Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Self-made dog print jersey pants!

Hello hello ~

The past week I celebrated Easter at mom's and, while there, I continued working on my cosplay projects... but I also sewed something else this time. A couple days ago, on last Monday, I quickly made some comfy home lounging pants in a cute dog jersey fabric before going back home to my apartment. The fabric is from mom's former fabric store and it's so freaking adorable. ♥ ;A; We had the fabric in two different colors – red and blue. I went with blue this time.

Close-up of the print.
These only took like approximately an hour to make. Made them from a simple pants pattern and sewed the pieces together with a serger. Gotta love sergers. The finishing I had to do with a normal sewing machine (folding the pant legs). The top part of the pants is just a gray rib knit fabric. Oh and yeah, I didn't make any pockets – couldn't be bothered, lol.

Dog jersey pants!
There's always something different and fun about making your own clothes – you can be sure that no one else will have the same thing! I want to make even more everyday clothes in the future, especially alternative fashion styled – it would be so rad.

These are so smooth and comfy to wear around the house and could just as well be used as pyjama pants, if wanted. I can't get over the "London dog" print, as mom called it – it's just so precious with small cute dogs in all possible directions! Yes, I love dogs.

That's all for this quick post!

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