Saturday, June 24, 2017

Monster Hunter Generations New Nintendo 3DS XL

Holy shi--

I was supposed to write and post this for about half a year ago! I've had the photos lying around in a folder on my desktop, unedited and almost forgotten. I'm sorry, I know it's kinda old news by now but I actually ordered the Monster Hunter Generations version of the New Nintendo 3DS XL console when it came out in Europe. Unless I'm mistaken the red version was given out in Europe and the blue in America, correct me if I'm wrong.

Front of the package.
Back of the package.
I ordered this 3DS on 11.6.2016 (yeah, that's definitely a while ago) and it cost 2299 SEK. I didn't open it until winter though, aka until after I had sold away my other 3DS. My former New 3DS XL is now safely in Firith hands so that he can play Monster Hunter on it.

Top of the package.
One of the sides of the package. Official Nintendo seal, of course.
I managed to stay away from playing MonHun Generations for half a year, that's pretty intense. I was keeping myself occupied with 3U and 4U, if anyone wants the secret recipe for how. ;)

I don't have so much more to say, actually. I mainly just wanted to post some photos of what the console looked like when it was all fresh out of the box! I do regret though that I didn't take the console photos until winter was already at its darkest (hello polar night) and so the quality is kinda crappy. I had no choice to wait for the lighter days to come back because I needed to take the console into use and, once in use, it's pristine condition will be ruined sooner or later. It actually has some scratches and marks already, but luckily no paint flaking off... yet.

Console photos below ~

It's a really pretty special edition 3DS and I'm glad that I bought it. MH fans will love it! :D
For more details and photos of a New 3DS XL console (Metallic Blue color) check out my unboxing post of my first 3DS here:

Oh and yeah, in case someone wonders the game (Monster Hunter Generations) comes pre-installed in the console but you do need to download it from the Nintendo eShop thingy, if I recall right, to be able to play it. I was actually a bit surprised that the game was not instantly available in the home menu when I started up the console for the first time.

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