Thursday, September 15, 2016

School's theme week: Space = Star Wars!

Hello pipol!

This is gonna be a post about my school life. Or well, this school week. You see, my school tends to sometimes have these things we call 'theme weeks', which means that during a random week we get assigned a theme (it can be anything!) and all students gets put into groups and then we have to make a presentation of said theme at the end of the week. The group you end up in is completely random so yeah, being the introvert I am it's quite often a crapshoot of anxiety for me but this time I lucked out! I ended up in a group of geeks, what's the odds? :DD
Even better, our theme for the week was Space and tell me, what does a geek like me think when I hear the word Space? Fuckin' Star Wars, of course! So yeah, we all mutually and quickly agreed to do something based on Star Wars and then we somehow ended up deciding on doing vines – you know, quick and sometimes hilarious video clips. At first my group mates weren't really comfortable with being recorded but honestly, I'm awkward about it too because I so often end up both looking and sounding like a potato. Somehow we still got hyped about the idea and ended up doing some really silly, spontaneous and downright hilarious mini sketches!

But of course, one can not pretend to be a Jedi or Sith without looking the part and that's when my existence was a blessing to the group – I could throw together a Jedi outfit from my closet to make our video all the more fun and believable! And I could borrow a Sith outfit, a lightsaber and some other props from Frozen Angel, my brother.

My random Jedi closet cosplay for the school project.
"May the wrinkles be with you." (aka didn't have time to iron the robe ._.)
This costume consists of various parts from other cosplays and the only actually Star Wars-intended piece is the robe, which I originally made a few days before the premiere of The Force Awakens so that I could wear it to the movie showing. For being almost a 100% closet cosplay it's pretty decent I'd say, hehe. But yeah, because this costuming was for a school project I didn't bother with any makeup or anything of the sort – just put on the costume and rolled. But seriously, having a legit reason to cosplay at school (and being appreciated for it) is pretty dang awesome.

So yeah, Tuesday and Wednesday I spent walking around in school in my Jedi garb and gathering amusing reactions. I even ended up going to eat at Subway, entering a shopping center and doing some bank business during a lunch break in costume, it was hilarious. Our group also walked around in town to get to our filming locations and yeah, whatever people spotted us did stare and a few kids at a playground gave us a "what nice costumes you have!" comment, aww. ;u;
Also, some student at the school saw me and said "Aaaah, Obi-Wan Shinobi!".... I think he got it slightly wrong. xD Other reactions by students mostly included smiles and looks, although one guy came up to me and asked how it was going with the Force training, hehe.

Our group was called Star Vines (horrible pun invented by me, lololo) and our video clips ranged from going to a nearby food store to, passive-aggressively, buying Star Wars shampoo and toothbrushes to running through the school corridors with a cheapo spacecraft made out of a box of cardboard and some tape and wing additions. Of course I was the one running with the cardboard spacecraft and I had to provide the sound effects myself.
We also used some references from Pokémon Go and Grand Theft Auto. :DD Oh and yeah, I wasn't the only one who dressed up – this other guy volunteered to be a Sith (also closet cosplay) and another of us also wore a Pikachu kigurumi.

But yeah, we had too much fun with this sith shit and even though normally I dislike being put into random groups and having to do a presentation to the whole school, from start to finish, from scratch within one week, this time I really did have fun! Oh and yeah, good thing with theme weeks is that as long as you stick to the theme (in this case, Space) you can do basically anything – a concert, a theater play, a video, an exhibition, poetry etc. That's why I love creativity-based schools, it's so free.

I'm sorry but even though I have the finished video I don't think it's fair from me to upload it to my blog without asking consent of the other group members first so yeah, sorry if you were expecting to be able to see it. ^^" I can say though that from all the presentations (presentation day was today, btw) I personally think, without intending to brag, that our project was by far the funniest and the best one. Some other groups' presentations seemed to be either rushed (or kept dragging on) and were just, simply boring – especially when compared to the previous theme week that had really good quality on the presentations. Of course there were some good, inspiring and funny ones too but I mean, during one presentation in particular I got to sit in a dark room and stare at some cut-out images (printed from a computer) glued to a wall with lights, while a repetetive song is playing on loop for like 5 minutes? No interaction, no action, no jokes, no group members anywhere explaining what's going on, nothing. Absolutely 100% boooooooring. Even though it was Star Wars themed too but hey, a remix of the Imperial March won't save you.


I probably forgot to mention a lot of funny things that happened but yeah, my mind just went blank. I don't want to make this a kilometer post either (and especially cuz I only have one pic) so I think it's better I end it here. And again, sorry about not being able to share the fruits of our work with you peeps. ^^"

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