Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pokémon Ultra Sun for Nintendo 3DS!


Long time no see. I'm not gonna lie – I'm still really busy with school and stressed as fuck. I don't plan to become active again on this blog just yet but yeah, I wanted to show you guys that I've quite recently bought Pokémon Ultra Sun and I'm pretty excited about it. I bought it a few days after the release and that's because I don't want to miss the special Rockruff event that is available via Mystery Gift for early buyers of the game(s). This special Rockruff evolves into its Dusk Form and yeah, I really like Lycanroc so of course I want this special doggo before it's too late.

Here's some photos of the game:

Sealed in original plastic.
It's the Nordic version as I bought it in Finland (price tag is in euro). I haven't started playing yet, I just picked a name and look for my character and saved before the patch of grass that triggers the "choose your starter" cutscenes. I'll go with Popplio this time since I picked Rowlet in Sun.
I did notice already in the very beginning of the game that it's different from Sun/Moon – the world seemed more detailed and bigger? It's gonna be fun to explore the story and Alola again. Although I have yet to complete Sun, lol.

Side... or whatever you call it.
Game cart.
I've read that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be the last core series Pokémon games on 3DS, basically acting as the culmination of the Pokémon series – utilizing the 3DS system to its limits. It's understandable since 3DS has been out for a good many years now but, at the same time, it feels weird to think that the next core games won't be on a traditionally handheld game console. :/ No sorry, I don't count the Switch as a handheld since it feels more like a hybrid home console. I guess if the next main series games will be on the Switch then that's my reason to buy one, hehe...

Thanks for reading my blog! Now I'll disappear into the darkness for some more time... 

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