Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kumma, the akita – I love food, chewing and my own reflection!

Hello peeps!

Another quick doggie post for today since I've noticed that a lot of people actually like these posts and some have asked for them specifically so yeah, here's the daily dose of fluffiness!

I can't get over how adorable he is. ;A; Today he even kindly posed for the camera before his lunch food, even though earlier he has been effectively uninterested in my photographing efforts – it's like as soon as I pick up the camera and point it at his direction he quits doing whatever cute face he did and either turns away or closes his eyes; he doesn't think the camera is interesting enough to stay in place and be a doggie model, lol. But yeah, today Kumma actually cooperated with me (at least for a couple minutes) and I got some lovely shots of him in all his floofiness ~ ♥

Oh and yeah, I'll just mention it in case someone is new to my dog/blog and wonders – he's a white Japanese akita (aka akita inu) male. 2 years old. Imported from Japan (he has an AKIHO-pedigree). His full name is Fubuki go Gumma Yamaguchi.

He loves eating basically anything I've tried feeding him so far and he really enjoys those chewing toys you stuff with treats/food; I bought a green bite-a-treat chewing bone to him some days ago and once it's filled and within his reach he'll keep at it until it's emptied and nothing else can take his attention away from it. Sometimes it feels like his stomach (and apetite!) might as well be a black hole but yeah, he ain't getting more food than what is recommended.

I've also noticed that every time he sees his own reflection in a mirror or a window he absolutely has to go and inspect it, no matter what. It's a super cute thing to be on a walk with him and watch him walk by a low window or a glass door and, before you know it, he is curiously approaching it to check if it's another dog and then, as soon as he gets to put his nose on the reflection, he happily walks away from it. I just can't handle how adorbs he is. ;u;

But despite him being my precious little fur baby I have to admit that there are some sad news. :'( I won't tell too much about it yet but I honestly saw it coming before I even bought him (aka I was aware of it) but yeah, I will save that for another post when I have the strength to write it all down properly. Until then, I'll enjoy every second with him and I hope you enjoy his canine beauty too ~


ShinobiYuki said...

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! And I really should have made that even longer than I did.

Aki Ame Ōkami said...

I may be a little late saying this but I love the new header on the blog! He is super adorable, very fluffy. ~Aki

Shiro Samurai said...

Nah, you're not late. :) The header is just a few days old ~

Anonymous said...

Your doggie is really cute! Come to think about the pole bear dog form the avatar/korra franchise for some reason.

The Cherry Blossom World said...

Hello Shiro!
Owwww you have a lovely dog, i looove the Akita inu, is so cute! <3

Anmanda said...

Så söt! Måste bara fråga, var det du som postade om höftledsdysplasi och ortopediska sängar på Hundar i Fokus? :D Satt och läste genom forumet och tänkte direkt på er när jag läste ett inlägg där om en 2 årig omplacerings Akita. Hur som helst önskar jag dig och Kumma ett stort lycka till inför framtiden! Är så kul att läsa om andras hundägande så jag hoppas på fler posts i framtiden :)

Shiro Samurai said...

Jo det är jag det, haha!
Det kommer komma fler posts i framtiden, kanske även recensioner på hundgrejer om intresse finns och ifall jag orkar. xD

Anmanda said...

Succesful stalking. Nämen inte så ofta jag hittar någon annan som är involverad i både hund- och cosplaycommunityn så blev bara tvungen att påpeka det xD
Och jag är i alla fall intresserad av recensioner på hundgrejer! Tycker själv om att köpa grejer till vovven så är alltid kul att veta vad andra tycker om olika produkter :)