Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Guide: StreetPass Slot Racer Booster Chips

Hello gamers!

I thought I could share my discovery regarding the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Mii Plaza game called StreetPass Slot Racer where I live (PAL version), but it's also seemingly known as Slot Car Rivals. 
I won't go through how the game works or what it is since I assume that most people interested in this post already know that. What I will tell you though is how to get the Booster Chips that you need and what exactly determines if you get Speed, Acceleration or Control from the Miis you meet when you StreetPass someone.

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Okay, so after playing this game for a while, completing it and meeting a lot of different Miis I came to notice that the boosts that each Mii gives is actually not random – it's based on the Mii's length. 

Short Mii = Speed
Average Mii = Acceleration
Tall Mii = Control

I've checked this with several different Mii characters that I've met and every time it holds true to my discovery. You might also have noticed that, when you created your Mii over att Mii Maker, that the length option bar is separated into 6 parts. The two first/shortest bars will make your Mii give Speed Booster Chips, the two middle bars will make your Mii give Acceleration and the two last/tallest bars will make it give Control.
You can also change your Mii's length any time and it will change what boost it gives so yeah, the boosts aren't set. One person I know used to have an average length Mii that gave Acceleration but then, after my discovery, he decided to make his personal Mii slightly shorter aka so that it's within the two first height bars and now said Mii gives Speed instead!

Also, after clearing everything in this game I can say that my personal opinion is that Speed matters by far the most. From my experience it's also the hardest one to get since most people/Miis I StreetPass with aren't short. I honestly don't really notice what Control does but Acceleration tends to screw up my timing during some curves so that I end up crashing because the car catches up its speed too fast, lol. 
I don't know yet if Golden Booster Chips are random or not but, so far, it seems to me that they appear randomly because I once got them twice in a row and sometimes it takes a really long time before I get one – they are definitely rare.

I hope you found this helpful and good luck with the racing!

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