Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pokémon TCG blisters galore!

Hello peeps!

So I was at Närcon this past weekend and a majority of my con purchases consisted of Pokémon cards, oops. xD I bought two blisters from the con and one during our car trip down from a toy store (the Rayquaza one). Without much further ado I'll just post the photos!

Rayquaza XY Steam Siege blister pack.
Backside of the Rayquaza blister.
Yveltal and Xerneas blister packs.
The backsides.
I completely missed the Yveltal and Xerneas blisters when they were out in the "ordinary market", so to say. I bought them from Närcon from a seller who had mixed blister packs (mainly those with pins though), loose Sun & Moon base set boosters and random newer card singles. I didn't find any interesting card singles but I was tempted buy some of the pin blisters, mainly the ones with the bird trio and the beast trio designs.

So many boosters!
Despite the amount of boosters I mainly got crap; I'm so disappointed. :'( I was hoping for some good pulls but I kinda feel like that the only good thing I got was the Full Art (shiny) Mega Steelix EX...?

The foil promo cards: Yveltal, Rayquaza and Xerneas.
And here's my pulls pictured below.
I'm only showing the reverse holo and the rare card of each pack.

What even is this?
This sums up everything I feel right now.
And before anyone asks, yes, I legit got both of those Toxicroaks in the same fucking booster. >_> Meaning I got a non-holo rare and a reverse holo of the same exact card. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry... and then I got a third one in another pack, complete with a reverse holo Tangrowth to boot – one of my most hated Pokémons ever. ._. Wanna know why? Story time: you see, back when the Platinum Arceus TCG was the newest set I used to buy loose blisters in hopes of getting Arceus cards (I collect Arceus merchandise) and I literally pulled not one, not two, but three fucking Tangrowth Lv.X cards and it was the only Lv.X card I ever got from the set by my own hands. I was so fucking fed up with those and would probably have wiped my ass with that overgrown blue spaghetti monster had they not been Lv.X cards. So yeah, ever since then I've hated Tangrowth even more. :) Same thing goes for Tangela, it's following me everywhere too. #cursed

Whyyyyy did I have to get holo Clefairy? I already have it!!
I already got holo Ninetales earlier but it's reverse holo so it's fine. That freaking Farfetch'd though, what a dud. So many duds, to be honest. I was actually watching the online code cards at the end of each pack and just exclaiming my frustration to the world before I even went through the cards because yeah, you can (seemingly) tell from the online codes' design if you got a dud pack or not... :))

Full Art M Steelix EX. The only legit good pull.
So yeah, am I right in saying that this was pretty bad luck on my side? I'm not very knowledgeable about the value of the newer cards since I haven't been collecting actively since gen 3 and 4 cards came to an end. I must say that I'm surprisingly happy about the reverse holo Ponyta though, I always liked Ponyta and the artwork is pretty too.

That's all I have to say for this time. Now I'm praying that my unopened Volcanion box is good, which I'll also of course show here on my blog!

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