Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Panthers Tear Forge cosplay lecture at school!

Hello people!

Today, on 8th February which also happens to be a Wednesday, we had some quite unusual lecturers arriving to my (former) school. After lunch, local time 12:30, the lecture started a cosplay group called Panthers Tear Forge arrived from Oulu, Finland, to talk about cosplay!

I was super stoked because I had been the one recommending my teacher to invite these guys to our school and it finally happened and so, of course, I had to attend it even though I've recently switched back to my old school again. Luckily this particular lesson, held by Göran on Wednesdays after lunch, is open to the public meaning that anyone interested in lectures about what happens around us and in the world is welcome to join.

I must mention that I woke up later than I was supposed to and thus I was in a hurry to get to school in time (I only had 30 minutes), which also meant that I forgot to take with me my SLR camera. Yes, I'm kicking myself for it because I had to resort to my crummy cellphone camera instead. Bad photos are still better than no photos at all but yeah, I'm sorry about the poor quality.

Lecture time ~
As someone who is a cosplayer I found this lecture really interesting, especially because I've been interested in learning to make armored outfits properly. The lecture was held in Finnish but one of the teachers translated it into Swedish for those students who don't understand Finnish; I'm bilingual so for me it was not a problem but I did notice that the translator (one of the teachers) left out some pieces of information, most likely unintentionally because he had no previous knowledge about this hobby and thus some of the terms were unfamiliar to him; the translator is also blind so I understand that he had a hard time explaining about the different materials used and what was going on in the video clip etc. I honestly can't blame him for that, he did a good job and the important things got across. ♥

Humorously simplified version of how to use foam. :'D
Seeing how me and my brother were likely the only ones with previous knowledge about cosplay I must mention that PTForge did a good job with explaining the basics and making the lecture simple to understand, even for the 'normies'. The lecture also included humor and was generally casual and fun, not heavy at all to take in; I never found myself getting bored during the hour that it lasted. I think they did a good job at conveying what cosplay is and how you can make your own costumes and get into this geeky hobby.

PTForge's contact information and social media channels!
It was really nice to get to see some of the in-progress helmets up close (we had some props circulating the classroom) and see how they're built! It's amazing what you can do with simple sheets of foam, glue and a heat gun.

After the lecture everyone could ask questions and take photos of the PTForge members who were dressed up for the occasion. I snapped some photos of the super cool Halo cosplayer!

I stayed after the lecture to talk with the group members and we talked about conventions, costume making and even secret plans about starting up a new convention in the future. Huehuehue ~

All in all I'm really happy that these guys bothered to come to my school. I just wish that some of my other geeky school friends would have been present but I didn't see them anywhere. :'( They missed something hella cool, man.

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