Monday, September 5, 2016

Pokémon TCG: XY Trainer Kit – Latias & Latios

Hello geeks!

Today I'll do a quick Pokémon Trading Card Game unboxing kit post... or something like that. You see, I've always been a huge fan of Latias & Latios and when I saw this Trainer Kit for sale at a geek shop in Umeå last year, I had to grab it! It cost me 119 SEK.

This Trainer Kit was released on April 2015 so yeah, it's not super new but it's not really that old either. Many many years ago I purchased the EX Trainer Kit also containing Latias & Latios holofoil cards (exclusive to said kit) and of course, once this new one came out, I had to have it too – I'm a sucker for exclusive cards! The thing is that because I love these two Eon Pokémon I collect various merchandise with them on and that includes TCG cards, even though I sorta stopped actively collecting cards since Gen 3 ended...

This package includes two half decks, one with Latias as the main card and one with Latios. It's meant to be a learn-to-play set for two but I'm more of a collector than a player, even though I do know the game rules and have played TCG casually back in the days, haha.

Front of the package.
Back of the package.
Except for the two play decks this set includes a deck box, a rulebook, damage and status counters, a silver coin featuring the Hoenn (Gen 3) starters and a play mat. It also includes a Trainer Kit Guide, which takes players through an example battle; there is also one guide for each of the half decks included. If you're interested in the deck list you can see it at Bulbapedia.

The contents.
With the kit I also got one of those online TCG card thingies that you nowadays get from like, every Pokémon TCG booster pack. I haven't tried them out myself (don't really have the interest) so I don't really have any use for it but hey, if someone wants it then give me a shout!

It also included one of these online TCG cards.
I'm still not used to the new different holofoils – I'm forever one of the old-school kids, hehe. I like the new ones but I don't think it's as cool as the good old holo cards from the first two generations; the new foils don't feel as "precious", if that makes sense. xD Oh well, it's cool that they're trying out new stuff although all the different holofoils make my head spin sometimes.

And here's the exclusive Latias and Latios holo cards.
I really like the art of these two and they'll be a nice addition to my collection. :) I really need to go through and resort all my TCG because now they're a bit everywhere and I really l don't like the mess...

That's about all I had for this quick post. See ya!

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