Sunday, January 29, 2017

A new year [old memories being renewed]

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!

Now 2016 is behind us and I have to get used to writing 2017 everywhere... this is gonna take some time, lol. My 2016 was a turbulent year – it held with it both good things as well as bad things. Christmas I spent at my mom's, just like usual, and we had good food and a good time. Spending time with my family is something that I cherish. I also had my first ever surgery during the past year and it went mostly well; it was quite the experience and I was very nervous and kinda scared as well. Luckily the doctors were really nice and the recovery went fine. :)
I've gone through a lot of things this past year and many really memorable ones. It definitely hasn't been a walk on roses but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, they say. I know that stuff will happen even on this new year and, actually, some life-changing things have already showed themselves in the horizon!

I started this new year by watching a double dose of fireworks and it was a treat to the eyes it's one of the perks of living where I live, haha. I also continued my studies and, as things look now, it looks like I'll finally be done this spring! Oh boy, it has taken such a long time to get anywhere with all the school stuff – I've been in a rut for years because of depression and other personal stuff that really drained all the juice from me. Now at least things look promising, if only I can keep up the pace.

I've also had time to spend some quality hours with my friends and I even had to do a quick trip to southern Sweden this past week, starting from last Monday. I had to meet a specialist doctor and luckily the meeting happened to be in the same city where my big sister lives and so I could make it into a mini family visiting trip – meaning that I could stay at her place a couple nights. 
It was lovely to see her again and she helped me get to the hospital safely on the morning too; I would have been so lost without her. The morning before the doctor appointment I was really fucking nervous and anxious and kept imagining all kinds of worst-case scenarios etc. I've never been good with hospitals. Luckily, my big sister owns the good ol' Super Nintendo that was a big part of my early childhood (it's what made me into a gamer) and I got to play on it meanwhile she was out in town. I flipped through the bulky gray game cartridges and when I spotted one of my favorite nostalgy titles, U.N. Squadron (aka Area 88 in Japan), I knew what I'd spend my remaining approx. 4 hours of pre-hospital mercy time on. Especially because I haven't played it to half-way death already, like I have done with the Super Mario titles.

Hnnnngh, memories. <3 <3 <3 ;__;
Good thing is that while playing I managed to relax completely, bad thing is that I didn't remember how salty this game could be! No but really, I played it excitedly for all the remaining hours (or well, until it was lunch time) and even when big sister finally came back I still continued playing, lol. She sat down next to me and every time I died she mocked me and pulled fail-jokes. It was awesome. ♥ 
It might not sound like much but spending time with her and playing some really old games, that we both used to play as kids, really is something different – especially because back in the days she hardly ever spent time with me, but now things have changed and when we were playing it felt like we had jumped back in time and she was, in a way, patching up that hole she didn't fill in back then. ;_; It's really hard to explain but I hope you can get the gist of it. It's really something special.
Another amazing thing that happened was that when I started up the game she didn't even remember it before leaving for town but, when she came back and saw me playing it and failing to kill the same bosses over and over again she suddenly got tired of my failscaling and told me to hand over the controller. I obliged and she asked me how the buttons work, I told her quickly and then she just went and owned the shit out of that boss. :DD 
She even told me afterwards how she had no memories of that stage when she started playing, but as soon as she got to the boss she suddenly remembered a boss-specific quirk that made it possible to beat it easily. We laughed hard at how she had gone 20+ years with literally no memory of the game nor that "useless skill to defeating the boss" and then all those forgotten memories of grinding the game in her childhood days suddenly reactivated when needed – it was pure gold and proof that deep within us our child-selves still exist.
Oh and yeah, by 'useless' she meant that knowing said trick doesn't help her in her daily life at all and is only good for this game; it's a really specific thing relying solely on knowing that if you stay at a really specific angle (we're talking pixel-perfection here) you're invincible to the enemy's otherwise infuriatingly wide and savage hitbox.

But yeah, the doctor visit went better than expected, big sister made me pancakes for dinner (fuck yeah pancakes!) and on the same night I had to leave and take the train to Stockholm and then back up north. Before leaving we shared some funny traveling stories and had a really good time.
My journey back up to my home went well and now I'm (almost) back to my everyday routine with studies to complete and things to look forward to.

I hope you've all also had a good beginning on this new year. 
See you around!

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