Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Puppy fever and busy life!

Hello people!

First of all – I'm sorry about the inactivity and thus the silence. I would actually have a looooot of merchandise to photograph and show you guys but I've just had way too much on my mind to be able to focus on this blog, honestly. Truth is that I've been really busy with life in general – hospital visits, trying to get a summer job, studies etc etc. I hope I'll get more time to blog once the summer vacation kicks in so yeah, until then please understand that I'm a very busy and stressed guy right now; I also have a big surgery coming up and I'm super nervous about it, haha.. ha...

But hey! I wanted to tell you guys some awesome news! ヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+
You see, for a long time now I've been dreaming of having my own dog, to bring happiness and to share the everyday life with. I'm living alone in a small apartment and it gets lonely really fast; I wish I had some company and someone fluffy to hug when I feel sad... *sob* I've always been more of a dog person and for the last half a year I've been seriously considering actually taking the step and getting myself a four-legged friend for life. Though the interest has been there long before that already.
I started plowing through all kinds of dog info sites to find out what breed I wanted and which would suit my needs and I came to the conclusion that it's got to be one of the Spitz breeds. Besides, I've had a female Samoyed before (with mom) so it felt like the most familiar breed group for me and hey, I think the Spitz dogs are the most beautiful as well. ♥ It just felt like a natural choice to go with a Spitz type of dog since that's what I'm used to.

After a lot of thinking and searching I came to the conclusion that my number one choice would be an akita (inu). If you've heard the sad but amazing true story about Hachiko the dog then yeah, that's an akita right there. I read up on the breed all that I could and it really sounds like my type of dog! And no, I'm not getting an akita only because I admire Hachiko or enjoy Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (honestly, I haven't even seen/read it yet) or whatever; I want an akita for many other reasons. Just wanted to make that clear.

I had a hard time finding kennels in Sweden at first but then I found some; sadly they're all in the south though (it was to be expected) so I will have to cross the whole country to get my new family member, when the time comes... but it'll be worth it!
I picked out the kennel closest to me –and with upcoming puppy plans– which was Midori no Yokouchi. It's a small kennel driven by an older couple and recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK). I sent mail to the owners about my interest and got a reply back in less than 30 minutes! The Swedish was not the best but I soon after figured out that the owners are actually an older couple (aka older than my mom) from Germany who decided to move to Sweden and breed akita dogs while at it so yeah, it makes sense. BUT WHAT I WANTED TO SAY IS THAT I'M NOW ON THEIR WAITING LIST FOR AN AKITA PUPPY AND I'M SERIOUSLY SCREAMING HERE. OMG THE JOY!!!
I'm seriously so excited I can't sit still. It's really hard to write this because I just want to bounce around my whole apartment – I'm gonna get my dream dog! ♥ It's gonna cost a lot for a student like me but it's gonna be soooooooooo worth it!! I love dogs and I'm totally ready for this, seriously. I know what it means to own a dog and all and yes, I'm all up for spending many years with a furry friend and give it all the love it deserves.

Here's a couple pics the kennel owner sent me in the email, just so that this quickie post won't be a wall of text only! I would have a lot more to tell you guys but I guess I'll save that for another day because hey, this surely won't be the only doge doggy post I'll do! I'll very likely include "dog life blogging" in this blog too when the time comes – after all, it is a lifestyle blog so! ;)

Photos belong to Midori no Yokouchi.

Two cute puppies ~
One of the kennel owners with their dogs.
I just can't wait until autumn 2016. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ♥
I'm sorry if this post is messy and all over the place, I'm in hype-mode right now... xD


  1. Awww yey! Akitas are beautiful breed!I hope you get your furry friend :> how much would Akita puppy cost? And of course they do pay themselves back with all the love! You can just imagine how it feels to come home after tiring day and have happy fur ball greeting you with smile and wagging tail.
    I've been having a dog fever too, it would be nice to get a buddy to Miiku so he wouldn't have to spend all the days alone. I'm just not sure how he would react to that : DD Gonna probably stick to japanese spitz 'cuz they're the cutest (and happiest) things alive!

    1. Indeed! I can't wait to get my fluffball! ;U; I really long for someone to always welcome me back home to my otherwise silent apartment, no matter what a shitty day I've had. Dogs tend to love you no matter what (assuming you treat them right) and that's amazing.

      The kennel owner said that, at least in Sweden, the price for an Akita pup is pretty much the same in the whole country, aka 16 000 SEK. Of course it comes with all the proper vaccinations, officially registered into the Swedish kennel club, healthy and with health-checked parents, pedigree (not sure if that's the English word but sukutaulu/stamtavla), shitlots of information, puppy food, collar & leash etc. I know it's a quite expensive price but it's totally worth it because there's so few Akita breeders in the country and come on, they are gorgeous and the type of dog I want the most.

      You should get a dog buddy too! Japanese Spitz are super cute as well! For a while I was looking at them too but I decided on Akita in the end. :)

    2. Well yah, they're rare but still pretty wanted breed so obviously that makes the price go up. If I remember correctly my dog cost 1100 because japsis are not that popular.

      Yeah, I definitely will at some point, because in the end two dogs don't require that much more work than one (like you take them out together and they eat same food). Miiku just doesn't really mind puppies at least outside when we see them, but maybe he'll get used to it if he sees it everyday :o

  2. *^* Omg Akita Inus are so cute! I have my own little girl who is Akita inu and she is the sweetest dog I know.

    1. OMG someone who actually has one! It's a rare breed in Sweden at least and yeah, I'm really looking forward to getting my pup! I'm pretty damn sure I'll be the only one in my town to have one, possibly even in the whole county lol. x)

    2. I live in Finland my self and in here it's rare too. But after we toke our pup the town where I live has already like 3 or 4 other Akita inus.

  3. Oh my and yes I am so super happy for you, that you will get a dog. It is a partner for life. But I may not be a dog person, but even if I could see myself with a dog sometime in the future if I can finde the right bred for me.
    But still I am so happy for you to take to step and get a one. Can´t wait to see the photo off your companion =D

  4. Omg yeeeas. I require puppy pictures when the time comes. My fave breed to look at is probably shiba inu (aka. doge) but akitas are real cute as well.

    Also I totally want to hear about your surgery. You can throw me a facebook message or something if you need someone to talk to. :3

  5. Ooooh so cute ahh ;A; they look beautful! Looking forward to see pictures of your furbaby! ;)I'm so happy for you <3

    I also thought about have a dog in the future. Im getting def getting a husky or a shiba inu. Love both of them. I have been a husky lover for years~


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