Monday, May 22, 2017

Pokémon TCG: Mythical Collection Arceus


For quite some time now I've been looking for this particular Pokémon TCG box and I couldn't find it anywhere. All the physical stores that I visited had sold out (it's not the newest release) and I had to resort to using eBay's magical world because I couldn't find it in any online shop in Sweden/Finland either, except perhaps gravely overpriced. You see, I've been collecting Pokémon cards ever since the first ones came out and there's some particular Pokémons that I collect more than others – Arceus is one of them. I also collect the legendary bird trio, Latias and Latios and some others; it's mainly those that are high up on my favorite list.

Front of the package.
Back of the package.
I found a British eBay seller who had it for a decent price and, even more importantly, a cheap shipping cost. I could have ordered it from USA too but I don't want to risk getting customs right now since I don't have so much money to play around with.

This is one of those numerous Mythical Collection boxes that were released to celebrate 20 years of Pokémon. The Arceus box is the only one I got (at least for now) since Arceus is my favorite of the mythical monsters. 
All the TCG Mythical Collection boxes come with a special promo Full Art holofoil card, two Generations TCG booster packs and a collectable pin. There is also a code for the online TCG game and a little leaflet promoting the mythical Pokémon event (for Nintendo 3DS games) that has ended by now – it was running during a majority of 2016 and you could receive a mythical legendary to your X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire Pokémon games approximately once a month. I of course took part in the campaign and got myself some good shit because yeah, all you needed to do was to use Mystery Gift in the game and download the Pokémons (requires internet).

Top of the package.
Underside of the package.
One of the sides of the package (they were identical, save for placement).
I paid approximately 150 SEK for it, plus shipping. It's a bit cheaper than the recommended price, from what I've seen around here. Not like I complain!

There was no way to open the box without completely ruining it (or at least I didn't see a more gentle option) and so I had to rip it open at the sides to get to the contents. I'm that kind of person who tries to open stuff as carefully as possible, for some reason. :'D

Arceus card. It's pretty. ♥
Contents laid out, excluding the online TCG code.
Other side of the leaflet.
I considered using the other side of the leaflet (the one with the mythical Pokémon art) as a small poster and framing it, but we'll see. The size is decent enough to make it worthwhile and I like the looks of it and yeah, seeing how it's a 20 years celebration thingy I kinda want to do something with it, haha.

I'm really loving the Arceus collector's pin that came with the box! It's well-made for being so small (it's only approx. 2-3 cm in height) and the backside is fancy with a pokéball design. On the backside of the pin there's the usual trademark info and where it was made and when (aka 2016), you know, as well as a text stating "official pin". It's legit, in other words.

Exclusive Arceus pin, front.
Exclusive Arceus pin, front.
As I said earlier the box contains two boosters from the Generations Trading Card Game expansion. The booster art is random but I happened to get a Venusaur and a Blastoise design. I actually got Venusaur EX from the Blastoise pack so that was pretty sweet! The Venusaur pack had a non-holo rare but at least it was a Pokémon that I really like so I wasn't disappointed. It was Rapidash, if I remember right (and if someone wonders). ^^

Front of my booster packs that came with the box.
That's about all I had to say. More geeky purchase posts coming later!

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