Monday, October 3, 2016

Star Wars BB-8 plush doll

Hello peeps!

I'm currently down with the flu and what's better than soft geeky company in the bed to cheer you up? I bought this officially released Star Wars BB-8 plush from a big Finnish mixed store called Anttila, that went bankrupt for not so long ago. It was both weird and sad to see such a long-time store chain being put down. :'( So yeah, they had huge sales on everything and that included toys – if I recall right I got this one for like 8 € when its original sales price is around 20+ €. Of course I couldn't resist picking up a huggable version of my favorite droid!

The size is approximately 25 cm and the fabric is smooth and pleasant to touch. BB-8 has its nice round shape and there's quite a lot of stuffing in it, not too much for it to be hard but it's not really squishy either – if that makes sense. It's more "solid" (filled) than your average plush, heh.

Paper tag, front.
Paper tag, back.
I just realized that I forgot to take a close-up photo of the tush tag but yeah, it has the Star Wars trademark logo in its iconic font and black. Underneath there's the copyright icon and Lucasfilm Ltd. mentioned. On the backside there's the CE marking, the usual icons for washing and some information stating the manufacturer and that it's made in Belgium.

But yeah, if you hadn't figured it out already I'm weak for plush toys. x) This is my first Star Wars related one but it might not be the last, hehe. I mainly have Pokémon though.

That's all I had for today. See ya!

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