Tuesday, July 25, 2017

More Pokémon Sun & Moon TCG!


After the Solgaleo GX tin I got up my interest for the Sun & Moon cards and, one day when I was in a local food store, I decided to go check out what Pokémon cards they had. In this particular store the Pokémon TCG is located in the same place were all the children's toys etc are so yeah, it's a bit weird to walk in there because I'm so used to the cards always being near the cashiers or next to the magazines and manga pockets.

I was surprised to find that this food store, aka Ica Maxi in Sweden, was selling those big TCG portfolios (aka binders) for only 60 SEK when they're normally sold for more than the double, pretty much triple the price! Of course I grabbed one with me because why the heck not? :D It has Tapu Koko and Alolan Ninetales artwork on it too, it's nice! I also splurged and bought one of the blister packs too because it was a bit cheaper as well.

TCG Portfolio front featuring Tapu Koko.
TCG Portfolio back featuring Alolan Ninetales.
And some photos of the blister pack too, while I'm at it:

Vikavolt blister pack with Guardians Rising expansion theme.
Backside of the blister pack.
The blister pack I bought included a Vikavolt foil promo card, a Metagross design play coin, a code for the Pokémon TCG online game and three Sun & Moon set Guardians Rising boosters.

All of the contents laid out.
I always try to open booster packs carefully because I like collecting the empty packs because of the pretty artwork. The only one of these that I managed to get the cards out of without ripping it in any way was the Ninetales one (which was my fav so I'm happy it survived lol). Is it just me or has the booster pack material gotten, err, flimsier over the years? They always seem to tear along the middle back when I open the "flaps", no matter how carefully I do it – I remember that the older boosters rarely did that.

And here's my pulls pictured below. I'm only showing the reverse holo and the rare card of each pack, by the way.

My rare and reverse holo pulls from each booster.
I guess it's decent pulls but I'm a bit meh since I never really cared for trainer cards, lol. I'm more of a collector than a player, although I'm interested in learning to play TCG properly. I like the holo Mudsdale though so it's not too shabby. ^^ Although I must mention that I hate Probopass and I don't know why the fuck those Pokémons that I really dislike keep popping up for me everywhere?! xD Like when I scanned my first QR code in my Pokémon Sun game I got a frekkin' Tangela and it's one of my most hated Pokémons ever – I just never liked it, at all. Like, of all possible Pokémons I have to get Tangela first. :)))) 100% True story. The game was messing with me, I swear.

That's all for this time. Thanks for reading my blog!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pokémon TCG: Legends of Alola Solgaleo GX Tin

Hello guys!

Lately I've been getting back my interest in collecting Pokémon TCG again. I've been going a bit on and off with it ever since the Gen 3 and Gen 4 cards era came to an end but yeah, knowing me I can't completely quit it since Pokémon was such a major part of my childhood (both the cards and the games). It's incredibly hard to completely let go off something that had such a massive impact on who I am today and, honestly, I just love the thrill and excitement of opening boosters, okay? x)

For not so long ago I splurged and bought one of those new Pokémon TCG: Legends of Alola Tins (aka Spring 2017 Tins), namely the one with Solgaleo because it's my favorite of the two. I might get Lunala later, we'll see.

Solgaleo GX Tin, sealed.
The tin's design is really nice, I like the colors and everything. I'm really hoping for good pulls although I tend to have bad luck with tins in general. Here's to hoping!

But before I open the tin, here's some detail photos!

Solgaleo GX tin, front.
Solgaleo GX tin, sideview.
Solgaleo GX tin, sideview.
Solgaleo GX tin, back.
And now it's time to dig into the contents, I'm way too excited, haha!
I'm not yet super fond of the redesign of how the Sun & Moon cards look, especially when compared to the earlier sets but oh well, I guess I'll get used to them soon enough. The holofoil is weird. xD I'm such an old-school guy when it comes to Pokémon TCG, haha.

Here's what's inside the tin:

Solgaleo GX card!
All of the tin's contents laid out.
As you can see there's the Solgaleo GX foil promo card, an online code for Pokémon TCG and then 4 different booster packs. There's one XY BREAKthrough, one XY Evolutions and two Sun & Moon base set boosters.

And then it was time to open the boosters – the best part! :D I must say that I think I got some pretty rad pulls! I mean seriously, look at the photo below! I'm only showing the reverse holo and the rare card of each pack, by the way. Most people don't really care for the commons and uncommons.

My rare and reverse holo pulls from the boosters.
I'm so freaking happy I got holo Ninetales from the XY Evolutions booster, it's one of my all-time favorite Pokémon cards (base set cards bring me back to my childhood!) and also one of my top favorite Pokémons as well! ;A; Also, that Mega Mewtwo EX is pretty intense.
The only "dud pack" was the one with the non-holo Butterfree rare but oh well, no big deal at this point. I'm surprised I even got this good pulls because, as I said, I tend to get pulls that are nowhere near worth the money I paid for the damn thing lol.

So yeah, that's it for this post! Stay tuned for more Pokémon TCG posts coming up!