Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kumma, the akita – I love food, chewing and my own reflection!

Hello peeps!

Another quick doggie post for today since I've noticed that a lot of people actually like these posts and some have asked for them specifically so yeah, here's the daily dose of fluffiness!

I can't get over how adorable he is. ;A; Today he even kindly posed for the camera before his lunch food, even though earlier he has been effectively uninterested in my photographing efforts – it's like as soon as I pick up the camera and point it at his direction he quits doing whatever cute face he did and either turns away or closes his eyes; he doesn't think the camera is interesting enough to stay in place and be a doggie model, lol. But yeah, today Kumma actually cooperated with me (at least for a couple minutes) and I got some lovely shots of him in all his floofiness ~ ♥

Oh and yeah, I'll just mention it in case someone is new to my dog/blog and wonders – he's a white Japanese akita (aka akita inu) male. 2 years old. Imported from Japan (he has an AKIHO-pedigree). His full name is Fubuki go Gumma Yamaguchi.

He loves eating basically anything I've tried feeding him so far and he really enjoys those chewing toys you stuff with treats/food; I bought a green bite-a-treat chewing bone to him some days ago and once it's filled and within his reach he'll keep at it until it's emptied and nothing else can take his attention away from it. Sometimes it feels like his stomach (and apetite!) might as well be a black hole but yeah, he ain't getting more food than what is recommended.

I've also noticed that every time he sees his own reflection in a mirror or a window he absolutely has to go and inspect it, no matter what. It's a super cute thing to be on a walk with him and watch him walk by a low window or a glass door and, before you know it, he is curiously approaching it to check if it's another dog and then, as soon as he gets to put his nose on the reflection, he happily walks away from it. I just can't handle how adorbs he is. ;u;

But despite him being my precious little fur baby I have to admit that there are some sad news. :'( I won't tell too much about it yet but I honestly saw it coming before I even bought him (aka I was aware of it) but yeah, I will save that for another post when I have the strength to write it all down properly. Until then, I'll enjoy every second with him and I hope you enjoy his canine beauty too ~

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kumma, the akita – getting used to new home!

Hello peeps!

In case someone missed the last post I did I will make it extra clear – I am now living with a doge dog! ♥ Click on the link to read in detail how the first two days were, aka when me and my buddies traveled to southern Finland to pick up my new fluffy friend and how his first day in a new town (and a new country) went ~

This ball of adorable fluff right here is called Kumma, a white Japanese akita (akita inu). He entered my life on 12th June and has been making some really fast progress on getting used to his new home; it actually feels quite surreal because I was expecting him to be a lot more reserved and wary seeing how he's an adult dog (2 years) who has been in Japan, Russia, Finland and now in Sweden. The first two days he still seemed a bit distant and detached but already on the third day, aka yesterday, he woke me up with a lot of "doggy kisses", aka licking my face (not sure if it's really kisses but yeah, I've heard theories about that). Normally I'm not all that fond of getting a dog's tongue all over my face but now when it's my own dog it was the nicest thing ever – especially because it was the first time Kumma ever did that to me. ;A;
He's such a cutie and so well-behaved, except that when he gets excited he tries to playfully bite me and especially my arms. I know he doesn't mean any harm but it's still a bit scary when a large dog is trying to close its jaws on your new jacket's or your favorite hoodie's sleeve, lol. He did accidentally bite me when I gave him a metworst slice earlier today though, had to get a plaster on my finger because it bled a little. He was so excited he jumped in the air and grabbed the slice before I had time to lower it to his level...

Sacchan has been helping me to take care of Kumma because now that I've recovered enough from my surgery to go back to school I realized I still have this week to go before my summer vacation starts and yeah, I don't want to leave Kumma alone in my apartment for hours while he's still getting used to his new surroundings – I'd feel horrible leaving him, even though my school is close and I could bike home and visit him during my breaks. I just can't, even though he seems to be the type who'd probably just chill and sleep nicely, until the owner gets back. He has such a clear on-and-off button and indoors he's almost always just lying somewhere and watching what I'm doing so yeah, I'm starting to trust him enough that he really won't be trying to destroy things as soon as I'm not looking; so far he hasn't destroyed a single thing in my house and that's quite amazing seeing how he's only been a yard dog in kennels before...

That's all for this quick post. More dog-filled life updates another day!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kumma – the white Japanese akita. Moving in!

Woof woof!

Who remembers my post about the akita puppies? Well, things ended up differently and yeah, I'll tell you a short version about the story as well as what happened yesterday, on 12th June 2016. ;)


So I had been in contact with some kennels in both Finland and Sweden and, one day, I happened to check Kennel Vuorenvarman's website and saw that there was a white male akita puppy still available – of course my interest skyrocketed! I sent an email to the kennel holder and after some mailing back and forth it became clear that there would be too much paperwork, additional costs (rabies vaccines, passports etc) and time "wasted" before the puppy would be ready and legal to take to Sweden. I thought that was it but then she asked if I happened to be interested in a young adult male akita, also a white one – what a surprise! :O It turned out she had a 2-year-old white male akita that was looking for a new home and that had everything ready to be taken to Sweden, since he originally was an import dog from Japan anyway. The reason she was selling said dog, named Kumma, was because the kennel holder had no plans to use him for breeding purposes anymore.
After some thinking, checking out Kumma's pedigree, health stats etc and asking some questions about him I decided on adopting him; in the end it doesn't matter to me all that much if I get a puppy or an adult dog. Besides, I got him for a lot cheaper than what a puppy would have cost and there's nothing terribly wrong or crippling with him – he was sold cheap because of being an adult, but I suspect his less-than-ideal hips might have played a part on the price, although the breeder said he doesn't suffer from it and I want to believe she was honest.

Me, Sacchan, Ronya and Sacchan's little brother headed to Tuuri in middle Finland, on 12th June, to pick up my furry friend – I was so excited! The weather was mainly nice and the trip down took around 6 hours. The reason we decided to meet in Tuuri and not where the kennel actually was located is because Tuuri is higher up (aka less for us to travel) and there was a sort of dog show there on that day that the breeder attended, win-win.

Heading to Tuuri. Notice the peculiarly awesome cloud line.
We left around 8 in the morning (Finnish time) and arrived 15:00, approximately. I had never been to Tuuri before so it was quite cool to be there; Tuuri is known for its huge tourist-ish shopping area, camping site etc despite being a small village in the middle of nowhere. It has become a sort of shopping icon with its trademark huge golden horse shoe.

Proof we were in Tuurin Kyläkauppa.
Once we stepped out of the car we all had problems figuring out where to go to find the dog show area. We ended up just wandering around like clueless chickens and then I tried to call Noora, the kennel holder, to ask where she was. She didn't answer and so we waited for a while before all four of us decided on doing a speed-visit to the main store. We only had time to check the video games before Noora called me and said that she was done with the dog show and about to leave for home and she asked me to go to the meeting place within 10 minutes. We had decided on meeting at the golden horse shoe because it's huge and impossible to miss – she said that she'd bring Kumma along for easy recognization.
Our group of four kept our eyes peeled for a black car that fit her description but, honestly, there were several that could have been hers. xD We circled around the horse shoe until Sacchan said that she saw four white canine legs close to a black car in the parking lot in front of us – soon enough a familiar-looking white doge dog with his owner prepared to cross the street, right in front of us. She didn't immediately figure out it was us so I approached them both and then it went from there. Noora was kind, relaxed, easy to deal with and really helpful overall. We got the paperwork done really quickly but what wasn't as easy was to get Kumma to calm down; he appeared very stressed of the situation and was really scared of everyone in our group and, for some reason, me especially. :< I let him sniff my arm but he would go and hide behind Noora and it took a lot of doggy treats to get him to come close and let me pet his head but, once I did, he seemed to be sorta okay with me lol. I can't blame the poor little guy – so many new strangers at once and a new busy place, lots of noise and cars and he's a dog who's only used to being a "yard dog" at the kennel, after all.

We managed to get Kumma into the car and then, without further waiting around, we started our long journey back home. Kumma soon enough let everyone pet him but during most of the trip he just silently sat in the backseat and looked out of the window; at times he seemed a bit distant/unreachable and as if he was longing back to his, now, former owner.
He didn't bark a single time, nor did he drink water inside the car. We had to stop the car, go outside and put the water bowl down on the ground for him to put his tongue in it. But even though he wouldn't touch the water bowl –if someone held it– he was crazy about his dry food in the trunk of the car that, once he smelled it, he started to jump with joy and had that glimpse in his eyes that wasn't there otherwise; he even wagged his tail. Kumma ate directly from the hands of anyone who had food for him and it seemed like he never got enough; we let him eat a bit extra because it seemed to have a calming/trusting effect on him and that was important because he was otherwise quite stressed, although petting he didn't mind.

Kumma chilling in the car.
He was incredibly calm and silent the whole trip, didn't really do anything save for changing positions every so often and poking the windows with his moist nose. I never heard him bark or growl and neither did he do any mischiefs in the car. Of course we stopped regularly to let him walk around and do his needs outside and that's also why we arrived at home really late.

The first night he seemed to spend alternating between short sleeps and then waking up to move into a different position and then falling asleep again. I heard his paws and thus claws moving on the floor even though I was sleeping as well – I wake up easily by sounds.
What is surprising though is that even though he has only been an outdoor dog (according to the kennel holder) and thus not housetrained he has, so far, not even done a single need indoors! I was expecting to wake up to pee pools everywhere on the morning but nope, nada, nothing. He doesn't seem to care about biting cables or destroying virtually anything that you'd want to keep undamaged either. Neither does he bark indoors or do anything at all that might annoy the neighbors
– he's a wonderful dog.

The kennel's logo that was on the folder containing all the
important documents and the animal passport.
Kumma was and still is reserved around me and Sacchan but he's starting to warm up to us, I think. He doesn't come close yet on his own (unless on a walk outside and, especially, if someone else approaches him) but he doesn't move away every time one of us two gets close indoors either. Today he actually freely walked over to me –first thing he did once he entered the apartment– after Sacchan took him outside to do his needs and guess what? He bumped his wet nose against mine. ♥ He hasn't come that close to my face before on his own will but he has jumped at me a few times, especially if I was about to give him his dry food. Kumma seems to looooove eating and it's during feeding time when he wags his tightly curled adorable tail. I hope he'll break in to his new foreverhome soon ~

Kumma lying on the "corridor" floor, which he quickly claimed as his place.
Earlier today I took him to one of the local pet stores and bought some toys and some other fun things for him; the girl working there was super nice too and gave Kumma some free liver treats and weighed him for me, since I have no proper scale at home. Kumma also freely went up to her and sniffed her out, instead of being reserved like he is around virtually every other unknown person we've encountered today – I'll definitely take him to the same store in the future too because he seemed to feel safe there and he was curious about all the interesting smells and the food bags oh lord. He actually shoved his whole nose all the way into a sealed food bag's upper "fold corner" and took a single, really deep and passionate sniff of it that sounded like he just smelled the best thing ever – the sigh of pure pleasure, lol. His whole face, complete with the loud inhalation, looked like he was in the heaven of smells that moment. It was ridiculously cute!

I'm really waiting to see how he will adapt and what his true personality is once he has settled into his new life. I will start to train him etc as soon as he has calmed down a bit more and is ready to listen, hopefully within a few days. What's nice is that even now he walks pretty nicely when leashed –save for a couple times when he tried to bite the leash– and doesn't pull as much as I was expecting; my former samoyed (owned together with mom) pulled all the time during walks.

One thing that's worth mentioning though is that Kumma's actual and full name is Fubuki go Gumma Yamaguchi but he's just called Kumma. What's a bit funny though is that the word 'kumma' in Finnish means 'odd' or 'weird' (note: not derogatory) but if I'd call him Gumma instead –with Swedish pronounciation– then that would be even weirder because 'gumma' in Swedish is the word used for either an older woman (think: grandma) or a cute little girl... and said dog is a young male, so yeaaaah. I'll get the occasional stares and raised eyebrows no matter what I call him, depending on if I meet a Swede or a Finn on my walks. xD #borderproblems

That's all for this time. Expect to see more doggy posts in the future since I will be dedicating a part of this blog to my life with Kumma from now on ~