Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Stratovarius in Tornio's new Club Teatria!

Hello peeps!

This post is a tad late but my computer has been acting up lately; I'm currently waiting to get a new one because this old Mac is really worn and tired by now. ^^" But yeah, I went to see Stratovarius for the second time – yes, I've actually seen this world famous power metal band once before in Kemi, Finland, some years ago. Now they came to Tornio's newly opened Club Teatria and of course I went there because it's not far from me! 

Stratovarius singer and front man, Timo Kotipelto.
The concert was held on Saturday the 25th March. I went there a bit after the doors had opened (20:00 local time) but they didn't start playing until a bit past 21:30 so I had some time to spare. I went to sit down in one of the bars to kill some time; now I'm not really a drinker per se but I've started to like rum, fruity ciders and certain candy-ish liquors. 
I feel like sharing this one experience because it legit annoyed the piss out of me. :) You see, I bought a Captain & Coke (rum and coke drink) and yes, this was my first time ever ordering a drink from a bar. Now I of course didn't quite know what to expect, save for that it's expensive (7,50 €). The person ordering a long drink before me got asked if they wanted it with ice or not. I thought that "okay, cool" and went ahead and ordered. But before I had time to react to anything the woman doing the drinks had already shoved my glass full with 5+ bigass ice cubes. She didn't ask me if I wanted ice, which I assumed she would do because she asked the previous customer. So yeah, moderately annoyed I tried to say that I would have wanted the drink without ice because I have major problems with my teeth aching from drinking/eating cold things – but because I'm such a meek and humble person I just ended up being a doormat instead (bad self-confidence from school years etc, go figure) and kinda went with it. *shoots self* I wanted to complain seriously but I just... couldn't. I hate myself. I told her that I expected her to ask me too because she asked the previous person but all she answered was a flirty "you'll get the next one without ice~ ;)". I was just... baffled. Okay, now she couldn't have known but I don't drink much, one drink is more than good enough for me so it wouldn't do a difference. Why didn't she just apologize and take out the ice cubes?? Well, probably because it's a cheap way to "fill the glass" and fool the customer to pay more for less.
It probably wouldn't annoy me as much as it did if I hadn't been a poor student with cold-sensitive teeth (I always try to get drinks without ice, even soda) but yeah, now it did because I feel like I got unfair customer service. :/ So yeah, dunno what I'm trying to say with this but it just... bothered me. I don't think I'll go back there anytime soon...

Concert ticket.
Cost 30 € from the door, 28 € if pre-ordered online.
Before Stratovarius started playing I went to the bathroom; I really don't want to have that urgent need to pee in the middle of a good song. It has happened to me before and it sucks because yeah, if you have a good spot then you'll definitely lose it once you leave your place.
But hey, now a fun story! Or well, fun for me but probably not so fun for the one it happened to. :-DD Okay so, when I was in the bathroom I overheard how the guy in the stall next to me was trying to vomit. Like, the whole it's-coming-but-it's-not-coming thing, he kept spitting and gagging and I was there thinking like "what the heck dude, Strato hasn't even started playing yet and you're already drunk?". Self-control is a good thing, yo.

It's impossible to get all the band members into one single photo.
Okay so, a bit past 21:30 the concert started. I don't remember so well what songs they played and I didn't recognize all of them. ^^" I know the popular songs but otherwise I'm a rather casual-ish fan of the band. I mean, I do like them a lot (Timo Kotipelto is a metal god!) but I just haven't gotten familiar much of their stuff yet. I have so many bands I still need to check out, dammit. I've heard songs especially from the Polaris release and, possibly Elysium as well, but not really of the newer stuff. I'll definitely invest in their CDs in the future!

Kotipelto rocking it.
I was a bit sad to notice that there were no band merch to be sold anywhere. :( I had expected at least a t-shirt and CD stand but there was nothing. Man, I would have loved to get another metal band t-shirt into my collection. I only have one Stratovarius t-shirt (of course I wore it to the concert), it's one from the Polaris world tour in 2010 when I saw them for the first time at Kemi's Scandal Music Festival, if I remember right.
Sadly I don't have any Outfit of the Day photo to show what I was wearing but yeah, just some jeans, my aforementioned Stratovarius band shirt and a Sonata Arctica zipper hoodie with motifs from Reckoning Night.

This guy was so precious! He kept smiling all the time! ;A;
Admire the Hair God™.
I had a really hard time trying to get even decent quality photos. You know, indoor concert halls are dark and there was a lot of drunk people bumping into me all the time. The stage lights went everywhere and when you for once got that perfect opportunity/angle then, of course, someone has to wave their hands in a way so that it ruins the whole picture. :) So yeah, the photos are not of as good quality as I'd like but I'm posting the decent ones here anyway because come on, Strato-fucking-varius! \m/ Concert memories, eff yeah!

This is my only stage photo on which the keyboard player can be seen.
Timo is 48 years old and still as awesome as ever.
I must mention that Timo Kotipelto has amazing stage charisma! His presence is huge and he's totally into it; you can tell that he loves what he's doing. He's fooling around with the other band members whenever there's a singing gap (very pleasing to watch!) and making sure that the audience is with them. A really versatile and powerful singer who can go from slow emotional ballads to high-pitched screams – it's no surprise that Stratovarius is one of the best known early power metal bands (founded 1994) that has had a major influence on many other younger names in the power metal scene. They are pioneers within their genre and served as idols and a source of inspiration to many bands who came after them, for example Sonata Arctica.

I need more metal concerts in my life. \m/
Do you know that feeling when you're in the front
and the singer looks at you? #instantmancrush
I remember when they played the last song and walked away. The audience started doing the whole "we want more" choir (seems to be tradition? xD) and then we finally got some old songs once they came back, which took a while. I mean fuck yeah, I had been waiting for Black Diamond, Distant Skies and Forever. I remember how mister Kotipelto asked, in a joking voice, if anyone had even heard these songs (because they are so old by now) and a lot of people shouted loudly! It was awesome.

Is it weird if I want to touch his hair?
I remember Timo asking if there were any Swedes
in the audience and then saying that there's one on the
stage as well – this guy!
I remember Timo saying that they were kinda focusing on playing songs that they hadn't played live a lot, but sadly I don't remember the names of a majority of what was played – they were really good though. One of the songs he said they had only played live once before, now that's pretty cool.
Oh and by the way, I remember once when I saw Sonata Arctica live for some years ago and they played their magnum opus, White Pearl, Black Oceans, live holy fudge was I in heaven back then because that one is rarely played live either! I even remember Kakko saying it.

Timo's hands were always somewhere. He does a
lot of gestures while singing, it's cool.
Can I just go back in time and listen to it all over again?
The last song they played was Hunting High and Low. A really good finishing song that probably everyone knows. The audience got to sing the chorus together with Kotipelto, which was super fun! It was really energetic and everyone were super excited and singing along what they could. Afterwards all band members stood together, bowed and walked away. 
There would have been some programs after the band but a good chunk of the visitors left, including me. I came to see Stratovarius and I don't really care for some non-Strato midnight programs cuz I'm a boring person, lol. Not really boring but I wanted to go back home and had quite a distance to walk.


That's about it for this concert post. If you ever get the chance to see these guys live then go for it! They're awesome and yeah, no idea how long they'll still be active so I don't want to be the one regretting it afterwards if I had skipped this concert, especially now that they were close to me. So yeah, Stratovarius rocks my socks and go listen to them now if you haven't already. 
Horns up! \m/


Nope. Not really out just yet. 
Remember how I said it was hard to get good photos? Well, you see, I got some photos that were so bad that they were hilarious and I couldn't possibly keep the laughs only for myself soooooo... here you go!

Bonus photos!

That face is nightmare fuel... :'DD

Sorry not sorry.

Shiro Samurai out... for real this time.


Sac chan said...


Honestly tho, Strato-boys did a great job! \m/
Hope to see more metal-bands in the future!

Praise the all-mighty Hair God Matias Kupiainen <3

Firith said...

Metal music is love, metal music is life. <3

Nice to hear that the concert experience was good! c:

Oh, and those people who get drunk even before the concert begins, ugh... When I went to see The 69 Eyes a few months ago there was a girl in the audience who said that she could throw up any moment - and in the end she left in the middle of the concert. Well played. :'D

But yeah, good that you had a great time~! I also want to go to a metal concert, damn it. :D

Frozen Angel said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed Strato and sorry about that drink experience. That sucks, I have the same issue too, so I can relate :/

I wished that I would have been able to tag along to Strato but I had to prioritize Sabaton this time, as I've been waiting so long to see them live now. But next time Strato shows up in the area near Tornio/Oulu, I'm so going to see them, while they're still active! :)

Anyway, if you want to borrow any of my Stratovarius CD's in the future, let me know! I have 7 of them ;)

Btw, I'm going to see Sabaton today, w00p w00p! :DD