Monday, August 22, 2016

Kumma, the akita – Parting ways

Hello you lovely people!

Some of you might already know (if you've been following my personal Facebook) but I thought that I'd make a post about it anyway. So yeah, for those not in the know it is with a heavy heart that I announce that due to some reasons I had to relocate/sell my akita dog, Kumma. :( One of the main reasons is that I suddenly got to know that someone in the same (youth) apartment as me is allergic to dogs and she complained about it and yeah, I can't risk being thrown out of here because I would have nowhere to go, nor the money to move out. I have the cheapest rent in the whole town. Another problem that surfaced was that I decided on continuing my studies after the summer and I realized that I didn't have a good enough and dependable social network to have someone take care of Kumma while I'm in school (or away on hospital visits etc) – my average school day is from 8:30 to 15:30, with a 1-hour lunch break and smaller breaks. There were some other things that further complicated our lives together as well but these are all my faults, not his. 

He was a lovely dog, very charming with his peculiarities and his beauty. I wish I could have kept him but I, unfortunately, had to let go – for the better of both of us. It was not meant to be like this; I had prepared to keep him for the rest of his life and so this sudden turn of events was hard to digest.

This is the very last photo of Kumma that I took. He's resting
at my brother's apartment. ♥
He's now spending his days with an older Finnish couple in the far north. Their last dog had quite recently died and they were looking for a new four-legged friend to liven up their days. They told me they had owned a lot of dogs, many different breeds (mostly spitz) and I felt really assured that they'd give Kumma a lasting forever-home – the wife even said that he'll stay with them until the end. ♥ I told them that I didn't want to see Kumma have to move around even more because he has already gone from Japan to Russia, Finland and Sweden. They gave me a very good impression and, although I feel sad for losing him, I am still happy because I know that he's in good hands now. Kumma got a big new home in the north with pure air around him, forest paths everywhere, a cottage by the shore where he can swim every weekend and he'll get lots of endless love from two older, dog-loving souls who have more time for him than I did.

In case someone is wondering if this is what I meant with the "bad news" I mentioned in one of the earlier posts I want to make it clear that no, it's not. Back when I wrote that post I was sure I could keep him and what I actually wanted to make a post about was something different and there's not really any reason to write about it in detail anymore. But, long story short(er) – Kumma has canine hip dysplasia (common with akita breed) and, although I was aware of his D-grade hips, the seller either outright lied to me about him not having symptoms/suffering from it or she had spent so little time watching over him that she didn't notice it which, although unlikely, might hold true since he had only been a kennel yard dog before he got his first real home with me (that's what I've come to assume at least, based on my internet googling). This makes me sad and mad at the same time because even though I'm not a dog expert even I could tell, after a couple weeks at most, that his rear end was not completely in order. :( Please note though that his hip condition has nothing to do with why I relocated him and I made sure that his current owners were aware of it and know how to treat and help him live as good and long of a life as possible. I did drop the price because of it but also because I needed to get him a new home as quickly as possible – which happened on 12th August.
Also, Kumma's new owners had a previous dog with a heart defect so it's not like they never had a dog they needed to be extra careful with so yeah, I'm pretty sure they know how to care for him properly too. I trust in them and we are keeping contact and they send me photos of Kumma, which I really appreciate. ;u;


Okay, so that's about all I had to say for this final chapter about my life with Kumma. It was pretty hard to make this post, hence the delay. I am sure though that I will, once the time is right, restart with a new dog in the future. ♥ I'm not sure yet if it will be an akita again or something different but whatever breed it will be I'll cherish it.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Kumma, the akita – White akita inu photoshoot!

Hi guys!

A couple days ago I decided to take a lot of photos of Kumma, my male 2-year-old Japanese akita. I'm surprised he even posed for the camera that long because he thinks being photographed is one of the most boring things ever, lol. But yeah, without further babbling I'll just let you guys enjoy the photo spam!

Photographer and editor: Shiro Samurai

He's so cute, isn't he? A really charming boy. ♥ He tends to turn his face away from the camera but I just had to call him to catch his attention and then he looked at me. I did miss out on a couple lovely expressions he did but he shifted position too fast for me to be able to capture it. Oh well, can't always get what you want. Another fun fact is that he got a doggy-boner and I had to wait it out, ouch.

Bonus photo!

Ultimaattinen huuli rutussa-ilme.
That's honestly the first image I got of him, it clearly shows what Kumma thinks about photo sessions – boring af. That's his ultimate face of disapproval, scrunched lip and everything.


Thanks for viewing. Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hail storm in summer?!?

Hello peeps.

This will be a short post but I must share this because it's just... WHAT THE FUCK. :'DD
You see, ever since I got home from Närcon a couple days ago the weather up here has been all over the place – rain, thunder storms etc. But now, today, quite recently something extraordinary happened. Today is 3rd August.

Me and Sacchan were sitting in the car, driving to my apartment when suddenly the skies came down on us. It started as a normal rain with huge raindrops and then... it started hailing. Thundering. Raining even more. And then it hailed so fucking much I thought the hail would make holes in the car or something. The sound was excruciatingly loud – you could barely hear yourself scream inside the car.

Notice the nice row of hail where the roof ends.
This is really weird, I can't remember it happening before! I know once when I was very very young and on vacation in Italy with my parents (we drove there by car) it suddenly started raining huge af hail balls, big as 5 SEK coins in the middle of summer on an ordinary hot day... in motherfucking Italy of all countries. It was the weirdest thing I had ever witnessed and now I feel like I kinda experienced a similar bizarre joke of nature...

Just to show the size of the hail balls.
Okay, I know August is considered late summer but I still find this hella weird since it has been warm weather otherwise. This sudden hail storm really threw me off and now I'm just amused and confused at the same time, hehehe.

Thanks for reading!