Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kumma, the akita – getting used to new home!

Hello peeps!

In case someone missed the last post I did I will make it extra clear – I am now living with a doge dog! ♥ Click on the link to read in detail how the first two days were, aka when me and my buddies traveled to southern Finland to pick up my new fluffy friend and how his first day in a new town (and a new country) went ~

This ball of adorable fluff right here is called Kumma, a white Japanese akita (akita inu). He entered my life on 12th June and has been making some really fast progress on getting used to his new home; it actually feels quite surreal because I was expecting him to be a lot more reserved and wary seeing how he's an adult dog (2 years) who has been in Japan, Russia, Finland and now in Sweden. The first two days he still seemed a bit distant and detached but already on the third day, aka yesterday, he woke me up with a lot of "doggy kisses", aka licking my face (not sure if it's really kisses but yeah, I've heard theories about that). Normally I'm not all that fond of getting a dog's tongue all over my face but now when it's my own dog it was the nicest thing ever – especially because it was the first time Kumma ever did that to me. ;A;
He's such a cutie and so well-behaved, except that when he gets excited he tries to playfully bite me and especially my arms. I know he doesn't mean any harm but it's still a bit scary when a large dog is trying to close its jaws on your new jacket's or your favorite hoodie's sleeve, lol. He did accidentally bite me when I gave him a metworst slice earlier today though, had to get a plaster on my finger because it bled a little. He was so excited he jumped in the air and grabbed the slice before I had time to lower it to his level...

Sacchan has been helping me to take care of Kumma because now that I've recovered enough from my surgery to go back to school I realized I still have this week to go before my summer vacation starts and yeah, I don't want to leave Kumma alone in my apartment for hours while he's still getting used to his new surroundings – I'd feel horrible leaving him, even though my school is close and I could bike home and visit him during my breaks. I just can't, even though he seems to be the type who'd probably just chill and sleep nicely, until the owner gets back. He has such a clear on-and-off button and indoors he's almost always just lying somewhere and watching what I'm doing so yeah, I'm starting to trust him enough that he really won't be trying to destroy things as soon as I'm not looking; so far he hasn't destroyed a single thing in my house and that's quite amazing seeing how he's only been a yard dog in kennels before...

That's all for this quick post. More dog-filled life updates another day!


  1. Hey Akitas Loves to carry things and that includes your hand. They like to take your hand between their teeth. :3 just saying~

    1. Yes, I've read that somewhere that they do like carrying stuff but yeah, still a bit scary because their teeth are strong. ^^" He seems to do it pretty much only when I come home, try to put on the leash or sometimes whem I am about to give him a treat/food. By far most often when I come home or put on the leash.

    2. You are gonna get used to it at some point. It's good thing that your dog doesn't grow anymore. It could get more scary if he would grow up more. My other Akita puppy will grow so then I will have two adult dogs taking my hand between their teeth (I have two now :3).Kumma is so cute boy btw TTwTT <3

  2. Your new canine friend seems to be very good natured! :) And so handsome! Akita is one of my favourite breeds too, you're so lucky ;)

  3. My dog once bit me accidently, I think we were about to cut his nails or something else unpleasant or he had taken something he wasn't allowed to. He didn't actually bite, more like his teeth just scratced me (and they were still very sharp puppy teeth) and for next 15 min Miiku just followed me around with looking ashamed and licked the wound like he was saying "IMSORRYAREYOUOKAYIMSORRY!" :'D


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