc and it ended up with a pretty damn nice sale for the store – they were so grateful for all the help. I felt so accomplished, lol. They praised me to heaven and back (both the customer and the workers); it was surreal because most of the my life I've been rather invisible...

Just showing some of the yarns...
There was a whole room dedicated only to yarns. Go figure.
On my last day yesterday it was very obvious that the boss and the other workers there would miss me – they told me to come and visit anytime, aww! ;A; I even got to write my phone number down so that they could call me if they needed some extra help!
Now I'm just hoping that I could get a summer job there because that would be amazeballs since I really enjoyed my time ~

That's all for this quick update! Thanks for reading!
Shiro Samurai says byebye.

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Psycho Cat said...

So nice to hear that you are at a place you like and feel at home =D Also I wish you all the luck and that you can get a summer job there and more =D