Saturday, February 11, 2017

Piki – the dachshund mix breed!


Last weekend I was at my friend's, Sacchan's, home to help out with taking care of the animals while her parents were away on vacation. The animals include two cats and a dog. I mainly helped out with walking the dog now that he's getting really old and can't always hold himself as long as he used to, poor thing. :'( It was a fun weekend and being around animals makes me really calm and happy ~ 

While there I took the chance to photograph Piki, the dog. He's a 13-year-old dachshund mix (dachshund and brittany) who, despite his age, is still really energetic and playful! I'd never have guessed that he's actually so old based on his behavior he's still like a young dog mentally and can walk really far with no problems.
Piki's real name is actually Pasi Pellervo but my friend's dad didn't think that it fit the dog so they just call him Piki instead. I'd assume that the name comes from the fact that the dog is all black and in Finnish when something is pitch-black you say that it's 'pikimusta'.

Photographer & Model: Shiro Samurai
Model: Pasi "Piki" Pellervo

Anyone who has photographed an animal probably knows how hard it can be to get good photos, especially if the model just doesn't want to be still! Piki didn't seem too keen on cooperating and understandably so, it was cold outside and his fur is pretty thin and he's not used to a camera either. I didn't want it to take too long so I just snapped some photos and hoped for at least a few lucky shots.

As mentioned above Piki is of a quite uncommon crossbreed. At least I think so, dachshunds are common but I don't think that I've ever seen a brittany in real life (or at least 100% recognized a dog as one). ^^" His father was a dachshund and the mother brittany.
Piki definitely has the signature long dachshund body with the short legs, although he's notably taller than any purebreed sausage dog dachshund
– wither length approximately 31 cm. Piki still has the webbed feet though, just like ordinary dachshunds do!

In the litter Piki was the only black puppy all his siblings were of a chocolate brown color and he was the last one left. Nobody seemingly wanted him... until the owners called my friend's dad (they were some kind of friends) and asked if he was interested in a dachshund pup. The dad's first answer was "not interested" but then they said that there's a black puppy left and then, suddenly, the answer changed to "we'll come take a look". :'D My friend's family are all metal fans and really awesome, tbh.

The few signs that give away Piki's age is that he has some gray/white fur around his mouth area, almost like a little beard! Sacchan's dad tends to joke and say that Piki is molding, lol. I really hope that this cutie won't be leaving us anytime soon. ;_;
One cute thing that happened during the photoshoot was that whenever I tried to take off the snow around Piki's mouth he would instantly push his nose into some nearby snow and boom – a new snow beard! I'm not sure if Piki wanted to censor his aging signs or what but it was adorable and slightly annoying at the same time because yeah, I would have wanted at least one snow-free pic but oh well. xD

Below are some cute dog stories:

• When Piki was younger the family used to go on snowmobile trips in the forest and, because he doesn't have a thick fur, he used to go inside Sacchan's dad's jacket so that the head would poke out from the front!

• During his puppy days Piki would make himself a nest out of Sacchan's mom's hair. He would mess it up until it turned into a big cozy bed and then go sleep in it. So precious! ;A;

• On forest trips he'd go inside someone's rucksack/bag and hitch a free ride!

• When Sacchan was young (approx. 10 years) Piki once went into her school bag, on the morning before school, and refused to go out.

And here's some not-so-cute dog stories:

Sacchan's family was driving back home from a trip to Lapland (northern Finland) and Piki was in the backseat of the car. At some point he took a sudden ninja dump, on the floor of the backseat
– no warnings, nothing; it just came out of nowhere. Okay, so Piki is a smart dog and thus he came up with the clever idea to try to hide the poop he took a blanket from the backseat and laid it over the pile of shit in an effort to cover it up sneakily so that he wouldn't get scolded for it. xD Too bad for him shit smells and it was noticed. 10/10 for the effort though. Sneaky clever bastard.

• Once Piki puked in the hallway and, again, tried to cover it up – this time with one of Sacchan's hoodies.

Sacchan's godmother had been visiting for a while and one day they headed out to town. Said godmother had her jacket on and started digging in its pocket; s
he felt some sort of dry object in there, wondered what the heck it was and took it out it was dried-up dog poo. Just don't ask me how the heck Piki managed to snipe-shit into a fucking jacket pocket out of all possible things, especially because he's so short and the jackets are on a hangar in the hallway. I just can't even. xD

• Last year Piki became made a legend. You see, during every night there's always one family member taking him into their room because Piki can't be alone in the house over the nights. This fateful night it was Sacchan's little brother, Joni. So yeah, Piki was sleeping in his room, just like usual, and the door was closed over the night. Suddenly Joni woke up because of a horrible smell and yes, it was the smell of shit.
Now you'd expect that from such a small dog there wouldn't be a lot of poop but, let me quote Joni's own words in Finnish, it was a 'ripulivaltameri' – literally a diarrhea ocean. :)) He spent hours cleaning up the mess and, on the morning when I woke up (me and Sacchan were sleeping in the caravan outside, I was visiting) and went into the house for a bathroom visit I saw Joni just standing there, moping the floor; I asked what had happened (because it smelled funny) and he told me the story and said that he could only do three swipes with the mop before he had to change the water – that's how shitty it was, pun intended. He even told me, in this hilarious yet unamused story-teller voice that once he had been washing up the shit he, after a lot of vigorous cleaning, had finally found 'Atlantiksen kadonneen kaupungin', aka the lost city of Atlantis, aka he rediscovered his room which had been buried thoroughly in supernatural amounts of dog poo.
In a way I'm both really happy and disappointed that I didn't get to see it. Ever since then the 'diarrhea ocean' has stayed as an inside joke between us three. #paskahuumori


So as you can see Piki has done some mischievous things, just like all dogs do. :'D He's still a cute little slightly moldy wiener dog that I can't help but love anyway. He might be half deaf by now (and with weakening vision because of age) but it doesn't slow him down and sometimes I wish I was even half as full of life as this dog is, haha. Precious little-old Piki, I hope you'll live many more years.

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